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Pimsleur Black Friday & Cyber Monday
By Debbie Lopez Updated on April 3, 2024
Thomas Mühlbacher Thomas Mühlbacher

Pimsleur Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Looking for this year’s Pimsleur Black Friday sale? We’ve rounded up all of Pimsleur’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals below

Pimsleur is one of our team’s all-time favorite language learning programs. With in-depth audio lessons that stick and engaging exercises to reinforce what you learn, we’ve had a ton of success with it. As we do every year, we’ve scoured the web to find all of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and pasted those deals below.

Pimsleur Black Friday
Sale: 35% OFF Black Friday Deal

Pimsleur Black Friday Sales

To begin, I will just note that Pimsleur doesn’t really differentiate between Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Unlike other language learning companies (and general retailers for that matter), there is no clear distinction in terms of Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. 

Everything just gets lumped into a sort of big “holiday” sale. Starting a few days before Thanksgiving and running for a few days past Cyber Monday, Pimsleur will advertise the same deal

Thus, if you’re sitting there reading this post during the week of Black Friday, waiting to see if and by how much they’ll increase their sale prices as you get closer to Cyber Monday, don’t hold your breath. What you see today will be the same as on Cyber Monday. 

Pimsleur French dashboard
Pimsleur French dashboard

This year specifically, Pimsleur is offering one of its better Black Friday sales. Their best current offer is for 35% off the annual plan. To better break this down, let me quickly explain Pimsleur’s plans and pricing

Pimsleur offers three plans:

  • Month-to-month subscription
  • Annual plan
  • Lifetime plan

One caveat here is that the month-to-month subscription is offered in a couple of different formats, where you can sign up for access to one language or all Pimsleur languages. However, given the price difference between those two options is only $1 ($20/month vs $21/month), we’ll just lump both month-to-month options together. 

In any event, the month-to-month plan does not see much discounting around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And this makes sense. What is Pimsleur expected to do? Knock a few dollars off just one month of access? That is all you are signing up for with this monthly subscription package after all. 

Pimsleur French audio lesson
Pimsleur French audio lesson

As such, most of the discounting is only offered on the annual and lifetime plans. And even at that, the annual plan receives the heavier discounting.

This year that annual Pimsleur plan is being offered for $149

This makes the monthly price about $12.50, instead of the more typical $20 under the monthly subscription. In other words, expect a roughly 35% discount. 

We are also seeing the lifetime plan being offered at $475. That is roughly $100 off the full retail price of $575. That equates to a little over 17% off. 

In absolute terms, it’s always nice saving $100. But in relative terms, the 35% off figure is much more appealing

To reiterate from the top of this post, Pimsleur is one of our favorite apps. We’ve tested more than 20 language learning programs at this point, and Pimsleur is easily in our top three for most languages. 

Pimsleur good for French
Reinforcement drill

Just for reference, we prefer them to Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Busuu, and Memrise—just to name a few. 

With engaging audio lessons, smart reinforcement drills, and a super modern interface, it’s a fantastic program

If I were in your shoes considering their different packages, I would suggest the following. Sign up for their free 7-day trial; use the heck out of their program for the next couple days and confirm that you like it; then sign up for the annual plan before that Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal goes away. 

That way you can ensure you like the Pimsleur program and lock in a great rate for the next year. It is going to take you some time to get through the full Pimsleur course anyway, so a full year is a great start—especially at just $149.

Good luck, and enjoy!