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Manhattan Prep GMAT Review

Check out the latest news regarding the Manhattan Prep GMAT prep courses

Manhattan Prep has long been a leader in the GMAT test prep space thanks to its interactive, video-based lessons that adapt to your knowledge and skills as you progress. Recently though, Manhattan Prep officially merged with test prep giant Kaplan. Therefore, all of Manhattan Prep’s GMAT courses are now offered through Kaplan. To learn more about this merger, and what you can expect from the Manhattan Prep/Kaplan partnership, continue reading below.

Manhattan Prep gmat live

Update: Manhattan Prep & Kaplan Merger

Manhattan Prep was actually acquired by Kaplan over a decade ago, but the two companies continued to operate separately for years.

However, in early 2023, Kaplan made the decision to quit offering their own GMAT prep courses and instead adopt the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses as their own.

As such, the old Manhattan Prep GMAT courses still exist, just under a different brand.

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Video Review: Manhattan Prep GMAT Course

In the video above, John from the Test Prep Insight team walks you through all of the need-to-know info about the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses. All the information int his video holds true even though the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses are now offered under the Kaplan name.

Does Manhattan Prep Still Offer GMAT Courses?

Yes, the company still offer GMAT prep courses. In fact, Kaplan actually adopted the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses over their own. The combined company offers several different prep options:

1. On Demand Course – this used to be known as the Manhattan Prep Interact Course. It costs close to $1,000 and includes the all the study materials you need to prepare for the GMAT on your own. This includes video lessons, GMAT practice tests, and GMAT prep books.

2. Live Course – this used to be known as the Manhattan Prep Live GMAT course. The Live Course includes everything from the On Demand Course plus 27 hours of live classes (online or in-person). To be clear, the live classes are taught by legacy Manhattan Prep instructors (not Kaplan instructors). It costs $1,600.

3. Bootcamp – this follows the same name as what Manhattan Prep used to call it. This is an intensive GMAT course that includes 35 hours of live instruction. This course is best for students seeking an elite GMAT score. It costs $2,600.

4. Advanced Course – this course is best suited for students who already have scored above 650 on the GMAT. In other words, this GMAT course is designed to help get you over the hump and into the 700s. This course costs $1,400.

5. Tutoring – If you need personalized instruction or assistance, the Manhattan Prep GMAT tutors are still available through Kaplan in packages of 10, 20, or 30 hours. These GMAT tutoring packages include access to the On Demand course study materials. Prices start around $2,400 and go up from there.

Is The Manhattan Prep GMAT Course Worth It?

After testing the GMAT courses from Manhattan Prep, our team does think their prep courses are worth the money. Yes, they are slightly more expensive than competitors, but its their video lessons, live classes, and prep books that push them over the edge.

With that said, our team does rate other GMAT prep courses higher. Although we like Manhattan Prep’s GMAT study materials, we just think other companies will better prepare you for the GMAT.

Here is a quick rundown of other GMAT prep courses you may want to consider:

Princeton Review is known for their realistic GMAT practice tests and live class options.

Magoosh is a budget GMAT prep course that offers serious bang for your buck.

PrepScholar is another highly affordable GMAT course that offers a +60 score increase guarantee.

Target Test Prep offers a top-notch GMAT course that includes realistic GMAT practice problems along with video solutions for each problem.


Is Manhattan Prep owned by Kaplan?

Yes, Kaplan acquired Manhattan Prep more than a decade ago, but the two have operated independently up until recently.

Why are the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses no longer offered on their site?

Kaplan acquired Manhattan Prep and decided to merge GMAT courses. Therefore, the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses are now offered through Kaplan’s website.

How much do the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses cost?

The GMAT courses from Manhattan Prep cost between $1,000 to $2,600, depending on which package you select.

What is the major highlight of the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses?

Manhattan Prep is known for the interactive GMAT video lessons. If you are a visual learner, chances are the courses from Manhattan Prep will be a good fit for your learning style.

Is the Manhattan Prep GMAT course good?

Yes, our team thinks the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses are extremely effective. Their study materials and curriculum will help likely help you improve your GMAT score.