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Best LSAT Prep Courses

Our selective and detailed list of the best LSAT prep courses and classes

Choosing the right LSAT prep course can be tough, especially when you must balance the need for a top tier score against a finite budget. In this guide, our expert legal team provides insight on the best LSAT prep courses available. We discuss pricing, effectiveness, quality of study materials, and much more. A good prep course can be the key to getting an elite score on the LSAT, and ultimately getting accepted into your dream law school. 

  • Price
  • Video Instruction
  • Live Class Hours
  • Practice Questions
  • Full Length Practice Tests
  • Content Access Period
  • Books
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Blueprint LSAT Live Online $300 OFF Code: 300FEB
    $300 OFF Code: 300FEB
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    • $1,399
    • 90+ Hours
    • 36
    • 8,500+
    • 85+
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  • Princeton Review LSAT Fundamentals $50 OFF Code: LSAT50
    $50 OFF Code: LSAT50
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    • $1,099
    • 150+ Hours
    • 30
    • 8,000+
    • 60+
    • 120 Days
    • Hardcopy & Digital
  • Magoosh LSAT Premium 12 Months SALE: 10% OFF Code: TPI10
    SALE: 10% OFF Code: TPI10
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    • $299
    • 90+ Hours
    • None
    • 7,000+
    • 80+
    • 12 Months
    • None
  • Kaplan LSAT Online Course On Sale Now Discount in Cart
    On Sale Now Discount in Cart
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    • $1,299
    • 180+ Hours
    • 32
    • 8,000+
    • 60+
    • Length of Course
    • Hardcopy
  • LSATMax 180 Money Back Guarantee Check Current Offers
    Money Back Guarantee Check Current Offers
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    • $995
    • 100+ Hours
    • None
    • 6,000+
    • 90+
    • 180 Days
    • Hardcopy

Best LSAT Prep Courses Summary

To quickly navigate through this detailed LSAT prep course guide, simply use the helpful jump-to links above.

Best LSAT Prep Course Video Guide

In the video above, John from the Test Prep Insight team (who scored a 170 on the LSAT and worked for a Vault 100 law firm) walks you through each LSAT course on our list. If you would like additional detail regarding any of the companies or courses discussed, be sure to keep reading.

Blueprint LSAT Live Online
$300 OFF Code: 300FEB

Why Blueprint LSAT Makes the Best List

When it comes to quality of online content, Blueprint LSAT is king. Their digital lesson plans and study materials are about the best around, and it is abundantly clear they invested a ton into their digital platform. Blueprint says they want to make studying for the LSAT fun, and while that may never be completely possible, they get darn close. Their video lessons are head and shoulders above the competition, and the coursework is engaging, detailed and effective. Blueprint is an all-around top-notch course that you cannot go wrong with.

Insanely Good Video Lessons

As mentioned, Blueprint is known for their online video lessons. They are interactive, super engaging and the instructors are actually funny – and not in the PC, dry sense of humor kind of way. I mean truly entertaining and engaging. Unlike some other test prep companies, the video lessons actually show the instructor onscreen, in a more traditional lesson style, but with cool graphics, cartoons and digital effects dropped in around them.

Blueprint lsat video lecture
Engaging video lessons from Blueprint

The combination of graphics and notes make for an incredibly effective means of communicating concepts that are otherwise pretty complex. We would give their video lessons three thumbs up if we could. And in addition to the video, the overall user experience of their digital platform is superb. The online content is snappy, responsive and modern, but while still being easily navigable and intuitive.

Rock Solid LSAT Coursework

In addition to the video lessons, the remainder of Blueprint’s coursework is first-rate. We love the structure and quality of the core curriculum. It flows naturally and builds up to the tougher concepts. The practice problems and drills also utilize real LSAT questions, in addition to their access to official, past LSATs. These are coupled with thorough and well-written problem explanations. All in all, the Blueprint LSAT is a rock-solid course that you won’t be unhappy with.

If you want to learn more, find our full review of the Blueprint LSAT prep course here.

Princeton Review LSAT Fundamentals
$50 OFF Code: LSAT50

Why Princeton Review Makes the Best LSAT List

There is a reason so many students turn to Princeton Review for their LSAT prep. For those students that prefer the traditional classroom experience with a live instructor, a hardcopy lesson book to follow along in and take notes, and group engagement, it is hard to beat Princeton.

princeton review lsat prep
A sample Princeton LSAT practice question

Their lesson quality and structure are top notch, and their classroom instructors are some of the best. Not only that, they offer a ton of excellent resources on their online platform, including thousands of practice problems, hundreds of hours of video lectures and great problem explanations.

Track Record of Success

Princeton Review has perhaps one of the longest track records of success in preparing students for the LSAT. They’ve been at it since the 1980’s and have decades of experience and expertise baked into their course lessons. This makes Princeton Review one of the safest choices around – you know that the material you’re getting is going to comprehensively cover every aspect of the LSAT and any little twist or turn that it may present. This is also why they have a money back guarantee if your score does not improve with their course.

Great LSAT Instructors

A great instructor can make or break your prep course experience. Get a good one and you can get a nice little score boost through their tips and encouragement; get bad one and, well, you get the picture. Fortunately, the Princeton Review LSAT instructors are some of the best of the best. Most have scored in the 98th percentile or better on the LSAT themselves and know the LSAT inside and out. Combine this with some super strong communication skills and a passion for their students and the subject matter, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Not only that, your Princeton Review class instructor will be accessible to you by phone or email outside of class, a feature which we tested and found to be effective and beneficial.

If you want to learn more, find our full review of the Princeton Review LSAT prep course here.

Magoosh LSAT Premium 12 Months
SALE: 10% OFF Code: TPI10

Why Magoosh Makes the Best LSAT Prep List

When you think of Magoosh, you probably tend to think of affordability. But what should come to mind is a great prep course for a great value. Magoosh doesn’t have the same level of resources as some of the big boys, like Kaplan and Princeton Review, but still manages to deliver everything you need to properly prep for a fraction of the price.

Magoosh lsat lecture
Example of Magoosh LSAT video lesson

Their curriculum structure is a little unconventional, but nonetheless effective, and you get access to a library of excellent core lesson videos. And the highlight of their coursework is the practice problem section, which offers video explanations, written explanations and a cool notes feature following every practice problem you work.

Great Bang for Your Buck

Magoosh’s value is undeniable. For roughly ¼ the cost of some traditional courses, you get most of the same materials. You get access to 7,000+ real LSAT questions, many of which come with nice video explanations, 80+ full-length official LSATs, and some great video lessons. True they don’t have a robust lesson plan or hardcopy prep books like others, but for a fraction of the cost, you can’t really complain. Their materials, while lighter, are still top notch.

Easy-to-Use Digital Platform

Another great feature of the Magoosh course that doesn’t get much fanfare is their intuitive and easy-to-use digital platform. The dashboard is clean, simple and directs you straight to where you want to go. No getting lost down a maze of problem explanations within a drill within a unit like some other courses. Within seconds of logging in, you can jump straight a quick practice problem session or review your overall performance. And you get all of that with a fresh and modern look. We love their user experience and interface, especially for the price point.

If you want to learn more, find our full review of the Magoosh LSAT prep course here.

Kaplan LSAT Online Course
On Sale Now Discount in Cart

Why Kaplan Makes the Best LSAT Prep List

When most people think of LSAT prep, or any test prep for that matter, they very likely think of Kaplan. Kaplan is generally the industry standard for test prep and the popular pick among students. And this is for good reason. Kaplan is backed by an army of LSAT experts and near limitless resources, which is all reflected in their LSAT prep course.

kaplan lsat lesson
One Kaplan’s video lectures

With the Kaplan course you will get countless hours of video lessons, practice questions with explanations, drills, practice tests, prep book study material and more. If you worked every single piece of study material they gave you, you’d look like Rip Van Winkle by the time you were done. And it is not just study material for the sake of material – the Kaplan coursework is of top tier quality and design. For students seeking a conservative choice with surefire results, Kaplan is a great selection.

Tried and Tested LSAT Prep

As alluded to above, Kaplan has been doing test prep for a long time – since 1938 in fact. Their prep materials have been tried and tested, and passed muster time and time again. Unlike some new players to the LSAT test prep space with fresh approaches for teaching LSAT concepts, Kaplan takes the traditional approach. You are going to get a top-drawer instructor in a classroom setting (unless you take an online only course) along with an abundance of study material specifically designed to break down and convey even the most complex LSAT subjects in an easily understandable fashion. The Kaplan course might be old school, but it is sure effective.

Abundance of LSAT Resources

When looking for the best LSAT prep course, many student focus on how much they are getting in the way of study material. Well if that was the only qualifier, Kaplan would almost surely take the cake. They give you stacks on stacks on stacks of work to do – in the best of ways. There are hundreds of hours of video lessons, thousands of practice problems, drills, prep book material, explanations, and more. Not that other test prep companies don’t also give you these things. But the sheer quantity of Kaplan’s resources is staggering. It’s truly nice knowing you’re not going to run out of material, especially when you have months to prepare.

If you want to learn more, find our full review of the Kaplan LSAT prep course here.

LSATMax 180
Money Back Guarantee Check Current Offers

Why LSATMax Makes the Best List

A relative newcomer to the LSAT test prep space, LSATMax has quickly made headway with its digital first approach. LSATMax is designed to be the ying to Kaplan and Princeton Review’s yang – that is, they take a totally fresh approach to teaching the LSAT. There is no classroom or chalkboard instruction. Their teaching method is focused on their online and mobile platforms, with everything you need right at your fingertips.

LSATMax heavily focuses on their digital platform

You still get the hallmarks of every prep course – lessons, books, practice problems and tests, etc., but delivered in a modern and new way. And the quality of this content is dang good to boot. The video lessons are high quality and the practice problems sets with explanations are first class. With its digital first approach and top rate study material, we could not leave the LSATMax prep course off our best list.

Flexibility in Studying

For the student seeking ultimate flexibility in when, where and how they study, the LSATMax prep course was designed for you. You can study anywhere, anytime and on any device – even offline. Between the desktop version of their LSAT study program and the mobile app, you should always be covered. So, if you have a crazy busy life and are going to cramming in your studies while sitting on the train for 45 minutes or killing time between class in the quad, LSATMax would suit you well. And not only is the delivery designed for the modern student, but the content also is, with its new age approach to learning. We particularly liked the Instagram live feeds of office hours from their instructors.

Mobile App

LSATMax’s mobile app is at the heart of its course. In fact, they started as just a mobile app back in the day. This is really where you are going to get your money’s worth out the LSATMax program and why it makes our best list. While other test prep companies don’t even have a mobile app, not only does LSATMax have one, but it is also very well done. This isn’t some clunky app that gives little value and is designed to offer them a marketing point on their website – this is a genuinely helpful study tool that adds real value.

If you want to learn more, find our full review of the LSATMax prep course here.

Manhattan Prep LSAT Complete Course
$99 Off Applied in Cart

Why Manhattan Prep Makes the Best LSAT List

Manhattan Prep checks just about every box for what you’d want in a prep course. They offer engaging video and classroom lessons, great drills and practice problems, first rate instructors, and everything in between. But where they really separate themselves from the pack is their interactive video lessons and small class sizes.

Manhattan Prep LSAT lecture
A look inside the Manhattan Prep LSAT course

For those taking their self-paced course, or supplementing their in-class experience with some online videos, you’ll be blown away by the quality and content of their interactive lessons. And for those students sitting in one of their face-to-face classes, the intimate class sizes provide added learning opportunities. In addition, they offer an abundance of insightful practice problem explanations and thoughtfully curated lesson books. Bottom line, it wouldn’t be a best list without Manhattan Prep on it.

Interactive Video Lessons

As discussed above, Manhattan Prep’s interactive video lessons are a cut above. Not only is the quality of the video lesson great, with onscreen instructors and cool dynamic graphics, but you also have to click, scroll and type your way through their lesson modules. This keeps the lessons delightfully playful and engaging, while still effectively communicating the teaching points. We were super impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness of these videos. The Manhattan Prep LSAT course has a real knack for holding your interest.

Small Class Sizes

Manhattan Prep offers more intimate class sizes than most. While some other test prep companies try to cram you in like sardines to get the most bang for their instructor’s salary, Manhattan Prep is different. They purposefully limit the class sizes so that the instructor can give each individual student more attention. This, however, also means more student participation and engagement. While this could be seen as a pro or a con depending on how bashful you are, we loved this aspect of the Manhattan Prep classroom course. That small size and extra attention pays dividends when you need a little clarification or help understanding a topic.

If you want to learn more, find our full review of the Manhattan Prep LSAT course here.

Alpha Score Premium LSAT Course
Free Trial Check Current Offers

Why Alpha Score Makes the Best LSAT List

Alpha Score is the no frills, reliable budget option of LSAT prep courses. It’s like a Toyota Corolla with crank windows and no A/C – it’s not the fanciest thing you’ve ever seen (not even close), but it is dependable and will absolutely get you where you need to go. The Alpha Score LSAT prep course is an online only platform that allows you to study from anywhere and at any time.

alpha score lsat video lecture
A look at one of Alpha Score’s video lessons

The video lessons, while somewhat lacking in dynamic graphics and interactive features, deliver you everything you need to know from a substantive perspective. The lessons are well-designed and thoughtfully explained, with smartly placed practice problems to reinforce the concepts being taught. And the rest of the coursework is solid. So, while not the fanciest course on the block, the Alpha Score course is an all-around great budget option that delivers respectable resources at excellent price.

Price Point

As discussed above, the Alpha Score price point is the biggest draw here. While other courses price out in the thousands, Alpha Score is priced at the very approachable rate of around $390 for their standard course. And even their premium edition course, which covers more material and offers additional access, still comes in at a price tag that is on par with other companies’ basic course packages. It is this pricing structure that lands Alpha Score in our best list.

Full Year of Access

Another great feature of the Alpha Score LSAT course is its extended access period. Whether you’re studying for a week or 10 months, it doesn’t matter with Alpha Score as they give you a full year’s access for their affordable rate. Other test prep companies limit your access to 3 or 4 months, but Alpha Score offers at least 3x these time periods as an accommodation to their students. This means you could in theory study for and take the LSAT multiple times on a single course purchase (which you couldn’t do with some other prep course options).

If you want to learn more, find our full review of the Alpha Score LSAT prep course here.

Blueprint LSAT Live Online
$300 OFF Code: 300FEB


About the LSAT

The Law School Admission Test, or LSAT, is the standardized exam taken as part of the law school admission process in the United States. The test is administered by the Law School Admission Council, or LSAC, and is the only accepted entrance exam for admission purposes by ABA-accredited law schools. The exam is specifically designed to test a range of skills which a prospective student will need to be successful in law school, including critical reading, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and persuasive writing. Some law schools do not require the LSAT for admission; however, students are strongly encouraged to take the LSAT, as it can bolster law admission chances in those cases where not required and can assist the test taker in determining if law school is right for them.

What Kind of Test is the LSAT?

The LSAT is a digitally administered exam comprised of two parts. The first part of the exam is a multiple-choice test and the second portion is a written essay.

The multiple-choice portion of the exam consists of consists of five separate 35-minute sections. Though there are five individual sections, only four of those sections will be counted towards an individual’s score. The one unscored section is used to evaluate future exam questions, and the test taker will not know which of the five sections does not count until the test taker gets their score report following the exam. The multiple-choice sections consist of one reading comprehension section, one analytical reasoning section, and two logical reasoning sections.

The written portion of the exam consists of a 35-minute, unscored written essay. The written essay portion presents the test taker with an issue requiring the individual to take one of two positions. The test taker must make clear which course of action they would follow and defend their choice through well-reasoned argument. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer to the prompt. The essay allows the individual to demonstrate their argumentative writing skills through reason and logically setting out the pros and cons of each position. Though not scored, this written portion allows law schools to evaluate the candidate’s reasoning, organization, language selection, and writing mechanics. Copies of the essay are sent to all schools to which the test taker applies as a sample of their writing ability, an integral component of law school.

Is the LSAT Taken in a Test Center?

The LSAT is administered at test centers throughout the world. Check here to find a test center near you: Test Center Locations.

How is the LSAT Graded and Scaled?

The LSAT is scored based on the number of questions you answer correctly, otherwise known as your raw score. This raw score is converted to an LSAT score on a scale which ranges from 120 to 180, with 120 being the lowest possible score and 180 being the highest possible score. All questions are weighted equally and you are not penalized for incorrect answers. So, the focus is on how many total questions are answered correctly, without regard to incorrect answers or particular questions. The average LSAT score is around 150, however, you will need a score north of 160 if you expect to get into one of the top 25 law schools.

Study Hacks for the LSAT

We recommend studying for several months leading up to the date of the actual exam. The LSAT is not the type of exam that you can cram for. Progress in preparing for the LSAT can be slow and the gains incremental, so it is imperative you leave yourself enough time for adequate preparation. We recommend planning on setting aside 150-200 hours in total to make sure you’re ready for the exam. It takes significant time to figure out how to properly draw deductions, analyze logic games, and assess written arguments. ​Here are our strategies to improve your LSAT score:

Take a practice exam – start by taking a practice test under real conditions to get a feel for the LSAT. You will quickly see how difficult the questions are and how time matters. This will help you assess your early strengths and weaknesses.

Master the concepts – the LSAT turns on mastering concepts that are applied to the various question types across the exam. You will need to understand and reinforce the most important concepts, including identifying logical relationships, analyzing arguments and the flaws therein, and assessing common rules of logic games.

Lots and lots of practice questions – making progress in LSAT preparation can be slow, but the key to those hard-earned gains will come through practice questions. Like most other things in life, practice makes perfect and repetition is at the heart of that practice. The more you see common concepts and themes, the faster and more accurately you will be able to answer questions.

Imitate actual LSAT test conditions – practice questions alone won’t help you nail the LSAT. Timing is critical in the multiple-choice sections, so it will be key to practice taking a full LSAT exam under real test-like conditions. Only simulating the exam multiple times will help you truly prepare for the real thing.

Stay positive – the LSAT is a very difficult and disheartening exam. Gains are hard to come by and a bad practice score can be discouraging. Stay positive! Keep a good attitude and know that your hard work and long hours will pay off in the end.


Do I need an LSAT prep course?

While you could in theory get away without a prep course in studying for the LSAT, it would be inadvisable. LSAT prep courses, even the uber affordable ones, will give you lessons and practice problems that you need to effectively prepare.

How much does an LSAT prep course cost?

LSAT prep courses can cost anywhere from just over $100 up to $5,000+ depending on the prep company, features and level of access you choose.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like my prep course?

Most, but not all, prep courses do offer some type of refund policy. But be careful, most are short timeframes to request a refund and you should review the fine print.