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Best GMAT Prep Books

Our in-depth guide covers the best GMAT study books on the market to help you master the exam and get accepted into a top business school.

As you begin the application process for MBA programs, one of the crucial elements considered for entrance into grad school is your score on the GMAT. This graduate entrance exam for MBA students can be most challenging, requiring preparation and careful planning. How you prep for the GMAT can significantly impact your acceptance into the school of your dreams and your future. If you’re wondering how to prepare for the GMAT, it’s time to consider the top GMAT prep books to give you the knowledge and practice you need to score well. Check out these top five GMAT study books below and choose the one that best fits your learning style.

Best GMAT Prep Books Summary

Based on our expert team’s research and evaluation, we offer the following list of the best GMAT prep books available:

  1. Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus 2021
  2. Manhattan Prep All the GMAT
  3. The Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep 2021
  4. GMAC GMAT Official Guide 2021
  5. Mometrix Test Preparation GMAT Prep Book 2020 & 2021

Keep reading for more information on the top rated GMAT prep books.

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#1. Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus 2021

As one of the best GMAT study books, Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus 2021 offers aspiring MBA students plenty of practice for the exam. This GMAT prep book features six online practice tests as well as tutorials to help you improve your test-taking strategies. What makes this one of the best GMAT prep books is that this GMAT study guide includes online access to video tutorials and online resources designed specifically for students preparing for the GMAT.

In utilizing this GMAT prep book you will gain access to more than 1,200 practice questions that include detailed explanations. All content areas of the GMAT are covered within this GMAT prep book in addition to study tips and strategies for planning your preparation for the GMAT. The six full-length GMAT practice tests use the same interface as the actual GMAT exam so that students can learn the flow of the exam and the types of questions they will be required to answer on GMAT exam day.

kaplan gmat book

This GMAT prep book also comes with a quiz bank with 200 GMAT questions. I was able to customize my GMAT study plan in selecting problems by topic and content area. Each GMAT question on the GMAT practice tests have been revised, updated and reviewed by Kaplan’s staff of expert instructors.

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#2. Manhattan Prep All the GMAT

Offering an update from the previous GMAT prep book, the Manhattan Prep All the GMAT is an expanded GMAT study guide that has consolidated 10 GMAT study books into three GMAT prep books. All the GMAT includes access to online bonus materials with a study syllabus to help you map out your GMAT study plan and score higher on the GMAT. Especially helpful for me was the online study syllabus which tracked my progress so I could better manage my time while studying for the GMAT.

manhattan prep gmat book

As one of the best GMAT prep books, this study guide includes two exclusive e-books that cover more difficult content, as well as six full-length adaptive practice tests. The online GMAT navigator included with this GMAT prep book includes a GMAT question navigator that features detailed solutions and explanations to each question. The computer adaptive GMAT practice tests provide hands-on experience with navigating the content and the question types so you have a realistic GMAT study guide that will help improve your overall score. This GMAT prep book also separates the GMAT content areas with a quantitative guide, integrated reasoning and essay guide and a verbal guide. Enhance your GMAT toolkit and be more prepared for this graduate school entrance exam when arming yourself with one of the best GMAT prep books on the market.

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#3. The Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep 2021

Touted as the all-in-one-solution to prepare for the GMAT, The Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep 2021 includes a comprehensive GMAT study guide, free online GMAT resources, detailed topic reviews and six computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests. This comprehensive GMAT prep book offers an in-depth review of all GMAT topics, including integrated reasoning skills, verbal, writing and math. You’ll also love the bulleted chapter summaries that serve as a quick reference GMAT study guide.

The Princeton Review GMAT prep book comes complete with six full-length GMAT practice tests that feature detailed explanations for each GMAT question and a score report so you can review your progress. The Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep 2021 also comes with video tutorials from the experts to help with time management and preparation plans for the GMAT. Get all the GMAT practice you want and need with the diagnostic warm-ups and more than 180 GMAT practice questions that are sorted by difficulty. Each test section includes online drills covering each area of GMAT topic content.

princeton review gmat book

Make use of the step-by-step problem-solving GMAT study guides that help students navigate more difficult questions. This GMAT prep book emphasizes strategies for working smarter, not harder. In my opinion, the premium online resources make this one of the best GMAT prep books available. Utilize the multi-week GMAT study guides and examples of GMAT essays to better prepare for the GMAT exam.

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#4. GMAC GMAT Official Guide 2021

Prepare for the GMAT at home or on the run with the GMAC GMAT Official Guide 2021. This comprehensive GMAT prep book includes access to online GMAT resources and a GMAT mobile app for additional practice. This comprehensive GMAT study guide includes 1,172 questions that cover all GMAT topics such as integrated reasoning skills, math, writing and verbal. Each question offers detailed explanations to help you better prepare for the GMAT and customize your approach when taking the actual exam.

All GMAT questions in this prep book are organized by difficulty so you can begin with the easy questions and work your way up to the more demanding questions. This was actually a confidence builder for me. I felt good about answering the easier questions correctly before moving on to questions with more difficulty. I also liked that it provided me with an overview of the format of the exam and test-taking strategies.

official guide gmat book

The online resources with this GMAT prep book include flashcards to help students master key concepts. You also have the ability to create your very own practice tests, allowing you to track your progress as you go, using the performance metrics available. Study on the go or on your own time with the helpful tools available with GMAC GMAT Official Guide 2021.

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#5. Mometrix Test Preparation GMAT Prep Book 2020 & 2021

Learn all the secrets of scoring well on the GMAT with the Mometrix Test Preparation GMAT Prep Book 2020 & 2021. This premium GMAT study guide includes a comprehensive review of all GMAT test sections, including verbal, analytical writing, integrated reasoning and quantitative. Mometrix offers critical advice and tips on time management, goal setting, and strategies for answering all types of GMAT questions in this prep book.

This GMAT study guide features a vocabulary section, as well as sections on procedures and principles of the GMAT. There are step-by-step video tutorials with the online resources, as well as a question bank feature that provides detailed explanations for each GMAT question. I found these explanations to be particularly helpful, aiding in my understanding of what I did wrong, as well as providing opportunities for me to celebrate what I did right. For analytical writing, you’ll find tips on formal writing, argumentative and persuasive writing, how to prepare to write and tips on how to write a solid thesis.

mometrix gmat book

The integrated reasoning section of this GMAT prep book reviews interrelated problems, clear and appropriate writing, logical organization and synthesizing information from graphics. You will learn mathematical operations, equations, functions, polynomials and probability in the quantitative section of this GMAT study guide. The verbal section reviews cause and effect, author purpose, types of passages and implications. What makes Mometrix Test Preparation GMAT Prep Book 2020 & 2021 one of the best, is that is provides links to online review videos where experts break down the concepts. I believe that having the video component in addition to the prop book is an added bonus. Study at your own pace and with the help of the experts with this GMAT prep book.

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How to Prepare for the GMAT

In order to do your best on the GMAT, it’s best to plan ahead. That plan should include finding the best GMAT prep books available. With this list of comprehensive GMAT study guides, you can get a head start on preparing for the GMAT and review concepts and actual questions you’ll find on the GMAT exam.

One of the best ways to study for the GMAT is to identify concepts that you struggle with and ramp up your studying efforts. Create a detailed, realistic study schedule and stick to it. Take advantage of practice tests so that you are familiar with the testing format and question types. If you find that you need a little more than books can offer, note that there are some good GMAT prep courses out there. Our team has reviewed a number of commercial prep courses and ranked the best GMAT prep courses here.

It takes hard work and determination to master the concepts needed to gain entrance into an MBA program. When armed with the best test prep books, you can learn more about test-taking strategies, content sections, time management and strategies to boost your confidence before you take the exam. Find everything you need to know to fully prepare for the GMAT with these best test prep books. Achieve your goals and get into the top-tier MBA program you desire when arming yourself with the resources you need to prepare for the GMAT exam.

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