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Magoosh vs Kaplan LSAT

See which LSAT prep course we think is better in this detailed comparison of Magoosh and Kaplan

Kaplan and Magoosh have a lot more in common than just their purple branding colors. From a high level, both LSAT courses are similar in terms of study materials and features, such as video lessons, practice material, and study calendars. However, there are some key differences, and after having a chance to use both LSAT prep packages, we do prefer one over the other. See which course our team prefers in this comprehensive guide.

  • Price
  • Video Instruction
  • Live Class Hours
  • Practice Questions
  • Practice Tests
  • Content Access Period
  • Books
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Outline: Kaplan vs Magoosh LSAT

Given that this is a lengthy and detailed comparison, we’ve included helpful jump-to links above for easy navigation.

Video Review: Which LSAT Course Is Better?

In the above video, team member John breaks down our comparison of these two LSAT courses in under four minutes. Please continue reading for more detail.

How Each Prep Course Works

Before we dive into the nitty gritty details, let’s briefly cover how each LSAT program generally works. And I’ll just start with this: the courses from both companies are somewhat similar in terms of features and the types of study materials that you receive.

Kaplan and Magoosh each give you pre-recorded video lessons, live online classes (if you opt for them), a structured study plan, practice problems, practice tests, problem explanations, and more.

Basically, from a 10,000 foot view, the packages look nearly identical. However, there are some subtle and important differences.

For example, Kaplan provides prep books with their course, while Magoosh does not. And Magoosh provides video solutions for their problems, while Kaplan does not.

But I think these similarities and differences are probably best explained by looking at where each course wins over the other

Kaplan LSAT Online Course

Kaplan LSAT Prep

  • Score Increase Guarantee
  • Four Course Options
  • Score Increase Guarantee
  • Four Course Options
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Courses include a TON of LSAT study materials (much more than Magoosh)
  • High-quality, engaging video lessons that are better than Magoosh's
  • Fantastic LSAT prep books for text-based learners
  • Live class option adds a lot of structure to your study plan
  • Customizable quizzes for quick study sessions
  • Insightful performance reports to help guide your studies
  • Courses are more expensive than the offerings from Magoosh
  • Notes on screen get a little cluttered during video lectures
Kaplan LSAT Online Course

Why Kaplan Is Better Than Magoosh For LSAT Prep

Now that you have a good idea of the general study materials that both Kaplan and Magoosh provide, let’s dive deeper into the specific differences between these two courses, first starting with the areas in which Kaplan is superior to Magoosh.

LSAT Study Materials & Coursework

To put it simply, Kaplan dwarfs Magoosh in terms of volume of study materials. The sheer quantity of prep materials that Kaplan provides students is astonishing.

Between the video lessons, prep books, quizzes, simulated exams, and various practice drills, there are literally hundreds of hours’ worth of prep material.

I think it’s safe to say that in comparison to Magoosh, Kaplan offers the more comprehensive LSAT prep courses.

kaplan lsat practice test
A Kaplan LSAT practice exam

Plus, our team likes that the Kaplan courses have a more structured and integrated curriculum.

Whereas the Magoosh courses, on the other hand, have a more open, laissez-faire approach in which students are in the driver’s seat.

Bottom line, our team prefers Kaplan in terms of structure and volume of study materials.

Prep Books

Another advantage in Kaplan’s favor is their prep books. While Magoosh doesn’t offer any hardcopy prep books with their courses, Kaplan provides both ebooks and hardcopy prep books to students containing testing strategies for each section, drills, and practice questions (the LSAT books from Blueprint are rock solid as well).

And the nice especially thing here is that the Kaplan books are not treated as a standalone resource or an afterthought. Rather, they actually align and track with the main course lessons, which helps to reinforce the material you’re learning.

You can follow along, take notes, and work practice problems right in the books. As such, if you’re more of an old school type of learner and prefer hardcopy books to take notes in and highlight key points, then Kaplan may be the better option for you.

Video Lessons

The next advantage for Kaplan is their video lessons. Not only does Kaplan provide more video content than Magoosh in terms of overall hours, but the quality of Kaplan’s video lessons is also better in terms of production value.

kaplan lsat lesson
One of Kaplan’s video lectures

Magoosh’s video lessons are just pretty basic. They’re more of a standard, PowerPoint-style slideshow where the instructor doesn’t appear on-screen and instead just voices over the material.

Magoosh lsat lecture
Magoosh video lecture

This is in contrast with Kaplan’s video lessons, which are more engaging and detailed. They take the form of a digital whiteboard with the instructor appearing in the bottom corner of the screen.

In my opinion, having the instructor onscreen is a big plus. I personally think it’s helpful to actually see the instructor with your own eyes as they work problems and demonstrate key points. It just feels a lot more intimate and personal.

You can observe their body language, hand gestures, and facial expressions, which really helps with the learning process and material retention.

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Live Class Time

Finally, Kaplan beats Magoosh when it comes to live class time. If you opt for Kaplan’s live online course, you’ll get 24 hours of live instruction, whereas Magoosh’s Live + Premium course comes with just 16 hours of live instruction.

Therefore, if you’re the type of student who thrives in a live class setting (maybe you like interacting with teachers and peers, and asking questions), or you need the set class schedule to help hold yourself accountable, then I think Kaplan is the better overall option.

Plus, I just preferred the structure of the Kaplan LSAT classes as well. They just seem better organized and more polished than the Magoosh LSAT classes.

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Magoosh LSAT Premium 12 Months

Magoosh LSAT Prep

  • +5 Score Guarantee
  • Two Course Options
  • +5 Score Guarantee
  • Two Course Options
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Highly effective practice problem explanations in text and video format
  • Likely the best bang for your buck value in LSAT prep (love the price point)
  • Massive library of video lessons that are short and easily digestible
  • New live classes add value for those needing interaction
  • 24/7 email support from LSAT tutors
  • Not as much prep material as Kaplan (simply less content)
  • Video lessons aren't as engaging as Kaplan's (lack production value)
  • No hardcopy LSAT prep books
Magoosh LSAT Premium 12 Months
Sale: 15% OFF Code: TPI15

Why Magoosh Is Better Than Kaplan For LSAT Prep

Now that you’re aware of the areas in which Kaplan beats Magoosh, it’s only fair to turn the tables and discuss the advantages of going with Magoosh for your LSAT prep needs.

Magoosh Is More Affordable

When it comes to price, there’s no sense in calling a “winner” here because, really, it’s not even close. Magoosh is by far the more affordable LSAT prep option.

The Magoosh self-paced plan costs around $200, and their guided study plan which includes live classes costs around $500.

Kaplan’s self-paced course, on the other hand, costs around $800, while their live class options run around for around $1,200 to $1,500. Thus, you’ll likely save anywhere from $600 to $1,000 by choosing Magoosh for your LSAT prep.

However, it’s definitely worth mentioning that both Magoosh and Kaplan regularly offer sales and special promotions, and I’ve seen these courses discounted by 10 to 15% before, so be sure to check for coupon codes before buying.

Practice Questions & Explanations

The next advantage for Magoosh lies in their practice work. To be clear, both companies offer you access to all past official LSAT exams through the mandatory LSAC LawHub Advantage program.

Put differently, you’ll get access to 55+ real LSATs regardless of which course you end up choosing.

In other words, both companies essentially offer the same practice material.

Magoosh lsat problem explanation
Magoosh provides video and text explanations

Therefore, the difference between Kaplan and Magoosh boils down to their LSAT problem explanations. With Kaplan, when you’re reviewing your practice tests or practice problems, they only provide text explanations (which to be fair, are very detailed and helpful).

By contrast, Magoosh provides both text and video solutions for every problem. For visual learners, I personally think this is a huge value add, especially with respect to reviewing logic game problems.

kaplan lsat prep practice
A sample LSAT practice question from Kaplan

Sometimes text explanations alone just don’t cut it, and these Magoosh videos break down problems in a very clear and succinct way which gives you a nice, digestible means of reviewing your practice work.

Extra LSAT Resources

Another major advantage for Magoosh is the extra resources that they provide students. Kaplan doesn’t really offer much beyond the standard study materials, while Magoosh definitely offers a few nice bonus features.

The most notable and worthwhile feature in my opinion is their 24/7 email support. Essentially, if you ever get hung up on a question or don’t understand a specific concept or testing strategy, you can email one of Magoosh’s remote LSAT tutors and they’ll get back to you with a detailed answer within a day or so. It’s pretty cool.

I used this feature three or four times and found Magoosh to be great about responding with substantive answers. Frankly, it’s just nice knowing you always have that backstop in case you ever get confused or stuck.

Longer Access Period

My next Magoosh highlight is the content access period. When you sign up for one of Magoosh’s LSAT courses, you get 12 months of access. This is in contrast to Kaplan, who only provides four months of access.

Magoosh lsat dashboard
The Magoosh LSAT dashboard

Thus, if you plan on taking the LSAT twice (perhaps treating the first attempt as sort of a trial run) or you’re already working full-time and you plan on spreading your studying out over an extended period of time, Magoosh is going to be your more ideal option.

To be fair, Kaplan does allow you to extend your access period, but it costs extra. For example, to upgrade to six months of access, it will run an you additional $200.

Score Guarantee

The last advantage in favor of Magoosh is their score guarantee. The company is so confident that you’ll raise your score at least 5 points that if you don’t, they will refund your money in full.

By comparison, Kaplan’s policy just guarantees that you will “raise your score.” Or, in other words, it’s just a one point increase guarantee. So Magoosh clearly wins in this department as well.

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Kaplan LSAT Online Course

Verdict: Kaplan Or Magoosh For LSAT Prep?

Should you go with Kaplan or Magoosh for your LSAT prep? Well, the answer to that question really boils down to your budget.

If money is tight and you’re working with a very limited budget, then Magoosh is an excellent option. Their prep courses are a tremendous value and provide serious bang for your buck.

With that said, if money is not a concern and you simply want the best LSAT prep course period, then there’s no question Kaplan offers the more complete and effective LSAT prep packages.

Not only does Kaplan offer more study materials than Magoosh, but our team also prefers their video lessons, prep books, and live classes.

So if your goal is to score over 160 on the LSAT, so that you can get accepted into a top tier law school, then Kaplan will likely give you the best shot of doing so.

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Which LSAT course is better, Magoosh or Kaplan?

After having a chance to use and test out both LSAT prep packages for over a month, our conclusion is that Kaplan offers the more comprehensive and effective prep courses. Our team likes the Kaplan video lessons, prep books, and live classes more than Magoosh’s.

Magoosh LSAT is so much cheaper - is it worth it?

Honestly, yes, Magoosh LSAT is worth it. We were pretty dubious based on the price point, but Magoosh offers some really strong resources. For self-studiers, their materials should be more than enough to get the job done.

Do Kaplan and Magoosh have guarantees?

Magoosh and Kaplan each offer score improvement guarantees, though Magoosh offers the better value with a promised increase of at least 5 points.