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Manhattan Prep vs Magoosh GMAT

Find out which GMAT Focus prep course is right for you in this comparison between Manhattan Prep and Magoosh

In this article, we take an in-depth look at two completely different GMAT Focus prep courses. First, we have Manhattan Prep, which is known for their robust courses that feature an abundance of GMAT study materials. On the other hand, we have Magoosh, which is a budget prep provider known their affordable price points. Let’s see which GMAT focus course is best for your specific situation and goals.

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  • Video Instruction
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  • Practice Tests
  • Content Access Period
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Outline: Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GMAT

Given that this is a lengthy, detailed comparison, we’ve included jump-to links above for your convenience.

Video: How These GMAT Courses Compare

In the above video, Test Prep Insight team member John provides a concise summary of how the GMAT prep courses from Manhattan Prep and Magoosh compare. Please continue reading for more detail.

Manhattan Prep GMAT On Demand Course

Manhattan Prep GMAT

  • Several Course Options
  • Free Trial Class
  • Several Course Options
  • Free Trial Class
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Extremely robust course with clear, organized syllabus
  • Top-notch live GMAT classes
  • Engaging instructors that do a great job holding your attention.
  • Robust GMAT prep books filled with actionable tips and strategies
  • Foundations of Math workshops are great if you need quant help
  • More expensive than Magoosh
  • No GMAT score improvement guarantee
Manhattan Prep GMAT On Demand Course
$100 OFF Applied in Cart

Why Manhattan Prep GMAT Is Better Than Magoosh

To keep this video focused on directly comparing these two courses instead of providing a general overview of their study materials, I’ll highlight the key areas where each company excels.

With that in mind, let’s begin with Manhattan Prep. And just to clarify, when I mention Manhattan Prep, I’m also referring to Kaplan since the two companies merged their GMAT courses last year, hence the tagline “Manhattan Prep powered by Kaplan.”

Video Lessons

The first area of excellence is their video lessons. Manhattan Prep’s video lessons are considered the best in the GMAT prep industry.

Manhattan Prep GMAT Video Lectures
Example video lesson from Manhattan Prep

They boast higher production quality compared to Magoosh’s and feature an on-screen instructor, which enhances engagement and material retention.

In contrast, Magoosh’s video lessons are more dated, resembling a PowerPoint slideshow with instructor voiceover. If you’re a visual learner, you’ll likely prefer Manhattan Prep’s video lessons.

Live GMAT Classes

When it comes to live classes, Manhattan Prep wins again, especially for visual learners.

Magoosh no longer offers live class packages, only self-paced on-demand options. Manhattan Prep stands out with intentionally small class sizes to enhance personalized attention and active participation.

Manhattan Prep GMAT Foundations of Math Workshop
The Manhattan Prep GMAT instructors are fantastic

Their instructors, all 99th percentile scorers, excel in making the lessons enjoyable with jokes and humor, making the learning experience feel light and playful.

Overall, Manhattan Prep’s live classes receive two thumbs up for their engaging and effective teaching approach.

GMAT Prep Books

Next, Manhattan Prep takes the lead with their prep books. This is a clear victory since Magoosh doesn’t offer hardcopy prep books to students.

While Magoosh does provide some digital booklets, they don’t match the quality of Manhattan Prep’s prep book bundle. Manhattan Prep’s books are not only better integrated into their course, but also more detailed and comprehensive.

Packed with valuable lessons, practice problems, strategies, and tips, Manhattan Prep’s books are a standout choice for those who value physical study materials.

Personally, I’m a big fan of prep books for their portability and ability to highlight key points and dog-ear pages for later review.

GMAT Practice Tests

Finally, Manhattan Prep secures another win with their practice tests. They offer students 6 full-length adaptive exams, compared to Magoosh’s 2.

Manhattan Prep GMAT Practice test
GMAT practice test from Manhattan Prep

While this difference might not seem significant, research indicates a strong correlation between the number of practice tests taken and score improvement. Having access to fewer than 10 practice tests makes each one crucial.

For instance, in MCAT prep, where most companies offer 15+ practice tests, such nuances might be less critical. However, with the limited number of practice exams available, these differences become substantial.

Additionally, Manhattan Prep provides custom 1-on-1 pre-and post-exam assessments with an instructor to help you strategize, which is highly beneficial.

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Magoosh GMAT Premium

Magoosh GMAT

  • Free Trial
  • Optional Admissions Consulting
  • Free Trial
  • Optional Admissions Consulting
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Extremely affordable (less than $350)
  • Nice library of quick-hit, easily digestible video lessons (200+)
  • Helpful video explanations breaking down most practice problems
  • Unlimited email support from GMAT tutors
  • Admissions assistance provided after taking the GMAT Focus
  • Stellar score guarantee (+70 points)
  • Video lessons are somewhat dry
  • No hardcopy GMAT prep books
  • No live classes
Magoosh GMAT Premium
Sale: 15% OFF Code: TPI15

Why Magoosh GMAT Is Better Than Manhattan Prep

Now that we’ve discussed Manhattan Prep, let’s switch gears and discuss the advantages of using Magoosh to help you prepare for the GMAT Focus.

Bang For Your Buck Pricing

The first crucial aspect to consider is pricing. The Magoosh GMAT course is priced around $350, while Manhattan Prep’s course packages start at around $850 and increase from there. This translates to a minimum savings of around $500.

It’s important to note, though, that this comparison is somewhat like comparing apples to oranges; they cater to different needs. Magoosh offers a budget-friendly, do-it-yourself course, while Manhattan Prep provides comprehensive study materials and features.

Video Solutions For Practice Problems

While Magoosh offers fewer practice problems and tests compared to Manhattan Prep, they deserve recognition for providing both text and video solutions for each problem.

Magoosh gmat problem explanation
Answer solution from Magoosh

In contrast, Manhattan Prep only offers text explanations. Magoosh’s inclusion of video solutions is significant, particularly for visual learners, making it a valuable advantage.

GMAT Score Guarantee

If you complete the Magoosh course, the company guarantees that your score will improve by 70 points or you’ll receive a full refund on your tuition. It’s important to review the fine print behind this guarantee before purchasing.

Nevertheless, this guarantee serves as a valuable insurance policy for a budget GMAT course, particularly since Manhattan Prep does not offer any sort of score guarantee.

Access To Study Materials

Magoosh offers 12 months of access, while Manhattan Prep only provides 6 months.

Magoosh GMAT dashboard
A look inside the Magoosh GMAT course

If you plan on studying over an extended period or anticipate needing or wanting to take the exam multiple times, Magoosh’s longer access period is something to consider.

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Manhattan Prep GMAT On Demand Course
$100 OFF Applied in Cart

Verdict: Which GMAT Focus Prep Course Is Better?

To summarize the comparison of prep courses from both companies, while there are several appealing aspects of the Magoosh GMAT course, such as its affordability, score guarantee, and content access period, it ultimately falls short compared to Manhattan Prep.

In my opinion, if you’re seeking the best course overall between these two companies, Manhattan Prep is the clear choice.

Their courses outperform Magoosh in all crucial categories—video lessons, prep books, live classes, practice materials, and more. Therefore, unless you’re constrained by a tight budget, I highly recommend Manhattan Prep for your GMAT preparation.

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How do the GMAT prep courses from Magoosh and Manhattan Prep compare?

The GMAT prep courses from Manhattan Prep and Magoosh differ quite a bit. Magoosh is a budget prep provider, while Manhattan Prep offers a deep roster of GMAT study materials.

Which GMAT prep course is better - Manhattan Prep or Magoosh?

After testing the GMAT prep courses from both companies, there’s no question that Manhattan Prep offers the more complete and effective prep course.

Is the Magoosh GMAT prep course cheaper than Manhattan Prep?

Yes, the Magoosh GMAT prep course is cheaper than the Manhattan Prep courses by a pretty wide margin.