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INBDE Bootcamp Discount Codes, Coupons & Promo Codes
By Connor Reed Updated on May 2, 2024
Summer Holloway, DMD Summer Holloway, DMD

INBDE Bootcamp Discount Codes, Coupons & Promo Codes

Decided to use Bootcamp for your INBDE prep? Find the most current discount codes in this post

If you’ve made the decision to use INBDE Bootcamp for your prep program, the next logical thing to do is to grab a promo code. After all, that’s likely why you’ve landed on this post. Well, the good news is that Bootcamp is almost always running a deal on their INBDE course. We track Bootcamp’s sales calendar year-round and have aggregated the latest discount codes in this post to make your life a little easier (and more affordable!).

INBDE Bootcamp
Deal: 10% OFF Use Code: TPI10

INBDE Bootcamp Discount Video Guide

In the video above, team member John guides you through all of the ways to save on INBDE Bootcamp.

The Latest INBDE Bootcamp Discount Codes

If you’ve decided to use Bootcamp to prep for the INBDE, the good news is that they run sales and special promotions pretty much year round. You can grab a discount on the INBDE Bootcamp course with a coupon code basically any day of the year.

We track their sales calendar and the various coupons they regularly circulate, and I don’t think you need to worry about whether you’ll be able to shave some money off. It really just turns on how much money you can save. And honestly, that amount really depends.

The INBDE Bootcamp dashboard
The INBDE Bootcamp dashboard

The standard discount with Bootcamp is 10% off. That is more or less their baseline sales price. In fact, they have a 10% off deal going with a coupon code right now.

👉 Just use code: TPI10 👈

Based on the full retail cost of Bootcamp’s packages, you’re looking at around $20 to $40 off with that code.

Bigger INBDE Bootcamp Promo Codes Around Holidays

10% off is just the standard discount for INBDE Bootcamp. Sometimes near major holidays, Bootcamp will increase the size of their discounts.

In the past, as we’ve tracked their calendar, we’ve seen the company jump the discount up to around 20% off around the big holidays.

INBDE Bootcamp Question Bank
A look at the INBDE Bootcamp question bank

For some reason, this isn’t the case for every holiday (so don’t hold me to it), but if you’re getting close to Thanksgiving, New Years, or Memorial Day, there’s a very good likelihood you’ll be able to save more than their baseline 10%.

INBDE Bootcamp Course Options

Now that I’ve covered the important stuff (i.e., how you can save money), let’s briefly discuss the INBDE course options from Bootcamp.

If you’re wondering why I’m not breaking down how the program works and my thoughts on it here, it’s because we have a totally separate in-depth review on our analysis of this course and whether we think it’s worth it. The link to that will be down below. Instead, I just want to quickly outline your course options.

👉 INBDE Bootcamp Review

There are three different packages to choose from, all of which give you access to the same course and INBDE study materials. That’s right. It’s just the content access period that changes.

Mental Dental INBDE Bootcamp video
One of the Mental Dental INBDE Bootcamp videos

You can purchase 1 month of access, 3 months of access, or 6 months of access. Easy enough. Plus, the pricing is pretty straightforward too:

  • The 1-month plan = $219
  • The 3-month plan = $319
  • The 6-month plan = $419

Which package to go with totally depends on your timeline. That’s simple enough.

What I will say though is that INBDE Bootcamp is one of the better prep programs I’ve used and reviewed. It is a very comprehensive course with solid materials, and I especially liked their study schedule and mental dental video lectures.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that if you’ve decided to go with INBDE Bootcamp for your prep, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to save at least 10% on the course, and possibly 20% or more if you can afford to bide your time and wait for a holiday sale.


Does INBDE Bootcamp run promos?

Yes, INBDE Bootcamp offers deals more or less year round. You should not have to pay full price for the INBDE Bootcamp course. Their standard discount is 10% off, and you can find a coupon code to get that sale almost every day of the year.

What is the latest INBDE Bootcamp discount code?

The best current discount code for INBDE Bootcamp is TPI10. That code is currently good for 10% off all INBDE Bootcamp course options. We always track their sales calendar for updates and will post them here, but that is the latest and greatest INBDE Bootcamp discount code.

What is the biggest discount on INBDE Bootcamp?

The largest discount we have ever seen offered on the INBDE course is 25% off. However, that is the very rare exception to the rule. Much more often the program is discounted by just 10%, with occasional increases to 20% off around holidays.