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Babbel Cyber Monday
By Debbie Lopez Updated on April 3, 2024
Thomas Mühlbacher Thomas Mühlbacher

Babbel Cyber Monday

Looking to supercharge your language learning journey with Babbel? We've scoured the web and rounded up all of this year's Cyber Monday discounts and offers below.

Babbel is a top-tier language learning app, consistently outperforming competitors like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone in our various reviews and comparisons. If you’ve been eyeing a Babbel subscription and holding out for their Cyber Monday sale, the time has come. Don’t miss out—snag the Babbel Cyber Monday deal below!

Sale: 55% OFF Deal Ends Soon

Babbel Cyber Monday Deals & Sales

Babbel’s Cyber Monday sales are legendary. Throughout the year, we keep a close eye on their discounting, and their Cyber Week sales never disappoint. This year is no exception. 

Here’s the deal this year: Babbel is slashing prices by up to 60% on their plans. 

babbel spanish program
The Babbel Spanish program

Although that 60% discount offer is only good for certain plan types, other subscription options are still currently still 50% off, which is a steal. On that point, let’s look at the Babbel course options and pricing, and what you can expect to pay this Cyber Monday. 

Babbel Cyber Monday Prices & Course Options

Babbel offers four primary subscription plans:

  • 3-Month Subscription Plan
  • 6-Month Subscription Plan
  • 12-Month Subscription Plan
  • Lifetime Plan

While the regular price for each plan equates to $17.95 per month, Babbel offers discounts year-round. They have to, right? Who is going to pay $17.95/month and lock themselves in for 12 months, when they could just pay $17.95 month-to-month and cancel anytime. 

Thus, it’s the standard pricing model of the longer you commit, the more you save. The 12-month plan is discounted more heavily year-round than the 3-month plan. In the end, this means the standard Babbel plan options usually end up costing $10 to $15 per month

Babbel French drill
Babbel French drill

On Cyber Monday though, you can expect to snag bigger savings. Those same monthly subscriptions end up going for as low as $7 to $12 per month, depending on the plan.

Lifetime Learning, Lifetime Savings

For those committed to mastering multiple languages, Babbel’s lifetime subscription plan is a fantastic option. Priced at $599 at full retail, it’s usually available for around $349. That’s the price you will find it listed for most days of the year.  

However, this Cyber Monday, you can grab it for $299. This is the lowest price we’ve seen in a long time.

Babbel Live Cyber Week Savings

Beyond its self-paced courses, Babbel also offers Babbel Live, where you can join live classes and learn alongside others. While this feature is great for advancing your fluency, it comes at an additional cost of $50 or more per month

babbel german live classes
Babbel German live classes

Now unfortunately, Babbel Live doesn’t receive the same deep discounts as the self-paced courses, with only a 10% to 20% reduction expected for this Cyber Monday. That’s still better than nothing, and you can lock in that rate for an extended period. 

No Babbel Cyber Monday Codes, Just Savings

Unlike some retailers, Babbel keeps things simple. There are no coupon codes to hunt for and redeem. All the discounts are automatically applied when you click the link above and check out. Just click the link, and voilà—savings achieved. That’s always nice. 

Don’t miss out on these fantastic Cyber Week deals from Babbel. Enhance your language skills and broaden your horizons with Babbel’s immersive learning experience. It’s one of our top-rated language apps, beating out courses like Rosetta Stone and Duolingo. Good luck!