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INBDE Bootcamp Review

Our comprehensive review of the INBDE prep course from Bootcamp, covering everything you need to know

Bootcamp is one of the go-to options for INBDE prep for many students; however, the question always remains of whether it is the right option for you. In this review, we take a look at the various study materials and features you get access to (such as mock exams and video lessons), discuss how the program works, and of course, give you an evaluation of whether we think this prep program is worth it.

INBDE Bootcamp

INBDE Bootcamp

  • Three Course Options
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Three Course Options
  • Money Back Guarantee
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Excellent practice problem explanations (many with video)
  • Very realistic practice problems (very close to real exam)
  • Detailed study schedule tells you exactly what to study each day
  • Affordable price point at around $320
  • Awesome series of video lessons from Mental Dental
  • Tutor email support available 24/7
  • Wish the study guide was integrated directly into the dashboard
  • No live classes, webinars, or office hour sessions
  • No printed prep books or study materials
Bootcamp Dental INBDE
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Article Outline & Table of Contents

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Video Review: INBDE Bootcamp

In the video above, Test Prep Insight team member John covers our thoughts on the INBDE Bootcamp prep course. Continue reading for deeper analysis.

INBDE Bootcamp Course Overview (i.e. How It Works)

Let me just start by saying that if you used DAT Bootcamp to prep for the DAT a few years ago, and now you are circling back to check out Bootcamp’s INBDE course, the good news is that the two prep programs are very similar in terms of organization and style.

There is definitely going to be a level of comfortability here if you used DAT Bootcamp before. There is just a lot of crossover in terms of style and structure. However, even if you didn’t use DAT Bootcamp, it’s no big deal, because I’m going to break down exactly how this INBDE course functions.

To begin, Bootcamp is an asynchronous course, meaning you learn on your own schedule. There are no live classes or workshops. Everything is housed in an online portal and you work through the material in a self-paced fashion.

The INBDE Bootcamp dashboard
A look at the INBDE Bootcamp dashboard

As for the content itself, you get a few different features, including video lessons, cheat sheets, a question bank with practice problems, short quiz questions called Bites, and one full-length, 500-question mock exam.

All of this content is, generally speaking, broken out by INBDE subject area (somewhat like buckets of study material), and you can access it a couple different ways.

Without any direct instructions, this would give the program a sort of disjointed or unorganized feel; however, overarching everything in the course is the study schedule. The Bootcamp team has created a 45-day study schedule that guides you through all of the study material in a very particular order.

Bootcamp Dental INBDE QBank
A practice problem with explanation

It’s a checklist-style guide that gives you a day-by-day breakdown of exactly what you need to be completing, even including which days to rest.

You just follow this checklist-like study guide and make your way through all of the material in the course, including the full-length exam near the end.

For planning purposes, I found that an average day takes about 3 to 4 hours of studying depending on how fast you move, as well as what happens to fall on your schedule that day.

That’s it for the CliffNotes version though. You take it one day at a time for 45 days (assuming you follow their recommended 45-day plan), and complete all of the material in the course.

INBDE Bootcamp Price

Before we dive into the pros and cons of this prep course, let’s just quickly talk about the different course options that Bootcamp provides, as well as how much they cost.

Simply put, you can purchase 1 month of access, 3 months of access, or 6 months of access to the program. They all come with the same exact materials and are otherwise identical—it’s just the amount of time that you can access the program which changes.

Mental Dental INBDE Bootcamp video
One of the Mental Dental INBDE Bootcamp videos

The pricing is pretty simple too: the 1-month plan costs $219, the 3-month plan costs $319, and the 6-month plan costs $419. Easy enough.

Putting this pricing in perspective, Bootcamp costs about $20 more than their closest prep competitor, INBDE Booster, but honestly, it’s really not that bad for a full prep course. $319 for a prep course in the grand scheme of things isn’t so bad, and I would consider Bootcamp more of a value course.

What We Like About INBDE Bootcamp

Now that I have broken down how much Bootcamp costs and how the course works, let’s next run down a few things I really like about INBDE Bootcamp and a few things I also wasn’t crazy about. Let’s start with the positives first.

The Mental Dental Video Lessons

To me, the video lessons from Mental Dental are the real highlight on the instructional side of this prep course. Basically, by buying Bootcamp’s course, you get access to the Mental Dental videos from Dr. Ryan, which are great.

These video lectures dive deep into all of the need-to-know material, and focus on high-yield content. They don’t waste your time with unnecessary fluff, and the guy who leads them, Dr. Ryan, has a great delivery. He’s very good at making testable material easily understandable.

INBDE Bootcamp Video
We loved the Mental Dental video lectures

However, one thing I would note is that these videos don’t have quite the same production value that the video lessons from DAT Bootcamp have. For some reason, these video lectures tend to have a more dated PowerPoint-style slideshow delivery, while the DAT Bootcamp videos are more modern and have really stunning visuals.

I just thought I’d note that if you had taken Bootcamp before so as to set expectations. Otherwise though, the content in these video lessons is very much on point and I think they add a ton of value.

Clear & Understandable Problem Rationales

The second highlight of this course is the problem explanations. Personally, I think Bootcamp has done a really nice job of crafting the solutions that come with their practice problems. They make reviewing practice sets a very valuable part of the study process.

The explanations are very detailed, yet understandable, and some even include a nice little explainer video. Those are always really useful when you get one.

Plus, my favorite part of these explanations is the “key takeaways” feature. In short, at the very bottom of every problem explanation, Bootcamp gives you a one- or two-sentence “key takeaway” that drives home the most important point to be remembered from the problem. I thought those were great.

Realistic Practice Material

The last highlight is the practice material. I think Bootcamp has done an incredible job matching the style, difficulty, content, and length of real exam problems.

INBDE Bootcamp Question Bank
Bootcamp has highly realistic practice work

Given how important practice work is to INBDE prep, this is a very important point. Their problems are very realistic and I think they’re hard to beat in this prep space. It’s one of the better question banks we’ve seen and reviewed.

What We Don’t Like About INBDE Bootcamp

There are a lot of positives with this package, but it’s not without it’s flaws. Let’s discuss some drawbacks I noticed with INBDE Bootcamp.

No Live Workshops, Classes or Webinars

One drawback with this course is that there are no live classes or workshops. Obviously, this is an asynchronous course, so that was never part of the package, but I do think that adding some live workshops and webinars could add a lot of value here.

I’m not suggesting Bootcamp needs a fixed schedule of regular live classes, but a few live workshops here and there for students to ask questions and get some detail on tougher topics would be a benefit. Other courses do this and I see it as a major positive.

No Written Study Materials

Another drawback is how there are no written study materials with this package. This is somewhat of a ‘no duh’ comment, because it is a totally digital course, but I think adding some study notes to complement the video lessons and giving them to students in a printed text would add some value.

INBDE Bootcamp Practice Problems
The course is 100% digital

I might be old school like that, but I love printed study notes and outlines, and I’m sure others do too.

Study Schedule Is Separate PDF

The last negative I have for you is the study schedule. As noted, I generally like the checklist-style schedule they give you each day, but my issue is that it’s not well integrated into the program.

It’s a separate PDF file that you have to print out and follow along in on the side. It’s not a huge deal, but I would rather see Bootcamp integrate the schedule right into the homepage of the online portal with hyperlinks.

If this guide was more like the backbone of the course, it would make things more seamless.

Verdict: Is INBDE Bootcamp Worth It?

In my opinion, INBDE Bootcamp provides a really solid all-around prep package. The study schedule, although I wish it was integrated into the portal, still gives you a ton of detailed study guidance. The video lessons are on point and add a lot of value for visual learners. And I think that the practice material is some of the best in the game.

Thus, at the end of the day, I have no issue recommending Bootcamp. For $320, this is a value-driven course with some very effective study material.


Is the Bootcamp Dental INBDE prep course good?

Yes, after using and reviewing this prep package, I think INBDE Bootcamp provides a really solid all-around prep package. They offer some very effective study material, and at a decent price. The Bootcamp Dental INBDE prep program worked for me.

Does DAT Bootcamp do INBDE prep?

Yes, DAT Bootcamp also has an INBDE prep course. In my opinion, the INBDE prep program is just as strong as Bootcamp’s DAT course.

How is the INBDE Bootcamp study schedule? Does it work?

I was a big fan of the INBDE Bootcamp study schedule. I wish it was integrated into the dashboard of the portal, but I otherwise loved it. The detailed, checklist-style study guide worked for me.

How much does INBDE Bootcamp cost?

Bootcamp provides three different upgraded membership options. You can buy 1 month of access, 3 months of access, or 6 months of access. They all come with the same exact materials, and are otherwise identical. It is only the amount of time you can access the program that changes. The pricing is pretty simple for these packages: the 1-month plan costs $219, the 3-month plan costs $319, and the 6-month plan costs $419.

Is there an INBDE Bootcamp app?

Yes, INBDE Bootcamp does have a mobile app and it’s actually pretty good. It was very snappy and responsive, and gave me access to all of the course materials.