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Rosetta Stone Black Friday & Cyber Monday
By Debbie Lopez Updated on April 9, 2024
Thomas Mühlbacher Thomas Mühlbacher

Rosetta Stone Black Friday & Cyber Monday

We’ve rounded up all of this year’s Rosetta Stone Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, sales and discounts below

Rosetta Stone is one of my favorite language learning apps. Though it’s been around for 30+ years, they keep reinventing their program to stay relevant and ahead of the curve on learning science. For me, it’s been one of my go-to language resources time and time again. So if you’ve decided to go with Rosetta Stone to learn a new language, make sure to grab one of their Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday deals below.

Rosetta Stone
Sale: 60% OFF Deal Ends Soon

Typical, Year-Round Rosetta Stone Price

Before breaking down this year’s Black Friday deals and how they compare to past years (as well as how they compare to others’ Black Fridays sales), it’s important to understand Rosetta Stone’s typical pricing model and subscription options. 

Rosetta Stone offers three different subscription options. Here are those three plans, along with their full retail prices:

  • 3-Month Subscription Plan = $16/month
  • 12-Month Subscription Plan = $14/month
  • Lifetime Subscription Plan = $399

The 3-month plan and 12-month plan are actually billed as one-time payments, but that is what the full amounts break down to on a monthly basis. 

rosetta stone spanish exercise
Rosetta Stone Spanish exercise

In any event, putting that in perspective, Rosetta Stone’s prices are pretty standard for the language learning space. They are right in line with Babbel, Mondly, and Memrise. Other apps (like Duolingo) are cheaper, but yet other apps (like Pimsleur) are more expensive. Rosetta Stone is in the middle of the pack when it comes to pricing. 

Rosetta Stone Black Friday Sales & Deals

Now, turning to this year’s Black Friday sale, Rosetta Stone is offering 60% off. However, that deal is only applicable to the lifetime plan.

For whatever reason, Rosetta Stone has chosen this year to only lightly discount their two monthly subscription plans. The deals we are seeing on the 3-month and 12-month plans are not atypical from what we see at other times of the year

The deal on the lifetime plan, however, is special. They have cut the price down on that lifetime subscription from $399 to $149

That is over 60% off the lifetime plan, and it is the best deal we have seen in a while. In fact, I haven’t seen that lifetime subscription offered at $149 since before Rosetta Stone raised their prices during the pandemic. 

Rosetta Stone German Drill
Rosetta Stone German drill

So there you have it, this year’s best Black Friday Rosetta Stone deal is 60% off the lifetime plan, bringing the total, out-the-door cost to $149. 

Rosetta Stone Cyber Monday Sales & Deals

Although a lot of people like to wait on Black Friday deals to see what Cyber Monday brings, there is no need with Rosetta Stone. Since we started tracking their sales calendar a few years ago, their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have always been aligned

Rosetta Stone German Dashboard
Rosetta Stone dashboard

They don’t steepen their discounts as Cyber Week rolls on like other retailers. So if you’re thinking you’ll save even more by waiting until Cyber Monday morning, I wouldn’t hold my breath. 

That $149 price you see on the lifetime subscription is going to be the exact same a few days from now on Cyber Monday.  

Rosetta Stone Lifetime Subscription This Black Friday

As noted above, the best deal this year is on the lifetime subscription. In years past, we have seen Rosetta Stone steeply discount their regular monthly subscriptions, but not this year. They seem to be focusing this year on getting people signed up for life. I have no idea why, but the monthly subscription deals are lackluster

Nonetheless, $149 on the Rosetta Stone lifetime plan is nothing to sneeze at. Based on the full retail price of their monthly packages, the payback period on their lifetime plan is less than a year. And if you’re planning on truly getting fluent, you’re likely going to need more than a year anyway. 

As such, I think this is actually a solid Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal from Rosetta Stone and you shouldn’t hesitate to act on it. We only see 60% off every so often. Enjoy!