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Target Test Prep GMAT Review

Our in-depth and comprehensive review of the Target Test Prep GMAT course

With the majority of GMAT prep courses costing an arm and a leg, a lot of students look elsewhere for value prep options that still pack a punch. And the first place most people land is Target Test Prep. Offering a highly affordable GMAT prep course rooted in smart tech and bite-sized learning modules, this course has instant appeal. But is the Target Test Prep GMAT course effective? We answer just that question in this detailed review.

Target Test Prep GMAT

Target Test Prep GMAT

  • Multiple Course Options
  • $1 Trial Period
  • Multiple Course Options
  • $1 Trial Period
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  • Excellent value, with bang for your buck pricing
  • Highly realistic practice problems with excellent accompanying video and text solutions
  • Superb analytics that zero in on behavioral tendencies to improve score
  • Thorough GMAT lessons in the form of 47 digestible learning modules
  • 110 point score improvement guarantee
  • Our team wishes there were more content-based video lectures
  • No live classes for students needing structure in their studies
Target Test Prep
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Outline: Target Test Prep Course Review

Given that this is a long, robust review, we’ve included jump-to links above for your convenience.

Video Review: Is Target Test Prep GMAT Worth It?

In the above video, team member John (who scored a 700 on the GMAT) covers everything you need to know about the Target Test Prep GMAT prep course. He breaks down all the key features and provides his analysis. For more detail, please continue reading below.

Pricing & Course Options

Just to quickly set the stage, let’s cover Target Test Prep’s pricing and course options. And I’ll just start by saying what everyone likely already knows – Target Test Prep is a budget GMAT course. Their offerings are a fraction of the cost of other GMAT prep providers, and that’s likely why they have such wide appeal.

So in total, Target Test Prep offers three packages. The first is a monthly flex package where you get full access to all of Target Test Prep’s content for $179/month.

Then there’s two one-time purchase packages, where you can buy access to the Target Test Prep materials for 4 or 6 months. Those two packages cost approximately $550 and $600, respectively.

Target Test Prep score report
Score reports and analytics are a big part of Target Test Prep’s GMAT package

And I would also just note that Target Test Prep offers a 5-day free trial for just $1, giving you the chance to kick the tires on their course for a few days, more or less for free.

And if you do decide to go with Target Test Prep for your prep, make sure to snag a discount code, as they’re almost always running some sort of promo or deal. In my experience, you can sometimes pick this course up for 10% off.

Alright, now that we have that we have the basics out of the way, let’s get to our thoughts on this Target Test Prep GMAT prep course.

Pricing and course options current as of date of publication.

Our Rating Of Target Test Prep’s GMAT Prep Program

The first thing you realize when you login to Target Test Prep’s platform is that they are a digital-first company. And I don’t mean that simply because there are no prep classes in brick and mortar buildings or hardcopy books.

What I mean is that it’s clear Target Test Prep has gone all in on designing a super sleek prep platform with an awesome user interface and smart approach rooted in data.

Unlike other old school prep companies that have been doing GMAT prep for years, Target Test Prep leans into the digital wave and has made a smart course rooted in tech. With digital lessons, quick hit video lectures, and stacks of data and analytics reports, it just feels like a smartly designed course.

In terms of curriculum, Target Test Prep structures their course around 47 “missions,” which are effectively just learning modules. Each mission covers a specific topic tested on the GMAT, and is generally built around 4 components.

It starts with a quick review quiz that reinforces subject matter from previous modules and leans on spaced repetition methods to ensure you’re retaining material as you move through the course.

Target Test Prep GMAT video review
The TTP GMAT course contains over 800 short video lessons

Then you move into that particular mission’s lesson chapters. This is the meat of your learning. Each lesson chapter is built around a series of short passages that are filled with notes, example problems, videos, and occasionally illustrations.

You read a little on the topic, see how things play out with a sample problem, work a couple example problems yourself, and watch some quick videos that demonstrate how to solve for certain question types.

It’s a really effective learning approach that our team loved, with the only knock being that they are text-heavy. I do wish they incorporated more video-based content like Magoosh and Princeton Review.

Then you move into a series of “chapter tests,” which are essentially review quizzes to test the material you just learned. These are delivered through varying levels of difficulty, including easy, medium and hard. And finally, you review your answers from the quizzes to learn from your mistakes.

All in all, it’s a very comprehensive approach to instruction that incorporates everything you need – text and video instruction, spaced repetition for retention, quizzes to reinforce learning, etc. In short, I was really impressed.

As mentioned though, if there is one area that I’m not crazy about with Target Test Prep, it’s the video lessons. For one, although there are 1,200+ short videos, they focus mainly on working sample problems and demonstrating key points.

This is fine and dandy for demonstration purposes, but I would have liked to see more hard content review in the form of video. Target Test Prep lets the written lessons do most of the hard teaching, while leveraging video for problem breakdowns.

Target Test Prep GMAT problem
TTP uses a number of videos to break down sample practice problems

Also, I would like the see the Target Test Prep instructors onscreen! They’re clearly gurus and do an awesome job breaking down problems and giving you solid test taking strategies, but you never see them.

They’re always just voicing their lesson and tips over a digital slide with notes. So the delivery format is alright, but I’d love to get some more onscreen engagement with the instructors.

In any event, beyond the missions, you also a set of practice tests, custom question bank for building quizzes, and tons of data in the form analytics on your performance. More on the practice work below, but the custom quiz builder is a very nifty tool.

It’s definitely not unique to Target Test Prep, but it’s a solid addition to the course that allows you to hammer your weak spots through narrow quizzes outside of the missions.

And the final highlight worth mentioning here is the score reports. Target Test Prep delivers crazy levels of data on your performance. Honestly, it’s probably deeper analysis and more data than we’ve seen with any other GMAT prep company, including Kaplan and PrepScholar.

They give you behavioral trends through error analysis, metrics on how you stack up against peers, pacing issues, and a ton more.

You can seriously spend hours digging through all the performance data once you’ve logged a good sample size of questions. In my opinion, this is major value add and totally surprising given the value price point of this course.

To quickly sum up, all in all, our team was very impressed with the Target Test Prep course. It’s not the most robust GMAT prep package we’ve seen, but it gives you everything you need – detailed written lessons, hundreds of short video lessons, thousands of practice problems, mountains of analytics on performance, a personalized study plan, and a bunch more.

Honestly, we had very little to complain about, especially at this price point.

Target Test Prep GMAT Practice Questions & Tests

One of the keys to GMAT success, beyond consistency in your prep, is practice, practice, practice. And luckily, Target Test Prep provides some really solid practice material, including 3,000+ quant questions alone.

In my experience, I found their GMAT problems (both quant and verbal) to very closely resemble real GMAT questions. The testable topics covered were all present, and the structure, difficulty and word count of their problems was a close replica.

Target Test Prep GMAT practice
Target Test Prep’s GMAT practice problems are highly realistic

This is always a major point that I look for, as practicing under exam-like conditions with realistic material is always a crucial aspect of improving your score. So I was really happy to see that their material stacks up.

And in addition, I also liked Target Test Prep’s accompanying problem explanations. Every practice question comes with a detailed answer solution that breaks down the topic being tested and each answer choice.

These text explanations add a lot of value, as reviewing the problems you missed (and sometimes the questions you get right), is where the real learning comes in. And in many cases, at least through the meat of their lesson work, many of the practice problems Target Test Prep has you complete comes with video breakdowns.

These graphical explanations are a massive benefit to visual learners and I really, really liked them. There are hundreds throughout the coursework, and I was a huge fan.

No Prep Books Or Live Classes?

So one of the unique things about Target Test Prep, and frankly, why they’re able to keep their cost so cheap, is that they don’t offer hardcopy prep books or live classes.

This is a different approach than most GMAT prep providers like Kaplan or Princeton Review, which focus heavily on live instruction.

Now, whether this will work for you totally depends on the type of student you are. If you’re self-motivated and have no issue driving your own studies, then you’ll be just fine. But if you’re the type of student that needs accountability and structure in your studies, one of the more robust courses with live classes will likely be a better fit for you (check out the Princeton Review GMAT courses, for example).

That said, if you sort of land somewhere in the middle, Target Test Prep does offer a really nice personalized study plan that is super helpful for staying on track. It tells exactly what to study and when, constantly adjusting based on your performance.

This step-by-step guide is great for those that need to be led along through their studies and given assignments to stay on track.

Target Test Prep GMAT study plan
You are guided through TTP’s package by a personalized study plan

And on the point of books – while Target Test Prep doesn’t offer hardcopy prep books like many others, their digital text is great.

This eBook, if you want to call it that, is at the heart for their “missions” and is a great resource. It’s clearly written, concise and does a great job covering tough GMAT topics.

Plus, because it’s digital, you can color code certain passages and drop in notes. So though there is no comprehensive hardcopy prep book, we were fans of their digital lesson book.

Supplemental Study Resources

While other test prep providers like Magoosh offer a boatload of supplemental resources, Target Test Prep doesn’t offer a whole lot in the way of extras.

They give you a detailed equation guide for the quant section, and a reference book on idioms for verbal, but that’s about it. Beyond those couple resources, there’s no live office hours, flashcards or other cool bonuses. But you can’t really expect there to be at this value price point.

Target Test Prep Live Customer Support

Target Test Prep advertises that they offer students live customer support, through both chat and email. After putting their support to the test, we found it to be mainly true.

When you send their chat function a question, you get an auto-response saying that they’ll respond in the chat box and send you an email within 2 hours. I did this twice and in my experience, the first response took 3 hours, and the second around an hour and a half.

So I wouldn’t say their response times are lightning quick, and definitely not “live” – with someone sitting on the other side eagerly awaiting questions – but still pretty dang good. And I liked their response.

They clearly put thought into their replies and it was a lot more than a simple one-word answer. Again, for the money you’re spending on this course, it’s a really solid resource.

Content Access Period

The length of your access to Target Test Prep’s materials directly ties into what package you choose. Buy the flex plan, and you get on-the-go access month-to-month. Buy the 4 month plan, get 4 months’ access. Buy the 6 month plan, and well, you get the idea.

Score Improvement Guarantee & Refunds

If after completing the Target Test Prep GMAT course your score doesn’t increase by 110 points, they’ll give you a full refund. Now to be certain, there are some strict terms around this promise.

For example, you have to send them an official GMAT score from your first take within a couple weeks of starting your prep work with them, and you need to complete certain amounts of material.

So check the fine print on these requirements. But assuming you follow their rules, your GMAT prep purchase is fully guaranteed if you don’t score higher.

Verdict: Target Test Prep GMAT Prep Course Review

Although they carry a budget course label, I found Target Test Prep to offer a surprisingly good GMAT prep package. The highlights of this course include their hundreds of sample problem video breakdowns, smart analytics and performance reports, thorough lesson modules, and high quality practice questions.

In terms of downsides, while I found their lesson work to be very comprehensive and easily understandable, I wish there were traditional video lectures.

There are a bunch of short video lessons interspersed throughout the course that break down sample questions, but none that directly convey content review. So I’d like to see them add some more complete video lessons.

But otherwise, this is a highly effective GMAT prep option for students that are fine driving their own studies. I think Target Test Prep is more than capable of helping you land a score of 700 or better.

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How is Target Test Prep?

In our team’s opinion, Target Test Prep is a rock solid GMAT prep option. Their GMAT prep materials are top notch, including realistic practice questions and thorough lessons.

Does Target Test Prep work?

Yes. In my experience, Target Test Prep offers effective prep material that is more than capable of helping you score a 700+.

How much is Target Test Prep?

Target Test Prep ranges in price from around $179/month for their pay-as-you-go package, up to $600 for their 6-month course. Or you can always try it out for just $1 (5 day trial period).