After realizing that most prep course reviews on the internet are paper thin and provide only surface level information with no real substance, we made it our mission to deliver high quality evaluations from third-party, unbiased experts. Our goal is to provide well-researched, honest and in-depth reviews that offer actionable advice and helpful information for our readers.

To accomplish this, we engaged a team of education experts with years of test prep experience to create the most rigorous review framework in the industry. Each step in our process assures our readers that no biased or unverified information is published in our posts. This ensures that every review, comparison and buyer guide we publish offers true value to future preppers. Take a look at how the most thorough test prep reviews are created:

  • Gather Data

    1. Gather Data

    To kick off our review process for any study material, we gather all the data we can get our hands on regarding features and specifications. This includes number of practice questions, video lessons, pricing, and a whole bunch more.

  • Thoroughly Test

    2. Thoroughly Test

    The next step in our process is to thoroughly test each prep course or study product ourselves. We actually purchase, use and evaluate every product we review. This is in contrast to most review websites that simply regurgitate course specs.

  • Evaluate Student Reviews

    3. Evaluate Student Reviews

    Following our own testing and developing our initial thoughts, we cross reference our opinions and findings against verified student reviews. There is generally no better source of opinion and reviews than actual users, who have either used a course with success or been met with frustration. We say the larger the sample size, the better.

  • Scaled Rating

    4. Scaled Rating

    Once we’ve completed our data aggregation, thorough testing, and user review analysis, we rate each prep course based on a proprietary formula of weighted factors. These factors include such variables as value pricing, practice material quantity, effectiveness of lesson work, live class offerings, and much more.

  • Publish

    5. Publish

    Finally, after we have done all of our research and rated each course, we draft a comprehensive, first hand review. Following verification by an industry expert, we publish a well written article that reflects all of our findings and opinions. Our written and video reviews are intended to provide deep analysis with helpful insights and actionable tips.

No other company in the test prep reviews space provides more thorough analysis or a better review framework to ensure readers are getting authoritative and expert advice. Test Prep Insight is your most trusted source for test prep reviews and rankings on the internet.