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INBDE Booster Discount Codes, Promos & Coupons
By Connor Reed Updated on January 3, 2024
Summer Holloway, DMD Summer Holloway, DMD

INBDE Booster Discount Codes, Promos & Coupons

Find the best deals on INBDE Booster's premium membership in this post

Once you’ve made the decision to study with INBDE Booster, you’re going to want to grab a discount code. There’s no reason to pay full price for this INBDE course—they run sales year-round. We’ve searched the internet far and wide, and tracked all Booster discount codes, coupons, and promos, aggregating them in this post. Find the latest and greatest below.

INBDE Booster
Deal: 10% OFF Code: INSIGHT10

Video Guide To Savings

In the above video, John from the TPI team breaks down the best ways to save on the INBDE Booster course, as well as the biggest discounts we have seen.

Current INBDE Booster Discount Codes

Let’s get right to the main reason as to why you’re here reading this post: discounts and coupon codes.

Here’s the good news. INBDE Booster has deals and special promos going pretty much year round, and you can snag a discount on their course almost every single day of the year.

INBDE Booster Program
A look inside the INBDE Booster program

We track their sales calendar and the different offers that they float, and you can almost always grab a discount. It is really more about how large of a discount you can expect.

In terms of sales levels, the standard discount is 10% off. That’s essentially their baseline, year-round sales price, and we actually have a 10% discount code that you can use for their current sale right now if you want:

👉 Use Code INSIGHT10 for 10% OFF

We track the Booster sales calendar year-round and we will be sure to keep that code above updated continuously.

The Biggest Discount We’ve Seen

To be clear, 10% off is just the baseline discount. Around major sales periods (i.e., holidays), sometimes INBDE Booster will boost the size of their discounts up to around 20% off.

As we’ve tracked this, it’s important to note that this actually isn’t the case for every holiday. Sometimes they will hold at that 10% off level, so don’t count on that 20% off if you’re getting close to a big holiday.

INBDE Booster Video Lesson
An INBDE Booster video lesson

However, generally speaking, if you’re getting close to Black Friday or Memorial Day, there’s an outside chance you’ll be able to get 20% off instead of their standard 10% deal.

Brief Course Overview

Now that I’ve broken down the discounts you can expect, let’s cover the features of the INBDE Booster course and the cost of this package. This isn’t a full review of the INBDE Booster course, but rather just a quick overview.

As far as options to choose from with Booster, there is just one package, so it’s pretty simple. The INBDE Booster premium membership costs $299 and provides access to all of their materials for 90 days.

Booster also has a limited free trial of sorts to get access to some sample lessons and practice problems, but it’s not a true standalone study option. If you plan to use Booster to prep, you will need the paid package.

INBDE Booster cheat sheet PDF
The INBDE Booster cheat sheets add a lot of value

However, as far as prices go, it’s actually pretty affordable. Booster’s main competition, INBDE Bootcamp, charges $499 for their paid package, which is roughly $200 more, so Booster is a pretty strong value at $299.

Then, to give you a quick overview of the features of this course, with Booster you get the following:

  • 2,100 practice problems in a question bank,
  • a bunch of short video lectures,
  • study notes,
  • cheat sheets,
  • one full-length mock exam,
  • a study schedule, and
  • a few other small features.

This is pretty standard stuff for a prep course, but it is a comprehensive package given the price point, and it’s definitely one of the better INBDE prep programs we’ve reviewed.

👉 Use Code INSIGHT10 for 10% OFF

Their practice material in particular is very strong, and there’s not much bad we had to say about Booster.

Again, find a link to the full review of INBDE Booster here.


The key takeaway is that if you do end up using INBDE Booster for your prep, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to save at least 10% on the course with a coupon code, and you might even be able to get 20% off or more if you can afford to wait it out for a bigger sale period.


What is the current INBDE Booster discount code?

The best current offer for INBDE Booster is 10% off with coupon code INSIGHT10. We will update this as we find new deals, but INSIGHT10 is the latest discount code.

What is the biggest discount we've seen on INBDE Booster?

The biggest discount we’ve seen on INBDE Booster is 20% off. This is typically what you can expect around major holidays, like Black Friday.

How often does INBDE Booster run promos?

INBDE Booster runs sales and special promotions pretty much year-round. Most of the time, it is their standard 10% discount, but occasionally you can find 20% off deals.