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DAT Booster vs DAT Bootcamp

See which prep course wins in this comparison of DAT Bootcamp vs DAT Booster

When it comes to DAT prep, there are no two courses more similar than DAT Bootcamp and DAT Booster. Both offer the same general slate of features, and are even structured similarly. So how do you decide which is best? Luckily, we’ve purchased, used and thoroughly each DAT program. In this detailed guide, we break down all the strengths and weaknesses you need to understand, as well as note which course we think is better.

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Article Outline: DAT Bootcamp vs DAT Booster

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Video Review: DAT Bootcamp or DAT Booster?

In the above video, team member John breaks down the similarities and differences between DAT Booster and DAT Bootcamp. Please continue reading for more detail.

DAT Bootcamp

DAT Bootcamp

  • Self-Paced Study
  • Frequent Discounts
  • Self-Paced Study
  • Frequent Discounts
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • In-depth video breakdowns of most practice problems
  • More realistic DAT practice problems and exams than DAT Booster
  • Massive volume of study material (video lessons, practice work, drills, guides)
  • Detailed study schedule tells you exactly what to study and when
  • No live classes or office hour sessions
  • No higher score guarantee like Booster
DAT Bootcamp
DEAL: 10% OFF Use Code: TPI10

Cost Comparison

To begin this post, let’s kick things off with a discussion of cost, as it’s an important topic (especially for students).

DAT Bootcamp has two course options to choose from. First, there is the Pro package, which includes 90 days of access to almost all of Bootcamp’s tools and resources. This is their standard course and it costs right around $500.

Then Bootcamp also has a more premium Plus package, which costs closer to $900. That product gives you 180 days of access and kicks in an additional 5 full-length exams. 

DAT Bootcamp problem explanation
DAT Bootcamp problem video explanation

On the flip side is DAT Booster, which has just one course offering. Their one course product is most closely comparable to Bootcamp’s Pro course with 90 days of access. It costs approximately $300.

Stepping back and putting things in perspective, DAT Booster is a couple hundred dollars cheaper than Bootcamp. You’re looking at around $300 for Booster vs $500 for Bootcamp. This is not a negligible difference, and those are some decent savings.

However, it is important to note that those are just full retail prices, and Bootcamp is almost offering some sort of sale or special promotion, and you can usually find their course for 10% to 20% off, closing that pricing gap by a decent margin. So do be sure to check for coupon codes before buying.

Course Overview

Now that we’ve covered pricing, let’s briefly cover how each DAT prep program generally works and the study materials that you get. To begin, I’ll just start with this: the courses from both DAT Bootcamp and DAT Booster are very, very similar in terms of the features that they offer, and even the way that they deliver their courses.

Both companies give you full-length practice tests, video lessons and video solutions, a checklist-style daily schedule, a Qbank, study notes and cheat cheats, flashcards, and more. Not to mention, even the way the materials are housed and the way you navigate the course is similar, with everything broken out by the 6 DAT subjects.

DAT Bootcamp drill
DAT Bootcamp drill

Basically, from a high level point of view, the packages look nearly identical. However, as you might guess, there are definitely some differences if you know where to look, and I think those are probably best explained by looking at where each course wins over one another.

Where DAT Bootcamp Wins (Advantages)

I’ll start my analysis of where I see each company winning with Bootcamp. I have them winning on practice work, video lessons, study notes, and user experience.. Let’s break those areas down.

More Realistic Practice Work

As noted, the first big win for DAT Bootcamp is practice material. Not only does DAT Bootcamp provide more practice than Booster with 8,800 problems to 6,200, but we’ve also got Bootcamp winning on realism.

DAT Bootcamp practice
DAT Bootcamp practice problem with solution

To put it simply, we think DAT Bootcamp’s practice problems are more realistic of what you’ll see on test day, right down to the Prometric-style interface. Obviously more important to your studies though, we think the difficulty, content and length of Bootcamp’s problems more closely match the real thing than DAT Booster’s questions.

Higher-Quality Video

Secondly, our team prefers the video lessons and short video solutions from DAT Bootcamp over Booster’s as well. Both companies provide hundreds of video lessons covering content review, as well as hundreds more that each break down practice problems. And while they’re both good, we just see Bootcamp’s as being better.

The production value is stronger, they have better graphics, and even the analysis seems to go a little deeper with Bootcamp. The Booster videos just seem a little cursory, while the Bootcamp videos dive deeper. Overall, we just prefer the DAT Bootcamp video lectures and problem solution videos.

Better Written Study Materials

Next up in the win column for Bootcamp are study notes. As noted above, both companies provide written study materials, including cheat sheets and study notes. However, once again, we prefer Bootcamp’s materials.

Their notes provide a ton of graphics, are organized very logically, and seem to find a really nice balance of detail and brevity. They cover just the right amount of info so that you learn, but without becoming bogged down.

DAT Bootcamp PAT
DAT Bootcamp PAT problem breakdown

I do wish Bootcamp provided these study notes in printed textbook form (for the record, Booster doesn’t either), as I think that would be a huge advantage, but I am a big fan.

Superior Digital Experience

Lastly, we note DAT Bootcamp as having the better overall digital platform and user experience. With their platform, everything is really modern and clean, and the functionality is awesome.

It’s super intuitive to navigate and I personally found it to be one of the better overall prep course designs. DAT Booster’s platform is alright, and actually pretty similar to Bootcamp’s, but just lacks some of the modern features and looks.

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DAT Booster

DAT Booster

  • Self-Paced Online
  • 1:1 Tutoring
  • Self-Paced Online
  • 1:1 Tutoring
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Awesome PAT problem generator & analyzer
  • 1-on-1 bonus tutoring is helpful
  • Includes a higher score guarantee
  • Video lessons feel cursory compared to Bootcamp's
  • Practice material, though voluminous, not as realistic
  • Clunky user experience and interface
DAT Booster
Free Trial Applied in Cart

Where DAT Booster Wins (Advantages)

Now that you know the pros in favor of Bootcamp, let’s switch sides and cover the major advantages in favor of DAT Booster.

PAT Tools & Materials

The first clear advantage for DAT Booster is their PAT Generator. The short version of the story is that DAT Booster was originally PAT Booster. The PAT was literally all they focused on.

They’ve obviously have since expanded into full DAT prep, but due to this initial focus, their institutional expertise is clearly the PAT and everything that comes along with it. As such, they provide a really, really good PAT generator tool and analyzer.

DAT Booster practice test
DAT Booster practice test

With their generator, you can create as many PAT problems as you want, broken down however you want. This allows you to really zero in on your weak areas. They also give you a cool analyzer tool that provides feedback on where you need work.

Not to mention, their 3D review tool is awesome and a lot of their video content centers around PAT. So if the PAT is a weak area for you, it’s definitely something to think about.

1:1 Tutoring

The second thing I liked about Booster was that they provide 1-on-1 tutoring. To be clear, it’s only a couple hours of coaching. This is not dozens of hours working intensively with a private tutor to boost your score.

DAT Booster study notes
The study notes

They simply can’t offer that level of personalization at their price point. But for helping answer some questions around your weak areas and fine tuning your study schedule, the bit of tutoring they do give really helps.

Higher Score Guarantee

Lastly, you’ve got the higher score guarantee, and this one’s pretty simple. DAT Booster provides a higher score money back guarantee, while Bootcamp doesn’t. It’s a simple but important difference in policy.

DAT Booster video lesson
A video lesson from DAT Booster

So for those of you that are pretty nervous about the exam or looking for an insurance policy, take note of this. Though I would just note that at the lower price points for these two courses, it’s not as important as it is with say Princeton Review or Kaplan, where the DAT course can cost thousands.

DAT Bootcamp
DEAL: 10% OFF Use Code: TPI10

Verdict: DAT Bootcamp vs DAT Booster

That covers the nitty gritty detail, so let’s get to my final verdict. Should you go with DAT Booster or DAT Bootcamp for your prep? Well, after taking and thoroughly reviewing each program, while the two courses may seem pretty similar on the surface, it’s pretty clear to me that DAT Bootcamp is the better overall course.

DAT Booster does have some things going for it like their PAT tools and a little bit of private tutoring, but Bootcamp has so many more pros in their column. Between the video lectures, problem solutions, realism of the practice tests, and all their other resources, the DAT Bootcamp course just has a much more comprehensive and in-depth feel to it. That is why we would recommend DAT Bootcamp over Booster.

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DAT Booster or DAT Bootcamp? Which Is better?

After a full and thorough review of each course, we think DAT Bootcamp is a superior prep program to DAT Booster. Bootcamp’s video lessons, study notes, and practice material are all around better.

Is DAT Bootcamp worth it over DAT Booster?

In our opinion, DAT Booster is not worth it over DAT Bootcamp. Though Booster is tempting because of is cheaper price tag, the Bootcamp materials are ultimately much more comprehensive and effective.

Is Bootcamp cheaper than DAT Booster?

Though DAT Booster is cheaper than DAT Bootcamp when looking at full retail prices, DAT Bootcamp does seem to be more aggressive in their discounting. Their sales bridge the price disparity.