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Magoosh vs Target Test Prep GMAT

Determine whether Magoosh or Target Test Prep is the right choice to help you prepare for the GMAT Focus

Among all of the value-driven GMAT prep programs on the market, Target Test Prep and Magoosh are by far the two most popular. But which one should you choose to help you prep for the GMAT Focus? In this guide, we take an in-depth look at each GMAT prep course and break down whether Magoosh or Target Test Prep will be a better fit for you.

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Outline: Target Test Prep vs Magoosh

As this is a lengthy article, we’ve provided helpful jump-to links above so you can easily navigate this post by section.

Video Review: Target Test Prep or Magoosh?

In this video, TPI team member John analyzes everything you need to know about the GMAT prep courses from Target Test Prep and Magoosh. Continue reading for more detail.

Target Test Prep GMAT

Target Test Prep

  • 5-Day Free Trial
  • Monthly Subscription Available
  • 5-Day Free Trial
  • Monthly Subscription Available
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
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  • star
  • Thorough GMAT lessons via 47 digestible learning modules
  • Highly realistic practice problems with top-notch video and text solutions
  • Superb analytics that zero in on behavioral tendencies to improve score
  • Custom GMAT Focus practice problem engine
  • The monthly subscription package is an incredible value
  • Hardly any content-based video lectures (unlike Magoosh)
  • Could use more emphasis on Verbal (heavy Quant focus)
Target Test Prep GMAT
Deal: 10% OFF Code: INSIGHT10

Our Evaluation of Target Test Prep

Let’s cover an overview of the Target Test Prep GMAT course. In comparison to Magoosh, the Target Test Prep GMAT course is fairly structured.

The program is broken out into 47 learning modules, which each cover a specific topic tested on the GMAT.

Each learning module is generally built around four components:

  • Quick review
  • Lesson chapter
  • Chapter test
  • Test review

The first component, the quick review, is a just a short quiz that reinforces material from previous modules. It leans on the concept of spaced repetition to make sure you’re retaining material as you move through the course.

The lesson chapter, which follows it, is the meat of your learning. Each chapter is built around a series of short passages that are filled with text-based notes, example problems, videos, and occasionally, illustrations.

Target Test Prep GMAT problem
Target Test Prep GMAT problem video breakdown

Then after you complete the chapter, you take a chapter test. These are basically just quizzes to test the material you just learned, and they come in varying difficulty levels.

And finally, the fourth component is a simple review session where you review your missed problems from the chapter test. You read through or watch a video solution to see where you went wrong and learn from your mistakes.

Then around this main structure, there are some other features, like GMAT Focus practice tests, chat support and performance metrics, but that’s largely the Target Test Prep course in a nutshell.

Why Target Test Prep Is Better Than Magoosh

That’s how the Target Test Prep course works. Next, let’s discuss where Target Test prep beats Magoosh.

Volume of GMAT Practice Material

The first advantage in the company’s favor is the amount of practice material. Basically, where Magoosh provides 800 practice problems, Target Test Prep provides over 4,000—more than 4x as many.

Target Test Prep GMAT practice
Target Test Prep offers tons of GMAT practice

Therefore, if you’re the type of person that learns best by doing, and you love working practice problems and reviewing answers as opposed to watching or reading lessons, this could be a big factor for you.

Learning Modules

Secondly, I like Target Test Prep’s learning module-based approach to teaching. These “missions,” as they call them, are very effective for efficiently delivering new content and hammering old material to reinforce it.

Each module nicely streamlines content instruction, practice, and review into one nice little package that’s easy to manage and digest. TTP offers a much more organized and guided course overall than Magoosh.

Better Performance Analytics

Lastly, I like the company’s performance analytics better than Magoosh’s. In short, Magoosh’s performance stats are good, but Target Test Prep’s are particularly deep and helpful.

Target Test Prep GMAT study plan
The Target Test Prep study plan

Their score reports give you behavioral trends through error analysis, metrics on how you stack up against peers, pacing issues, and a ton more.

You could seriously spend hours digging through all the performance data once you’ve logged a good sample size of questions. This, in my opinion, this is a major value add.

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Magoosh GMAT Premium

Magoosh GMAT

  • +70 Score Guarantee
  • Optional Admissions Consulting
  • +70 Score Guarantee
  • Optional Admissions Consulting
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • More affordable courses than Target Test Prep
  • Insightful video explanations breaking down most practice problems
  • Massive library of quick-hit, easily digestible video lessons (200+)
  • Surprisingly good email support for when you have a question
  • Admissions support available following the exam
  • Video lessons, while short and effective, lack production value (i.e. dry)
  • No text-based lessons like TTP
Magoosh GMAT Premium
Sale: 15% OFF Code: TPI15

Review of Magoosh’s GMAT Study Materials

Let’s begin this section with an overview of the Magoosh GMAT course.

From a high level, Magoosh provides many of the same features that Target Test Prep GMAT does.

This includes lessons, practice tests, video lectures, performance metrics, email support, and study notes, among many others. However, when getting into the nitty gritty details, Magoosh is different from Target Test Prep in a couple big ways.

Magoosh GMAT dashboard
The Magoosh GMAT dashboard

For one, Magoosh takes a slightly less rigid approach to how you work through the study material. With Target Test Prep, you work through the course modules in a very linear, structured order (similar to Kaplan GMAT).

By contrast, with Magoosh, you drive your own studies and attack material in whatever order you see fit. Of course, the Magoosh GMAT team provides suggested study plans and lesson orders for you to follow if you want, however, you have a lot more freedom to jump around with Magoosh.

They likely do this because when prepping for the GMAT Focus, some people already have a pretty good grasp of some of the material, especially on the verbal side.

Thus, spending a bunch of time on material that’s not going to give you much lift just doesn’t make sense.

The second (and arguably more important) difference between Target Test Prep and Magoosh is that Magoosh is a lot bigger on video lessons.

Interestingly, Target Test Prep makes a big deal of promoting how they offer over 1,200 short video lessons.

magoosh gmat video lesson
Magoosh offers content driven GMAT video lessons

The reality, however, is that these videos only focus on quick problem breakdowns. There aren’t any video-based content lectures with Target Test Prep, as they rely heavily on text lessons.

In stark contrast, Magoosh offers 200+ content-based video lessons, which is a big difference.

Why Magoosh Is Better Than Target Test Prep

Knowing how the Magoosh GMAT course works, let’s get into where it specifically beats out Target Test Prep’s GMAT course.

Content-Based Video Lectures

As I already alluded to above, the first major victory for Magoosh is their video lessons. While Target Test Prep really only utilizes video for problem breakdowns, Magoosh provides hundreds of content driven videos.

Magoosh gmat problem explanation
The problem explanations in video form are useful

For visual learners, I think this is a major value add. I don’t necessarily think the delivery format of Magoosh’s videos is amazing, but the content is on point and the visuals definitely help, so that’s a big win.

For the record, Kaplan also offers better GMAT video lessons than Target Test Prep.

The Bonus Tools

My last highlight for Magoosh is all the extras. Despite being slightly cheaper than Target Test Prep, Magoosh actually provides better bonus tools and resources, such as flashcards, FAQs, a score predictor, email support, a progress tracker, student forum, and more.

Magoosh gmat review dashboard
Magoosh makes reviewing completed problems easy

Target Test Prep provides some of these things (like performance analysis and chat support), but Magoosh’s resources just feel more supportive and comprehensive.

Admissions Support

For an extra $50, you can sign-up for Magoosh’s Premium + Admissions course, which gives you access to a nice mix of resources post-exam. This includes insider advice on how to best craft your application, essay examples, on-demand videos, and Q&A with MBA experts.

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Target Test Prep GMAT
Deal: 10% OFF Code: INSIGHT10

Cost Comparison

Before wrapping up with my final thoughts, I’d like to cover a quick cost breakdown, as it’s an important topic (especially among value prep providers like these).

Target Test Prep GMAT video review
Target Test Prep GMAT practice problem review

In terms of pricing, Target Test Prep offers several packages ranging from $229/month for their self-paced course to $1,600 for their package with live classes.

On the other hand, Magoosh offers just one package to choose from: their Premium self-paced online course, which costs $350.

When you stack the two companies up side-by-side and compare the self-paced courses, Magoosh is cheaper no matter which Target Test Prep package you opt for.

Verdict: Magoosh GMAT or Target Test Prep?

Now that we’ve covered all the important detail, let’s get to my final verdict. Should you go with Magoosh or Target Test Prep for your GMAT Focus prep?

Well, after using and thoroughly testing out each of these GMAT prep programs, it’s a close call. Both GMAT courses actually get pretty high grades across the board, but in the end, I personally would go with Target Test Prep.

Between the video lessons, problem explanations, digital text, and all the extras, there is a lot to like about the Magoosh GMAT course. However, I believe Target Test Prep offers the more robust and better organized course. There is a heavier emphasis on quant, more practice problems, a linear and modular learning path, and excellent practice problem breakdowns.

That is why I recommend Target Test Prep over Magoosh here.

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Which is better for GMAT prep, Magoosh or Target Test Prep?

When breaking down and grading out all of the factors that truly matter when evaluating a GMAT course, we give Target Test Prep the win over Magoosh. Their course feels more complete, better organized, and we particularly like their GMAT Focus practice material.

Which course is cheaper, Target Test Prep or Magoosh GMAT?

If you stack up the two standard packages from Magoosh and Target Test Prep, Magoosh’s self-study package is a bit cheaper than Target Test Prep’s (unless you only need one month of access under TTP’s subscription model).

Magoosh quant GMAT vs Target Test Prep, which is better?

When considering only the quant-based study materials from each package, we give Target Test Prep the edge over Magoosh. We found the realism and quality of practice work from each to be good, but Target Test Prep’s text lessons and hundreds of video breakdowns push its quant material over the edge.