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Blueprint vs Magoosh LSAT

Our thorough side-by-side analysis of the Blueprint and Magoosh LSAT prep courses

Choosing between LSAT prep courses can be tough, and the decision isn’t necessarily made any easier when the two courses you’re considering are as different as Blueprint and Magoosh. With vastly different price points and structural differences in their coursework, it can be plain difficult to pull the trigger one way or another. In this detailed comparison, we take a close look at each LSAT prep course and compare their major features side-by-side, so you can make an informed decision as to which is best for you.

  • Price
  • Video Instruction
  • Live Class Hours
  • Practice Questions
  • Practice Tests
  • Content Access Period
  • Books
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Outline: Magoosh vs Blueprint LSAT

Given that this is a lengthy and detailed comparison, we’ve included a helpful jump-to table of contents for easy navigation.

Blueprint LSAT Live Online

Blueprint LSAT

  • Multiple Course Options
  • Higher Score Guarantee
  • Multiple Course Options
  • Higher Score Guarantee
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Insanely good video lessons that are head and shoulders above the competition
  • Engaging and dynamic learning modules that spoon feed you prep material
  • Rock solid curriculum with a smart structure that builds up to toughest concepts
  • Cool custom scheduling tool tells you what to study and when
  • Top notch LSAT prep books
  • Blueprint is much more expensive than Magoosh
  • Content access period could be longer
Blueprint LSAT Live Online
$100 OFF Applied In Cart

Reasons To Choose Blueprint Over Magoosh

To most effectively compare these two LSAT courses, let’s cover the study materials and features in which each company excels, first starting with Blueprint.

Curriculum Quality

There is no doubt that Blueprint provides the more structured and robust LSAT prep curriculum. Their prep program flows naturally and builds on foundational concepts, working up to harder topics (similar to Kaplan LSAT courses).

You work your way through integrated learning modules that combine video lessons, practice problem sets, drills, and review sessions, mastering the material before moving on.

This is in stark contract to Magoosh’s coursework delivery, which takes a more laissez-faire approach.

Magoosh lsat dashboard
The Magoosh LSAT prep dashboard

Magoosh basically gives you access to a library of 90+ hours of short video lessons, and you work through them in your own manner. They do suggest videos for you based on performance, but it is generally up to the user what to do each day – watch video lessons, work practice problems and review answers, take a practice test, etc.

That’s not to say we don’t like Magoosh’s actual coursework – we actually find it to be pretty strong – but in terms of structured approach to studying, our team gives the edge to Blueprint. We just think they have a much stronger and more deliberate approach to prepping for the LSAT.

LSAT Video Lessons

I will paste a snapshot from each company’s video lessons below and you’ll be able to tell from a still image which prep provider has the better video lessons.

Here’s a look at Blueprint’s video lessons:

Blueprint lsat video lecture
Blueprint’s LSAT video lessons

And Magoosh’s video lessons:

Magoosh lsat video lesson
Magoosh’s LSAT video lessons

Yes, there is a reason Blueprint costs so much more than Magoosh. The production quality and design of their videos is far superior. Almost day and night, to be honest.

And this is what Blueprint is known for – engaging, informative and all-around top tier video lectures. They incorporate graphics, funny cartoons and silly little animations into their lessons to hold your attention.

In addition, your instructor appear right onscreen so you can get that all-important non-verbal communication as they teach their lesson.

Magoosh’s videos aren’t bad, but they just pale in comparison. They take a more traditional and boring slideshow-style approach, where an instructor voices their lesson over PowerPoint-style slides, as they take notes on screen with a stylus.

For students that don’t care about theatrics and high production value, these videos lessons are perfectly serviceable. And to be clear, the content is rock solid (as is Blueprint’s if that wasn’t clear). There is just a massive gap in delivery and engagement.

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LSAT Prep Books

This one is another cut and dry category. Magoosh doesn’t offer any books, relying on their 100% digital video lessons and practice problem explanations to carry the instruction.

On the other hand, Blueprint offers some fantastic LSAT prep books. They are well-written and smartly structured to backup concise concept explanations with example problems.

Our team loved the Blueprint prep books, which serve a huge part in your learning, especially if you take the live online classes.

Live LSAT Classes

This is another black and white category given the Blueprint’s classes are top notch. Blueprint engages some of the best instructors we’ve come across to teach their live online classes. These live classes take learning to a whole new level as the class lessons really get into the weeds of some of the more difficult concepts, and you can always stop and ask questions.

To be fair, Magoosh does offer a live class package as well, but it’s not really even a comparison. Not only are Blueprint’s live online classes more structured and helpful, Blueprint also blows Magoosh out of the water in terms of overall hours (Magoosh only offers 16 hours of live instruction).

Bottom line, if you at all want a classroom environment to learn in, or need the commitment and structure that comes with live classes, you have to go Blueprint here.

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User Experience & Digital Platform

While we actually really like the simplicity and clean, modern look of Magoosh’s online platform, Blueprint just offers the superior digital experience.

Their user interface is off the charts and really sets the bar among companies in the LSAT prep space. Honestly, it’s not even close. It’s clear they’ve invested serious resources in establishing a user-first dashboard.

Extra Resources

Blueprint offers a very robust set of supplementary resources, including simulated proctored exams, near daily live online review sessions, personalized study plans, and more.

Now, you might be thinking that Magoosh doesn’t offer any extras at all as the budget player, but you’d be wrong. They offer up 24/7 email support, suggested study schedules, and helpful blog articles.

But all in all, if you want your LSAT prep with all the fixings, Blueprint gets the nod.

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Magoosh LSAT Premium 12 Months

Magoosh LSAT

  • Multiple Course Options
  • +5 Score Guarantee
  • Multiple Course Options
  • +5 Score Guarantee
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Best bang for your buck value in LSAT prep (much cheaper than Blueprint)
  • Highly effective practice problem explanations in text and video format
  • Massive library of video lessons that are short and easily digestible
  • 12 months of access to study materials
  • 24/7 email support for students that needs extra assistance
  • Video lesson format, while short and digestible, is dry and lacks production value
  • Not nearly as robust of a course as Blueprint
Magoosh LSAT Premium 12 Months
Sale: 15% OFF Code: TPI15

Reasons To Choose Magoosh Over Blueprint

Now that you have a good idea of what Blueprint bring to the table, let’s flip the script and talks about the major advantages of using Magoosh to help you prepare for the LSAT.

Magoosh Is Cheaper

Do I even have to address this category? Magoosh wins this category by a mile.

There is no doubt that Magoosh simply provides the better value here. Their most popular self paced premium course option, which comes with 12 months of access, is cheaper than one month of access to Blueprint’s equivalent offering!

Bottom line, if money is tight and your driving concern, go Magoosh! 

I will note though that Blueprint does offer LSAT tutoring packages if you need one-on-one instruction and attention.

Practice Questions & Tests

Now this category gets much closer. So much in fact that we have to call it a tie. And this is generally because both prep companies use official LSAT prep questions, licensed from LSAC (the makers of the exam). Just about every LSAT prep company does this today – it’s become the industry standard.

Both Magoosh and Blueprint are each going to offer you somewhere in the neighborhood of 80+ practice exams and 7,000+ practice problems.

So if you want to find a difference in material, you have to look to the problem explanations. And this is actually a category where I think Magoosh holds its own.

Magoosh lsat problem explanation
A typical Magoosh problem video explanation

Despite being a sub-$300 budget course, Magoosh offers a massive number of video explanations with their practice problems.

Each video uses the same slideshow-style approach to show you how you should have solved the problem. We love this approach and were blown away that Magoosh actually takes their explanations this far. They are very high quality.

Blueprint lsat question explanation
A look at the Blueprint practice problem explanations

Now, this is something Blueprint does as well, and they do it with much better production quality.

But all in all, we found both sets of practice material and explanations to be solid, so we call this one a tie.

Content Access Period

Magoosh gets the win on this row as their standard course comes with 12 months of access.

For comparison purposes, access to Blueprint’s self-paced course is paid for on a monthly basis, so the total can add up quickly. Even Blueprint’s Live Course only comes with five months of access.

To make things simple, Magoosh offers the longer access period; HOWEVER, I would just note that the vast majority of future law students don’t spend anywhere near 12 months studying for the LSAT.

Most students spend just 2-3 months studying, then take the exam. And even if you need to retake the LSAT at the next cycle, you’re still only talking around 6 months of study time in total. So Magoosh wins, but not sure how important this category truly is here.

LSAT Score Guarantees

Now based on everything you’ve read to this point, which course do think would offer the better score guarantee – Blueprint or Magoosh? With the robust curriculum, awesome video lessons and high price point, it has to be Blueprint, right? Wrong.

Magoosh actually offers the superior score increase guarantee. Assuming you comply with Magoosh’s very basic requirements, they guarantee your LSAT score will increase by at least 5 points on exam day.

That is a very impressive promise in the world of LSAT prep. On the other hand, Blueprint only offers a standard score increase guarantee for the live online class, meaning one point. Still a nice promise, but nothing like Magoosh.

Blueprint LSAT Live Online
$100 OFF Applied In Cart

Verdict: Magoosh Or Blueprint For LSAT Prep?

To quickly recap this comparison guide, Blueprint is the clear winner in most categories for good reason. They offer a superior curriculum, insanely engaging video lessons, top notch practice work, and an all-around fantastic user experience.

Magoosh on the other hand is the scrappy budget course with an ultra-attractive price point and materials that don’t quite stack up, but still pack a very strong punch.

All in all, in my opinion, which course to go with really just depends on what type of student you are. If you are a motivated self-studier that prefers flexibility and is working on a budget, Magoosh will likely be a solid option for you.

I think the same applies if you are targeting a specific regional law school that only requires a middling LSAT score and you just need a no frills package to get you a slightly above average score.

But if you’re looking to nail a truly good LSAT score and get in to a top tier school, you have to go Blueprint.

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Which LSAT prep course is better, Magoosh or Blueprint?

Both LSAT prep courses offer very different strengths and weaknesses, and which is better depends on your unique situation. Read our full comparison for a breakdown.

Is the Magoosh LSAT prep course worth it?

In our team’s opinion, yes. Despite being a budget prep option, the Magoosh course offers a ton of prep value.

What’s the difference between Blueprint and Magoosh LSAT?

While Blueprint offers a robust curriculum of coursework and engaging video lessons, Magoosh makes its name with a budget price point and library of solid practice material.