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Best GMAT Practice Tests

Our detailed review guide covers the best GMAT practice tests available to ensure you are ready for test day

The GMAT is a comprehensive and difficult exam, and your score on this test will likely be one of the most important aspects of your business school application. The exam is computer-based and uses an adaptive algorithm which increases or decreases question difficulty based on your performance. Because of this, many people turn to practice tests when preparing for test day. But with so many choices, how do you know which company’s practice tests will benefit you the most? To help you make that determination, we will break down the best GMAT practice tests on the market in this detailed review.

Best GMAT Practice Tests Summary

Following our team’s review and evaluation, the best GMAT practice tests on the market today are:

#1. | Kaplan GMAT Practice Tests

#2. | Manhattan Prep GMAT Practice Tests

#3. | Veritas Prep GMAT Practice Tests

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Kaplan GMAT Practice Tests
Best Value in GMAT Prep 8 Full-Length Practice Tests

Kaplan GMAT Practice Tests

In our team’s opinion, what makes Kaplan’s GMAT practice tests stand out and earn our top spot is the realistic nature of these simulated exams. They are undeniably a dead ringer for the real thing. Kaplan has an army of in-house GMAT prep experts and it’s clear they have spared no expense in designing their practice tests. We found the Kaplan GMAT practice questions to closely match the problem length, content and difficulty of the real exam.

kaplan gmat practice test
The Kaplan practice test question quality is solid

With Kaplan’s GMAT Practice Pack, you get access to 8 full-length practice tests for right around $150, a great value in our team’s opinion. In addition to the practice tests, you will be able to utilize Kaplan’s adaptive Qbank, where you can create your own additional customized quizzes from over 2,300 practice questions. This provides you the opportunity to target areas where you need the most improvement, as you can set parameters around the types of questions you see.

We also really like that each question comes with a full explanation of the answers: When you get it right, you’ll have an even greater understanding of why, and when you get one wrong, you’ll also know exactly why. These text explanations from Kaplan are some of the most thorough and comprehensive solution explanations we’ve seen, so they get high marks in that regard.

As with the real GMAT, the Qbank also offers an adaptive algorithm so you can allow it to build quizzes that will challenge you right where you need it the most. If purchased alone, the Qbank costs about $100 for three months of access, however, it is included with the purchase of the Practice Pack, making the bundle of practice exams a great value at $150.

And for these students that want a little more prep in terms of study aids, Kaplan’s Study Pack also comes in both 3- and 6-month options, costing roughly $300 and $400 respectively. This package has the same offerings as the Practice Pack, with the addition of 14 hours of video lessons from high-scoring instructors, as well as Kaplan’s GMAT prep books. Several of our team members are the type of learners who like having hard copy books as study tools, and others like the value that the video lessons offer, so we generally are in agreement that the inclusion of Kaplan’s GMAT print books and video lessons in the Study Pack are well worth the added cost.

kaplan gmat problem explanation
The Kaplan GMAT practice question text explanations are very thorough

As an optional add-on, Kaplan will provide you with an official trial run in advance of test day. With a proctor, you will take a practice test under realistic testing conditions at a test center. Our team feels that there is great value with this add-on, but isn’t strictly necessary at an additional cost of $150. That said, if you are really targeting a high score and get bad test day nerves, we all agreed that this experience mirrored the real test day experience and may be worth the extra expense. Overall, our experts found Kaplan’s GMAT practice tests a rock solid option for GMAT exam prep and likely the best in this space.

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Manhattan Prep GMAT Practice Tests

Manhattan Prep’s bundle of practice exams is among the most straightforward of all of the options available. Pricing out at only $49, they offer great value in terms of affordability. This provides access to 6 full-length practice exams, with questions taken from their bank of over 1,200 questions. That said, we did find the quality of these practice questions to be a tier below Kaplan’s tests. While we liked that the practice exams reflect the adaptive algorithm of the GMAT, meaning you’ll get harder questions in the areas where you’re strong and easier questions where you’re weaker, the problems were just less of a match for the real thing. That said, they still make our best list for “bang for your buck” purposes.

Manhattan prep gmat practice test
Our team was a big fan of the Manhattan Prep GMAT practice tests

You are able to customize your exams to alter the order in which the sections are presented, and you can opt to take a test in a timed mode or without a timer. We find this timing feature to be particularly helpful, as timing and pacing issues can be frustrating and quite challenging for many students. One cool feature is that if you don’t feel quite ready for test day, Manhattan Prep gives you the option to “reset” and take the same practice exams again with questions in a different order.

It’s hard to believe that at such an affordable price, Manhattan Prep also includes detailed reports to assess your performance. We view these reports as especially helpful in identifying gaps in knowledge so you can more easily identify and focus on areas of weakness. We found Manhattan’s interface to be the most effective in simulating the real GMAT, and perhaps more rigorous than others in regards to question content. Our experts believe Manhattan Prep’s GMAT practice tests are ideal for those looking for practice exams on a tight budget.

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Veritas Prep GMAT Practice Tests

For GMAT exam prep at an affordable price, Veritas is in sync with Manhattan Prep. For $49, you get 7 computer adaptive practice exams with questions written by their own GMAT instructors. Technically though, you really get 6 practice exams when you purchase this package, because they offer a full GMAT practice test 100% free for anyone.

As with other providers, their questions are pretty realistic and mimic the experience of taking the actual GMAT; however, once again, we found them to be more of a 1B option behind Kaplan’s practice tests. Veritas has designed their program to provide you with a variety of questions to reflect the same number and nature of questions that you will see on the exam, with adaptive technology to adjust the difficulty of each practice question according to your responses to previously answered questions. So there is no arguing the content structure is strong.

Veritas GMAT practice test
The Veritas GMAT practice tests are solid all-around

Somewhat like Kaplan, with Veritas Prep you will have access to hundreds of additional practice questions in their GMAT question bank. This feature allows you to select the number and types of questions you’d like to concentrate on. Unlike their practice tests though, this GMAT question bank is not adaptive in nature, which is a bummer, and thus doesn’t stack up with Kaplan’s. Our team recognizes this question bank as a valuable component, and found it to be especially helpful if you want to focus on specific problem areas or topics, but no simulating mini-practice tests.

After completing a practice test with Veritas Prep, you’ll have the opportunity to revisit each question, and you will be provided with a detailed analysis of the answers. Additionally, their performance analytics after each exam include not only a score report (including what your score might be on the real exam), but how your performance compares to others who have taken their practice tests.

Frankly, it’s always good to get an idea where you stand compared to other GMAT takers and see how you stack up. In the end, our team found Veritas Prep’s GMAT Practice Tests to be solid all-around and worth considering when shopping for GMAT practice exams.

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How to Use GMAT Practice Tests to Boost Your Score

Practice tests are an easy and direct way to assess your preparedness to take the GMAT. Using practice tests from any of the providers herein will let you know upfront if you’re ready to tackle the real thing. The adaptive nature of these tests will give you the opportunity to evaluate your performance so you can dial in on your weakest areas and further cement those areas where you’re already strong. By taking multiple practice tests, you will likely reduce or eliminate the stress and anxiety that you would otherwise encounter on test day, since you’ve already trekked through the mock exams.

Practice tests may be all you need to effectively prepare for the GMAT. If you’re looking for something more though, there are many resources worthy of your time and money. You might even consider upgrading to a full GMAT prep course. In that case, be sure to check out our list of Best GMAT Prep Courses here.

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Which GMAT practice test is the most accurate?

In our team’s opinion, Kaplan provides the most accurate and realistic GMAT practice tests. They do the best job of matching real GMAT question length, difficulty and content.

Is the GMAT harder than practice tests?

It all depends on the GMAT practice test you use. Some companies like Kaplan and Manhattan Prep provide practice tests that are equal in difficulty to the real GMAT, while other prep providers’ exams aren’t as tough.

How hard is it to get a 700 on the GMAT?

It is pretty hard to get a 700 on the GMAT. Do not expect to sit for the exam and get a 700 without studying. Plan on spending at least 150+ hours preparing to get a score of 700 or better.