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Blueprint LSAT Review

Our detailed analysis of the Blueprint LSAT prep course

Blueprint’s signature marketing claim is that they make learning for the LSAT fun, and this is apparent with their cartoon filled video lessons, funny instructors and interactive drills – but does that translate into an effective prep course? We take an in depth look at all of the features the Blueprint LSAT prep course has to an offer and break down its strengths and weaknesses.    

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Blueprint LSAT Review Outline

Given that this is a long, robust review, we’ve included jump-to links below for your convenience:

Honest Blueprint LSAT Review Video

In the video above, John from the Test Prep Insight team covers everything you need to know about the Blueprint LSAT prep courses. He discusses pricing, quality of the study materials and much more. Alternatively, you can always continue reading for even more details regarding Blueprint.

Blueprint LSAT Live Online
On Sale Now Check Current Offers

Lesson and Coursework Rating

Blueprint makes it clear that one of their main goals in designing their LSAT course is to make it fun, which they believe translates to an improved learning experience and better retention. After taking this course, I can say that while not exactly fun (I mean how can studying for the LSAT truly be fun?), it was definitely engaging and much more interesting than other LSAT courses we have audited.

The lesson side of their coursework utilizes short video lessons followed by a quick assessment to make sure you are retaining what you just learned. The video lessons are undoubtedly very high quality – the instructors appear on screen, and as they break down a concept or problem, various notes, graphics and cartoons appear around them.

Blueprint lsat video lecture
Engaging video lessons

The video rolls through a series of dynamic notes, images and diagrams to accomplish the goal of getting a teaching point across. Combined with a handful of naturally funny instructors, it makes for a very engaging and interesting lesson.

Each quick hit video is followed by an assessment, or quiz, to make sure you were paying attention and understand the concept discussed. That is how each lesson module is generally structured – interesting video lesson or two, quick hit assessment to make sure you’re on track, rinse, lather, repeat.

I found these assessments to be really valuable and a unique feature that most other LSAT prep companies don’t utilize. The frequent and targeted quizzes result in higher retention (at least for this modest student), and I found the overall structure highly effective.

Blueprint lsat practice question
Example practice question from Blueprint

Following each lesson is a batch of homework, which includes drills and problem sets. Blueprint only utilizes official past LSAT questions in its study material, so the base content is extremely relevant and high quality – not that other test prep companies don’t do this as well (see LSATMax and Manhattan Prep). But what is particularly cool about the Blueprint course is the manner in which they deliver the homework and the video explanations that accompany most problems.

Homework problems are presented in a very clean, dynamic format, where you can eliminate wrong answers (graying them out) and get hints. These hints are almost like lifelines from the old show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? You can flip a coin to eliminate an answer choice, get a tip from a guru, or see how other students answer the question. These hints make for a very cool feature that I utilized over and over again, especially on tougher problems. Additionally, the homework actually adapts to your skill level as you progress, making it easier to work your way up to the harder concepts.

Following each problem is a detailed breakdown and explanation of the problem. There is usually either a video or audio explanation of the problem, highlights of the problem setup, and a detailed written explanation about why each answer choice is right or wrong. This was one of my favorite features of Blueprint’s course compared to other LSAT prep courses – the level of detail they provide for each problem and the manner in which it’s presented.

Blueprint lsat question explanation
Detailed explanation for each practice question

In addition to the video lessons and accompanying homework within each course segment, Blueprint also offers customizable practice problem sets. You can choose the quantity of problems, difficulty level, and even sub-types of problems you want to focus on, and they whip up a nice batch of problems to work. And you get the same level of detail explaining each problem with the practice sets as you do with the homework.

My one and only gripe with respect to Blueprint’s content would be that you almost get bogged down in too much detail when working problems at times. The Blueprint coursework is so structured that you have to see the detailed problem explanations after every single problem is answered.

This can slow your roll when you just want to groove through some practice problems. I love the detail that accompanies each problem (as mentioned it’s one of my favorite features), but I’d almost rather have a choice of when to see it, like at the end of a ten-question run, giving you the option to go back and review certain problems. But apart from that small complaint, I was super impressed with the quality of the video lessons, the detail and presentation of the practice problems, and the overall structure of the coursework.

Blueprint LSAT Prep Course Price

The Blueprint LSAT course options range in price from around $700 up the (insane) price tag of $9,000 for some VIP, champagne room level service. As an alternative, you can also subscribe on a monthly basis to their on demand online course for around $250/month, which could be a very cost effective option if you only have a short time frame in which to study.

The Blueprint LSAT base level courses, including their Online Anytime Course, Live Online Course and Classroom Course, are all very reasonably priced and right on par with other top tier prep courses like Princeton Review and Kaplan. The private tutoring course packages, however, touch some crazy price points and are some of the most expensive we’ve seen.

Course options and pricing current as of date of publication.

The Scoop on Blueprint LSAT Practice Tests

Similar to other LSAT test prep companies, Blueprint relies on past LSAT exams for their practice tests. They accomplish this through a subscription to LSAC’s LSAT Prep Plus program – opening the door to every LSAT administered since 1991. This means that you will get access to 85+ real LSATs.

blueprint lsat problem review
Review of practice question from Blueprint

In terms of quality and relevance of practice tests, practicing on official exams obviously provides unparalleled preparation. While this is pretty much the standard now in the world of LSAT prep, Blueprint also offers detailed score reports on each exam you take. Following your test, Blueprint will give you a detailed analysis of where you performed well, and where you need work. I found these score reports extremely valuable and well designed.

User Experience and Dashboard Interface

The user experience is where Blueprint really makes its money, and why it ranks so highly on our list of best LSAT prep courses. While the classroom component and hard copy books are okay (more below), I love, love, love the Blueprint LSAT interface. The dashboard is simple, but very professional and sleek. The banner at the top of your screen directs to your lessons and homework, practice problem sets, exams, study schedule or resources. It is intuitive and incredibly user friendly.

Blueprint LSAT video lesson
Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

Within the individual sections, the transitions between problems, videos and other elements of each module are seamless and smooth. The actual onscreen interface is aesthetically pleasing, with a mixture of video, text boxes, color, and graphics. I had no issues with buffering, lag or other negative effects that sometimes accompany online courses. When packaged up with the quality of the actual content, the experience was very pleasant and offered perhaps the most user-friendly experience of any LSAT prep course.

The Blueprint LSAT Books

Accompanying your access to the online content, Blueprint will ship you a package full of hard copy textbooks. These books supplement and track with their overarching course curriculum, and contain lesson notes, practice problems and drills.

My personal opinion is that the books pale in comparison to the quality of the online content. Yes, they are thorough, thoughtfully written, and provide excellent study material. Yes, I like hard copy books that I can take notes in and dog-ear. Yes, I like repeating sentence structures. But in all honesty, despite that these books are good resources, they have nothing on the video content and the manner in which you can work practice problems digitally. Nothing against these books, but they are a forgettable resource next to some supreme digital study material.

The Blueprint LSAT Classroom Experience

The Blueprint LSAT Classroom Course offers students 12 in-person classroom lessons with a top flight instructor, along with 4 proctored in-person exams. The classes run for 12 to 14 weeks on average, depending on holidays and when the practice exams are proctored, meeting one day per week.

The hard copy prep books serve as the core component of the class curriculum. You follow the lesson and take notes in the book, work practice problems and drills, and otherwise make the most of Blueprint’s written content. In addition, every Blueprint instructor is an LSAT master, having scored in the 98th percentile or better and has undergone 100+ hours of instructor training with Blueprint.

Like we do with almost all LSAT courses we review, I signed up for the Blueprint course with classroom component to get the full experience. My overall impression is that the classroom experience was helpful, but not strictly necessary to success in your LSAT studies – mostly as a result of the great interactive lessons, practice problems and other online content Blueprint offers.

That said, if you’re the type of student that needs structure in your studies, learns best in a group setting with a live instructor, or just plains need to be held accountable, I would recommend opting for the Classroom Course. My instructor was a seriously funny guy and made otherwise dry subjects interesting and digestible.

He did a great job breaking down the more complex concepts and problems into understandable bits of information, all while keeping things pretty light. He also was pretty open about talking about law schools, career goals in the law, and any other questions students threw at him.

Other Included Resources

While some test prep companies are light on the resources outside of the core coursework, Blueprint boasts an impressive set of supplementary materials. One cool resource available to all students is the simulated proctored exams, which are accompanied by automated scoring and problem explanations. The simulated proctor feature is particularly helpful when trying to replicate exam-like conditions.

One of their other more important resources is the near daily live online review sessions. These 2-hour reviews serve as a sort of office hours with a Blueprint instructor. The instructor focuses in on a certain concept and dives into the weeds, explaining the finer points and working practice problems.

While I found this to be a cool feature, the review sessions jump from topic-to-topic each day, and many were not worth my time (either because I didn’t need further work on the matter or wasn’t to that part of the coursework yet). Also, more often than not I was dead tired from watching video lessons and working through hundreds of problems to pay attention to a 2-hour live stream at the end of the day. That said, many students will get value out of these and they were insightful.

Another great resource is the personalized study plan. Blueprint gives each student a calendar with a suggested study schedule to get through all of their material before the big day of the exam. You can drag, drop and move suggested study milestones however you like based on your personal schedule. Students who need a structured schedule or like to track their progress will really enjoy this feature.

Finally, Blueprint’s Law School Compass is a neat feature worth mentioning, but doesn’t have any real impact or value in terms of your LSAT prep. It helps you gauge what score you need to get on the LSAT in order to get into your dream schools, which is pretty cool, but nothing I couldn’t live without.

Blueprint’s Private Tutoring Packages

As mentioned in the pricing section of this review, Blueprint’s tutoring packages seem outrageously expensive, starting at around $2,100 and going up to $9,000(!). That said, when you break down the actual cost of tutoring per hour, it isn’t that bad. It’s not as affordable as other test prep companies, like Princeton Review, but 10 supplementary hours of 1-on-1 private tutoring will cost you in the ballpark of $175/hour.

The saving grace here is the quality of the tutoring. The Blueprint LSAT instructors are top tier, both with respect to LSAT mastery and communication skills. You know you would be getting your money’s worth with these guys. But I would not start by buying up that $9,000 course.

Access Period for Blueprint LSAT Content

While you have access to the Live Classroom and Live Online materials for the duration of the course, the content will deactivate 3 days after your scheduled LSAT administration date. On the other hand, Online Anytime plans will remain accessible for the duration of your subscription, and will continue until the end of your paid period. Monthly plans remain active for each paid 30-day period.

A somewhat cool thing about Blueprint is that they recognize that sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you are unable to move forward. In that case, they have an option where you can cancel your Blueprint LSAT online course and they will save your progress for 12 months, allowing you to reactivate (for the usual access fee), renew, and pick up right where you left off.

Is there a Mobile App for my Smartphone?

While the course is mobile friendly and can be easily accessed by logging into your phone or tablet, currently there is not an app for your mobile device.

Is there a Score Increase Guarantee?

For first time Blueprint Classroom and Live Online students, there is a score increase guarantee. To qualify, you must take a practice test before your first lesson and submit a screen shot of your score report. Be aware that if this isn’t done before your first lesson, you will not be eligible for this money back guarantee. You then must attend schedule classes, take proctored exams, and complete most homework.

The Online Anytime does not come with a score increase guarantee.

What is the Refund Policy?

Blueprint LSAT courses are refundable. Each of their offered courses has a different refund policy. For the In-Person Classroom Course, you must request a refund within five days before the start of the course, and you cannot have accessed online materials from your student account. For the Live Online Course, you need to request your refund no later than the day after Lesson 2 and you cannot have accessed online content beyond Lesson 2. For both of these courses, Blueprint will provide shipping labels for the return of course books. Once course books (in excellent condition) are returned, the refund will be issued, minus a $100 administrative fee.

Blueprint LSAT Online Anytime courses may also be cancelled, but decide quickly, as these orders must be cancelled within 24 hours for a refund.

Verdict: Blueprint LSAT Prep Course Review

The Blueprint LSAT prep course is all about the online content. The video lessons are interactive, undeniably engaging, and all around effective. Blueprint strives for their lessons to be fun, and while I won’t go as far as to say I had fun studying, their lessons were way more interesting and held my attention much better than other prep courses we’ve reviewed. The quality of the online content, the awesome user experience and some top flight instructors make for a great digital package.

The classroom component and hard copy books are also solid, but unremarkable (particularly standing next to the Blueprint online content). Whether to opt for the classroom experience will depend on the type of student, and if you need that structure, I would endorse the Blueprint class. At a reasonable price point and with high quality study coursework, there is a reason Blueprint ranks high on our list of best LSAT prep courses.


How much does the Blueprint LSAT prep course cost?

The Blueprint LSAT prep course costs between approximately $700 and $5,000+ depending on the package you choose (with high end prices being reserved for options with tens of hours of tutoring). Blueprint also offers a monthly subscription package to their online content starting at $249/mo.

Does Blueprint have a money back guarantee?

Yes. Blueprint guarantees that your LSAT score will increase when you use their services, or your money back.

Will using the Blueprint prep course increase your LSAT score?

Yes. Blueprint claims that the average student sees an 11-point score increase when they use their prep course. In fact, 98% of students see some level of increase.