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Best GMAT Practice Tests

Our detailed review guide covers the best GMAT Focus practice tests available to ensure you are ready for test day

The GMAT Focus is a comprehensive and difficult exam, and your score on this test will likely be one of the most important aspects of your business school application. As such, a lot of people turn to practice tests when preparing for test day. But with so many choices, how do you know which company’s practice tests will benefit you the most? We’ve purchased, used and reviewed a number of different GMAT practice tests to help you make that determination, and we break down the best on the market in this detailed review.

  • Price
  • Practice Questions
  • Practice Tests
  • Content Access Period
  • Kaplan GMAT Practice Tests $10 Off Bundle Discount
    $10 Off Bundle Discount
    Claim Offer
    • $359
    • 700+
    • 6
    • 6 Months
  • TTP GMAT Practice Tests $20 Off Applied In Cart
    $20 Off Applied In Cart
    Claim Discount
    • $229
    • 4,000+
    • 2
    • 30 Days
  • PrepScholar GMAT Practice Tests $10 Off Applied In Cart
    $10 Off Applied In Cart
    Claim Discount
    • $139
    • 750
    • 2
    • 3 Months
  • Magoosh GMAT Practice Tests Sale: 15% OFF Code: TPI15
    Sale: 15% OFF Code: TPI15
    Claim Discount
    • $349
    • 800+
    • 2
    • 1 Year
Kaplan GMAT Practice Tests
$10 Off Bundle Discount

Manhattan Prep GMAT Practice Tests

UPDATE: Kaplan has merged with Manhattan Prep and adopted their GMAT Focus practice tests as their own. Hopefully this helps clear up any confusion by the Manhattan Prep Powered By Kaplan tagline.

The Kaplan/Manhattan Prep bundle of practice exams is among the most straightforward of all of the options available.

This provides access to 6 full-length practice exams as well as over 700 practice problems.

In our team’s opinion, what makes Kaplan’s GMAT practice tests stand out and earn our top spot is the realistic nature of these simulated exams. They are undeniably a dead ringer for the real thing. Kaplan has an army of in-house GMAT Focus prep experts and it’s clear they have spared no expense in designing their practice tests.

We found the Kaplan GMAT Focus practice questions to closely match the problem length, content and difficulty of the real exam.

Manhattan prep gmat practice test
Our team was a big fan of the Manhattan Prep/Kaplan GMAT practice tests

We also like that you are able to customize your exams to alter the order in which the sections are presented, and you can opt to take a test in a timed mode or without a timer.

We find this timing feature to be particularly helpful, as timing and pacing issues can be frustrating and quite challenging for many students. One cool feature is that if you don’t feel quite ready for test day, Manhattan Prep gives you the option to “reset” and take the same practice exams again with questions in a different order.

It’s hard to believe that at such an affordable price, Manhattan Prep also includes detailed reports to assess your performance. We view these reports as especially helpful in identifying gaps in knowledge so you can more easily identify and focus on areas of weakness.

We found Manhattan’s interface to be the most effective in simulating the real GMAT Focus, and perhaps more rigorous than others like Princeton Review in regards to question content.

Our experts believe Manhattan Prep’s GMAT practice tests are ideal for those looking for realistic practice exams. 

TTP GMAT Practice Tests
$20 Off Applied In Cart

GMAT Practice Tests From Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep takes the number two spot on our list due to the sheer volume of practice questions they offer plus all the extra GMAT Focus study materials they bundle in.

So in total, Target Test Prep provides more than 4,000 practice questions. That’s more than double what you get with the Kaplan/Manhattan Prep practice bundle (or Princeton Review for that matter).

Our team also likes that Target Test Prep includes intelligent metrics and error analytics so you can quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Target Test Prep GMAT problem
Target Test Prep example problem

In addition to the practice problems and two full-length practice tests, students also get access to 1,400+ video lessons, live support from experts, and a 130 point score guarantee. That’s right, Target Test Prep is so confident their practice materials will help boost your GMAT Focus score, they guarantee it.

It should also be noted that the content access period with Target Test Prep is only 30 days (unless you extend for an additional fee).

PrepScholar GMAT Practice Tests
$10 Off Applied In Cart

GMAT Practice Tests From PrepScholar

The GMAT practice course from PrepScholar is another budget option for students. Coming in at less than $150, the PrepScholar practice bundle includes 750 practice questions and two full length practice exams.

What’s also nice is that PrepScholar includes 30+ skill lessons as well with their practice bundle. These skill lessons are short, but they are full of helpful tips and tricks attacking GMAT problems.

PrepScholar GMAT Review practice question
PrepScholar GMAT practice question

Overall, our team found the PrepScholar GMAT Focus questions to mimic the difficulty of the real exam. With that said, the PrepScholar testing interface is not as accurate or realistic as Kaplan’s.

Still, given its low price point, we think the PrepScholar GMAT Focus practice bundle is an excellent value.

Magoosh GMAT Practice Tests
Sale: 15% OFF Code: TPI15

Magoosh GMAT Practice Tests

Last up on our list is Magoosh and while their price point may seem a bit high ($349) compared to the others, our team actually thinks their practice course is a bargain. Allow us to explain.

In addition to their top notch practice questions (1,300+) and practice tests (2), Magoosh also provides students a multitude of other resources, including 300+ video lessons, and email support from GMAT tutors.

Magoosh gmat review dashboard
Magoosh provides helpful analytics

The email support is particularly helpful when reviewing your practice work. Often times, students get confused/stuck on why their answer was right or wrong and need further clarification.

With Magoosh, you don’t just have to rely on a short, pre-written problem explanation that is made for everyone, you can actually email a human being with questions for a personalized answer or explanation.

In addition to all of that, Magoosh also offers a 70 point score improvement guarantee. So all in all, if you have the money, our team thinks the score guarantee and tutor support is well worth it.

Kaplan GMAT Practice Tests
$10 Off Bundle Discount

How To Use GMAT Practice Tests To Boost Your Score

Practice tests are an easy and direct way to assess your preparedness to take the GMAT Focus. Using practice tests from any of the providers herein will let you know upfront if you’re ready to tackle the real thing.

The adaptive nature of these tests will give you the opportunity to evaluate your performance so you can dial in on your weakest areas and further cement those areas where you’re already strong.

By taking multiple practice tests, you will likely reduce or eliminate the stress and anxiety that you would otherwise encounter on test day, since you’ve already trekked through the mock exams.

Practice tests may be all you need to effectively prepare for the GMAT Focus. If you’re looking for something more though, there are many resources worthy of your time and money. You might even consider upgrading to a full GMAT prep course. In that case, be sure to check out our list of Best GMAT Prep Courses so you can see what companies like Princeton Review and Kaplan have to offer.

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Which GMAT practice test is the most accurate?

In our team’s opinion, Kaplan provides the most accurate and realistic GMAT Focus practice tests. They do the best job of matching real GMAT question length, difficulty and content.

Is the GMAT harder than practice tests?

It all depends on the GMAT Focus practice test you use. Some companies like Kaplan and Magoosh provide practice tests that are equal in difficulty to the real GMAT Focus, while other prep providers’ exams aren’t as tough.

How hard is it to get a 700 on the GMAT?

It is pretty hard to get a 700 on the GMAT Focus. Do not expect to sit for the exam and get a 700 without studying. Plan on spending at least 150+ hours preparing to get a score of 700 or better.