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Babbel Black Friday
By Debbie Lopez Updated on April 3, 2024
Thomas Mühlbacher Thomas Mühlbacher

Babbel Black Friday

Looking for this year’s Babbel Black Friday deal? We’ve rounded up all of Babbel’s Black Friday sales and prices below

Babbel is one of the premier language learning apps on the market. In our reviews and comparisons, they consistently get higher marks than competitors like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. If you know you want to purchase a Babbel subscription and you’ve been waiting for their Black Friday sale, it’s finally here. Grab the Babbel Black Friday deal below.

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Babbel Black Friday Deals & Sales

Babbel’s Black Friday deals are generally some of the best of the year. We track their sales calendar year-round, and there is no doubt that Black Friday brings out their best sales. 

This year is no different. For Black Friday this year, Babbel is offering up to 60% off their plans. Some plans are currently only discounted by 50%, but that is still a nice deal. 

babbel spanish program
Look inside the Babbel app

50% to 60% off Babbel is a steep discount relative to the sales we see other language learning app companies offering. 

To drill down on exactly what kind of Babbel discount you can expect, however, we need to briefly discuss their plans and pricing

Babbel Black Friday Price

Babbel generally offers four plans:

  • 3-Month Subscription Plan
  • 6-Month Subscription Plan
  • 12-Month Subscription Plan
  • Lifetime Plan

The standard, full retail price of each plan translates to $17.95 per month. However, as you might expect, you will never have to pay that full price. Babbel is always discounting their plans (pretty much year-round), and obviously, the longer you commit to in terms of length with a plan, the steeper the discount you will get. 

Thus, the 12-month subscription is always discounted more heavily than the 3-month plan. 

babbel spanish drill
Babbel Spanish drill

Typically, we see those subscriptions offered for $10 to $15 per month. That is what you might expect to pay on any random day of the week that’s not a holiday.  

On Black Friday, however, Babbel offers much steeper discounts and you should expect to nab one of those three monthly-based subscriptions for $7 to $12 per month.   

That is the price you should expect to pay come checkout on Black Friday this year. The one exception here, however, is the Babbel lifetime subscription. More on that below.

Babbel Lifetime Subscription: Black Friday

Full retail, the Babbel lifetime subscription plan (which grants you access to all Babbel languages) generally carries a full retail price of $599.

Like their monthly subscription plans though, we rarely see that full price actually charged. Most often you can find that package on sale any day of the year for approximately $349.

However, this Black Friday, the Babbel lifetime subscription is currently going for $299. That deal is the best you will find during the year. 

learn german babbel
Babbel German

Again, we track this regularly and that is the lowest price you can get on the lifetime package. I cannot recall seeing the lifetime plan on sale for less than $299 in a very long time (maybe pre-pandemic). 

Babbel Live Black Friday

To this point, we have just been discussing the Babbel app. That is, the self-paced course where you work through dedicated lessons on your own time and terms.

There is another component to Babbel though—Babbel Live. This is the optional add-on, where you can log in to live classes and learn alongside others

Babbel Live is a great feature once you hit a certain level of fluency or need to accelerate your learning. However, it comes at a cost. Babbel Live typically costs $50 or more per month, depending on your plan and the rate you locked in when you signed up.

babbel german live classes
Babbel Live

Unfortunately, for those looking for Babbel Live Black Friday deals, the company does not offer the same steep level of discounts on their live program as they do on their self-paced program. 

I assume this is because the Babbel Live program has more associated fixed costs with having to pay teachers, but you should only expect a 10% to 20% discount on Babbel Live around Black Friday. 

It’s a little disappointing, but a 10% to 20% discount is not that bad, all things considered. 

Does Babbel Use Black Friday Codes or Coupons?

One point worth noting here is that Babbel typically does not use coupon codes. All of the sales discussed above are offered directly on site and applied in your cart with a link.  

There is no coupon code to redeem to get the deals noted above, just click the link and see them applied in cart. That’s it. 

Best of luck, and enjoy your new Babbel subscription!