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7Sage vs Blueprint LSAT

Our side-by-side comparison of the Blueprint and 7Sage LSAT prep courses

As you gear up to start studying for the LSAT, the hardest decision is often which prep course to go with to guide your studies. For many students, this comes down to a choice between Blueprint and 7Sage, two top-rated LSAT courses. And it’s not an easy decision by any means. In this detailed, side-by-side comparison, we take a close look at how these two courses differ, our thoughts on their features, and ultimately, which one is better.

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7Sage vs Blueprint LSAT Outline

As this is a long and robust comparison, we’ve included helpful jump-to links above for easy navigation.

7Sage LSAT

7Sage LSAT Prep

  • Self-Paced
  • 100% Online
  • Self-Paced
  • 100% Online
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Much less expensive than Blueprint
  • Solid practice problem explanations
  • Video lessons pale in comparison to Blueprint's videos
  • Curriculum doesn't feel as well developed or robust as Blueprint's
7Sage LSAT
Free Trial Check Current Offers
Blueprint LSAT Live Online

Blueprint LSAT Prep

  • Self-Paced
  • Live Online
  • Self-Paced
  • Live Online
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Insanely good video lessons that blow 7Sage's out of the water
  • Engaging and dynamic learning modules that spoon feed you prep material
  • Rock solid curriculum with a smart structure that builds up to toughest concepts
  • Custom schedule tool tells you exactly what to study and when
  • Blueprint is much pricier than 7Sage
Blueprint LSAT Live Online
$300 OFF Code: 300WINTER

Head-to-Head Comparison of the Major Features

To give you the most helpful analysis of these two LSAT prep courses, we think it is best to see a head-to-head evaluation of the key features of each course. Here is our breakdown of how they stack up in each category.

Quality of Curriculum & Coursework

Both 7Sage and Blueprint each provide solid, respectable LSAT curriculums. However, at the end of the day, our team believes Blueprint provides the more robust and better overall set of coursework. While these two course curriculums feel very similar on many levels, with a bunch of overlap in content coverage and test taking strategies, it is ultimately Blueprint that gets the nod.

Blueprint LSAT video lesson
Led by first-rate video lessons, Blueprint has the better LSAT curriculum

Not only does our team prefer the structure of their course (finding 7Sage’s suggested study schedule to be a little helter skelter), but we also think Blueprint goes deeper. While 7Sage provides more in-depth video explanations of individual problems, making this a focus, there is no doubt the core curriculum and lessons from Blueprint go farther. Advantage: Blueprint.

Pricing & Course Options

This category is a slam dunk win for 7Sage. There is simply no arguing that they provide the more affordable package. 7Sage’s primary offering, the Ultimate+ Course, is offered at $599 for 1 year of access, or you can pay as you go for $69/month. This is in comparison to Blueprint’s price tag of $799 for their self-paced course (most analogous to 7Sage’s Ultimate+ course), and $1,499 for their live online course with regular class sessions. But I would note a couple things here. For one, Blueprint seems to be much more aggressive in their discounting, with deals typically running a couple times a month for a few hundred dollars off. In addition, these courses are not completely apples-to-apples, as described more fully below. Advantage: 7Sage.

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Video Lessons

While our team generally loves 7Sage’s individual problem explanation videos, Blueprint has the superior video lessons overall. I mean, this is generally what Blueprint is known for – ultra-engaging, high production quality videos. You can see the difference between the two types here.

Blueprint videos:

Blueprint lsat video lecture

7Sage videos:

7Sage LSAT video lessons

You get the picture. While we loved the quantity of short videos from 7Sage, as well as their laser focus on explaining individual practice problems through video, Blueprint simply provides more engaging and informative video lessons. Advantage: Blueprint.

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This might be the easiest category to call, apart from live classes. And that’s because Blueprint provides prep books, while 7Sage doesn’t. 7Sage does provide some really helpful written lessons, but their nothing like Blueprint’s LSAT prep books, which you get in hardcopy form. This is generally a big deal for those students like myself who like to follow along in a textbook, taking notes in the margins, highlighting key points, and circling need-to-know info. And on top of that, we loved the quality of the Blueprint books, finding them to rock solid in terms of content, structure and choice of sample problems. Advantage: Blueprint.

Live Classes

Again, this is another easy category to call. Blueprint provides a course option with live classes, while 7Sage doesn’t. Done and done. Generally speaking though, if you’re the type of student that need the accountability and commitment of live classes, this may be a deal breaker. If not though, then it likely won’t matter. In any event, we were big fans of the Blueprint live classes and rate them out as some of the best in the space. Featuring some rockstar instructors, we found them to be a highlight of the course. Advantage: Blueprint.

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Practice Materials

Both companies provide the exact same practice materials – official LSAT questions and practice tests licensed from LSAC, the makers of the exam. There is not a darn bit of difference between the practice work provided by each company. So where things are differentiated is the accompanying problem explanations, and here, 7Sage gets the oh-so-close nod.

7Sage LSAT practice
7Sage’s custom practice question set generator

While both companies provide rock solid video and text explanations of (almost) each practice question, we just found 7Sage’s videos to go a little further. That said, the quality of their videos is pretty weak. Rather than having an instructor onscreen, you get a slideshow-style video with voiceover and stylus markup. It’s old school, but works. And you can’t deny the quality of the content. 7Sage by a hair. Advantage: 7Sage.

User Experience & Interface

Blueprint by a mile. When you compare these two digital platforms side-by-side, it’s like comparing Gmail and AOL Mail side-by-side. One’s super clean and modern and intuitive, and the other is…not.

Blueprint lsat question explanation
Blueprint’s user interface is modern, clean and intuitive

Blueprint’s user interface is extremely easy on the eyes and modern, while 7Sage’s site just feels like it needs an update. Advantage: Blueprint.

Extra Resources

Blueprint provides a boatload of extras with their course, which isn’t totally surprising given the price disparity. Among these nice supplemental resources, our clear favorite was the near-daily live office hours. These 2-hour sessions led by a rotating team of Blueprint instructors take a deep dive into a certain advanced LSAT topic and really get into the weeds. We loved these sessions and found them to be a major help for weak areas. That said, we did like 7Sage’s flashcards and detailed analytics, but it just isn’t enough to overcome everything Blueprint has to offer. Advantage: Blueprint.

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Content Access Period

This category is decided by simple numbers. For Blueprint, you get 6 months of access to their Online Anytime package, and around the same length of time for their live classes (give or take a little for course length and exam date). By comparison, 7Sage provides 1 year of access (unless of course you go pay-by-the-month). But assuming you go with the full package as most students do, 12 months > 6 months. Advantage: 7Sage (sort of).

Score Guarantees

When evaluating LSAT courses, we always look to see whether prep providers back up their materials with a higher score guarantee, as we feel it’s a reflection of their confidence in their own course. Not to mention it’s a great insurance policy for students. Well, Blueprint provides a higher score guarantee and 7Sage does not. Pretty open and shut. We’d like to see 7Sage match Blueprint’s guarantee here, especially given that both companies claim that their students see solid point increases, but we can’t rate these courses based on what we wish they had. Advantage: Blueprint.

Verdict: Blueprint vs 7Sage LSAT Comparison

At the end of the day, there is a reason why Blueprint costs more than 7Sage. Blueprint simply offers the better all-around LSAT prep course, with a deeper curriculum and higher quality set of video-based lessons. And this isn’t a case of buying into the higher price tag, assuming the package must be better because it costs more. On almost every front, our team has Blueprint rating out higher – depth of curriculum, quality of video lessons, prep books, live classes, communication of test taking strategies, and more. 7Sage gets high marks for its individual problem explanation videos and high-value price point, but it’s just not enough to sway our opinion in their favor. Blueprint is simply too strong, and we find them to the more effective overall LSAT prep course.

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Which LSAT prep course is better, 7Sage or Blueprint?

After a full review of the 7Sage and Blueprint LSAT courses, our team finds Blueprint to be the better overall LSAT course. 7Sage gets high marks for value pricing and solid video-based problem explanations, but Blueprint provides the better overall LSAT curriculum and more effective bundle of study resources.

What’s the difference between 7Sage and Blueprint LSAT?

The biggest difference between 7Sage and Blueprint is the style of their prep course offerings. 7Sage is a low-price, 100% online course, while Blueprint provides a more robust bundle of resources with live classes, hardcopy prep books and video lessons, but at a slightly higher price tag.

Do both Blueprint and 7Sage have score increase guarantees?

Blueprint offers a money-back, score increase guarantee, but 7Sage does not provide a higher score guarantee.