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Is Rosetta Stone Free?
By Debbie Lopez Updated on June 10, 2024
Thomas Mühlbacher Thomas Mühlbacher

Is Rosetta Stone Free?

Detailed guide covering whether Rosetta Stone is free to use, and what their free trial entails

There are endless programs to learn a new language today. While a portion of these resources can be accessed for free, most come with a price tag ranging from a few dollars per month to several hundred dollars total. Among these options, Rosetta Stone stands out as a favorite. In this article, we explore whether Rosetta Stone offers a free plan, the contents of their trial, and some tips for securing substantial discounts on their paid subscription packages.

Rosetta Stone
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Can You Use Rosetta Stone For Free?

In the video above, John from the TPI team covers everything you need to know about the Rosetta Stone free trial, as well as their paid subscription plans.

Is The Rosetta Stone App Free?

Determining whether Rosetta Stone is free to use is not straightforward. While you can access the Rosetta Stone app for free up to a certain extent, you’ll eventually hit a limit (hint: three days) where you need to subscribe to one of their paid plans.

rosetta stone french program
A look inside the Rosetta Stone program

So, while there is a free option, in practice, Rosetta Stone isn’t entirely free. To unlock full access to their language courses, you’ll likely need to make a monetary investment. Fortunately, as we’ll discuss shortly, Rosetta Stone’s subscription plans are quite budget-friendly.

Does Rosetta Stone Have A Free Trial?

Rosetta Stone does provide a free trial, which was the point I hinted at earlier when I mentioned the term “free to a certain extent.”

Here’s how it works: you sign up with Rosetta Stone, select your preferred paid subscription, and then you’ll have a three-day window before your credit card is charged, during which you can use the selected course (i.e., Spanish, French, Italian, etc.).

During this period, you’ll enjoy full access to Rosetta Stone’s language courses. This allows you to experience their lessons, try out their TruAccent speech recognition technology, and determine if their mobile app suits your needs.

Rosetta Stone German Drill
Example practice drill from Rosetta Stone

If, for any reason, you find that the Rosetta Stone teaching method isn’t a fit for your learning style within those initial three days, you can cancel without being charged (hence, the term “free three-day trial”).

For reference, Rosetta Stone offers various subscription options, ranging from $10 per month to $200 for a lifetime subscription.

How Long Is The Rosetta Stone Free Trial?

As mentioned above, you’ve got three whole days to dive into what Rosetta Stone has to offer during your free trial. That’s your ticket to exploring all of the cool language learning resources they’ve got.

If you’re loving it, you can keep the learning party going by keeping your subscription active. If not, you can cancel before your three days are up and your credit card will not be charged.

Rosetta Stone Free vs Paid

Surprisingly, the Rosetta Stone free trial is exactly the same as the paid subscription. There are no content differences at all. During your free trial, you’ll get total access to all Rosetta Stone content and courses.

Compare that to other language apps like Babbel, which only offer a limited number of free lessons. With Rosetta Stone, whether you’re learning German, Korean, or Japanese, you get the full program experience, which is fantastic for getting a feel for it before fully committing.

rosetta stone spanish speaking
Example verbal lesson from Rosetta Stone

Really, the only difference between the free and paid versions is time—the free trial lasts three days, as I’ve mentioned above.

Is Rosetta Stone Free For Students?

So, here’s the deal: Rosetta Stone is not free for students, but they do get a sweet discount (usually an additional 10% off).

Through the student discount program, students can snag a special price on a subscription, giving them access to all of Rosetta Stone’s language courses at a reduced rate.

Is Rosetta Stone Free For Military Personnel?

Good news for military folks: Rosetta Stone offers a discount for you! It’s not free, but you can get a special price on a subscription through their military discount program. This deal gives you access to all their language courses at a lower cost than civilians.

Is Rosetta Stone Free With A Library Card?

Another lesser-known fact is that many public libraries offer Rosetta Stone CDs (or have an enterprise subscription). It’s worth checking with your local library to see if they have these resources available.

While availability varies from library to library, some may offer Rosetta Stone courses for free with a library card, providing a cost-effective way to access language learning materials.

How To Download Rosetta Stone For Free

Downloading Rosetta Stone for free through unauthorized sources is a no-go—it’s illegal and breaks copyright laws. Rosetta Stone is top-notch language-learning software that you most likely need a subscription for.

But fear not! Legit ways to get it for free do exist, like through free trials or your local library. Just remember, always get your software from the right places to stay out of legal hot water.


Is Rosetta Stone free to use?

While Rosetta Stone does offer a free trial of their app and language courses, it’s important to note that this free access is only available for a limited time (three days). Unlike Duolingo, the Rosetta Stone language programs are not entirely free.

Is there a code to use Rosetta Stone for free?

Unfortunately, our team monitors Rosetta Stone sales and coupon codes throughout the year, and we’ve never encountered any voucher codes that offer free access to their language courses.