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LSATMax vs Kaplan LSAT

A comprehensive comparison of the LSAT prep courses from Kaplan and LSATMax

When it comes to LSAT courses, there may not be any two prep options as dissimilar as Kaplan and LSATMax. On the one hand, you have Kaplan, which offers the traditional, tried and true approach. Then there’s LSATMax, the LSAT prep company focused on modernizing prep with its digital-first approach. So which one is better? We answer just that question in this head-to-head comparison.

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Outline: Kaplan vs LSATMax

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Video: Which LSAT Prep Course Is Better?

In the video above, John from the Test Prep Insight team (a 170 LSAT scorer) covers the pros and cons of the LSAT courses from Kaplan and LSATMax. For more detail, be sure to continue reading our full comparison below.

Kaplan LSAT Online Course

Kaplan LSAT Prep

  • Multiple Course Options
  • Higher Score Guarantee
  • Multiple Course Options
  • Higher Score Guarantee
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Tons of study material (course feels more robust than LSATMax curriculum)
  • Excellent video lessons that provide more engagement than LSATMax's
  • Superb live classes for students needing structure in their studies
  • Customizable quizzes for quick study sessions
  • Solid answer explanations with insightful strategies
  • Access to Kaplan's famous LSAT channel (bonus classes and videos)
  • Live Online course is more expensive than LSATMax's offerings
  • No mobile app
Kaplan LSAT Online Course

Reasons To Choose Kaplan LSAT

To best compare and contrast these two courses, we’ve split out our analysis based on where we think each company wins. Let’s start with the categories we see Kaplan winning.

Video Lessons

Without a doubt, Kaplan provides superior video lessons to LSATMax. While LSATMax takes a less engaging approach of using PowerPoint-style slides with instructor voiceover, Kaplan’s videos are much more dynamic.

Your instructor appears on screen in the bottom corner, and as they deliver their lesson, notes, key points and graphics fill the digital whiteboard around them.

kaplan lsat lesson
One of Kaplan’s video lectures

It’s a very cool delivery that holds your attention and keeps you engaged. Plus, they rotate different instructors in and out, so nothing gets stale.

Not only is the content contained within the video lectures from Kaplan stronger in terms of quality, but Kaplan’s cool delivery format with high production value and solid instructors also helps to win the day.

Live LSAT Classes

This is a slam dunk win for Kaplan as they provide live LSAT classes that build on one another.

To be fair, LSATMax offers live classes daily for students who sign-up for the premium live + tutoring subscription, however, they are nothing like Kaplan’s live classes. These drop-in classes/webinars cover topics somewhat sporadically, though when you do catch a session that makes sense for you, they are helpful.

kaplan lsat prep practice
A sample LSAT practice question from Kaplan

Kaplan delivers a set of regularly scheduled classes, where you methodically work your way through the material in a group setting.

In my opinion, if you’re the type of student that learns better in a class setting than studying on your own, or perhaps just need the accountability that comes with a set class schedule, then Kaplan is going to be the preferable option.

LSAT Prep Books

This is an easy category to call in favor Kaplan, and that’s because Kaplan offers hardcopy LSAT prep books, while LSATMax does not.

Kaplan’s books contain lesson notes and assigned readings, and are packed with most of the same insightful strategies and high-quality practice material that you find in the online platform.

They have a nice mix of content, while not being overly detailed or burdensome. Kaplan also does a good job incorporating their books into the course and making them a key component, rather than as an add-on supplement.

Bottom line, the Kaplan books add true value and shouldn’t be overlooked as a resource.

Supplemental Resources

When it comes to the extra resources that these prep companies provide to their students (i.e., alternative tools outside the scope of the main coursework), there is no debating that Kaplan wins. This is in large part due to their LSAT Channel.

This feature is more or less what it sounds like—a channel you tune into nightly (if you want) to catch a deeper dive into a particular topic.

kaplan lsat channel
A look at the Kaplan LSAT Channel’s offerings

One of Kaplan’s national instructors leads a session that gets way into the weeds on one specific type of logic game or important key concept. These live sessions add a ton of value, as you can ask questions in real time, chat with other students, and drop in and out as you want.

For the subjects where you’re weak, these nightly sessions can have a significant impact.

Score Increase Guarantees

For each of their prep course offerings, Kaplan offers a higher score guarantee. Essentially, if you use the company’s prep course and don’t get a higher score on the LSAT than when you started, you get your money back.

Now, there is some fine print, but by and large, this is a nice insurance policy.

LSATMax, on the other hand, only offers a higher score guarantee for their premium live + tutoring subscription that costs around $200 per month.

LSATMax 180

LSATMax Prep

  • Three Subscription Options
  • Higher Score Guarantee
  • Three Subscription Options
  • Higher Score Guarantee
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Slightly more affordable than Kaplan
  • Intelligently structured coursework with effective lessons delivered in modules
  • Excellent practice problem explanations packed with helpful insights
  • The most flexible LSAT prep option with modern, digital-first approach
  • Daily classes/webinars hours with LSAT instructors
  • No LSAT prep books
  • Video lessons are not as good as Kaplan's
LSATMax 180
$50 OFF Applied in Cart

Reasons To Choose LSATMax

Now that you have a good understanding of what Kaplan has to offer, let’s turn the tables and discuss the major reasons to choose LSATMax to help you prepare for the LSAT exam.

Pricing & Course Options

LSATMax provides month-to-month subscription plans for $40 to $200 per month, while Kaplan’s standard DIY course (with four months of access) comes in at around $800.

Therefore, on average, if you plan on studying for four months, LSATMax should end up being the more affordable option.

With that said, you can almost always find the Kaplan course on sale for up to 10% off, making it the more affordable option.

Quality of LSAT Coursework

Though our team really likes Kaplan’s thorough approach to LSAT prep, we actually have LSATMax’s curriculum rating out slightly better. LSATMax’s lesson plans are stuffed with actionable strategies, hacks that really work, and smart insights about the varying problem types you’ll see on the exam.

The LSATMax course is neatly organized into digital modules that attack the various sections of the LSAT.

LSATmax prep lesson plan
The LSATMax study plan is simple and straightforward, but highly effective

Each study unit contains a video lesson, as well as assigned reading pages, answerable flashcards, problem sets, and drills to work.

Between the content (which we found to be spot on) and the helpful course structure, we just think LSATMax offers one of the better bundles of coursework in LSAT prep.

Practice Question Explanations

One thing a lot of students getting ready to start prepping for the LSAT don’t know is that every LSAT company uses the same practice material. That’s right. No matter which company you go with, they all make you buy a subscription to LSAC so that you can practice on official LSAT questions used on past exams.

In turn, this means the big differentiator is the practice problem explanations that accompany the material, which each prep company must craft itself.

LSATMax prep practice question
LSATMax provides some of the best practice material and explanations in LSAT prep

And while this was a close call, our team slightly prefers the answer solutions drafted by LSATMax.

They’re written in plain English and provide just the right amount of detail without being too treatise-like. Plus, they tie in many of the actionable tips and tricks they teach you throughout the course, so you’re always learning under the same framework of material.

User Experience

One of the greatest strengths of the LSATMax course is their digital platform, giving them an easy win over Kaplan in the category of user interface. Their dashboard is sleek and modern, but more importantly, really easy to navigate.

You work your way through your learning modules and can jump around from resource to resource without getting lost. Plus, this is the biggest selling point of all—LSATMax uses the same platform across all devices.

This means you can jump from your smartphone to the computer, then over to your tablet, and you’re always looking at the same layout and material.

This is a major advantage for students that move around a lot while studying, and is an underrated feature in our team’s opinion.

Kaplan LSAT DIY Course

Verdict: Kaplan or LSATMax For LSAT Prep?

Though a very close call, in the end, our team believes Kaplan beats out LSATMax in this head-to-head comparison of LSAT prep courses. While we love LSATMax’s streamlined curriculum and modern, digital-first approach, Kaplan simply offers the more effective all-around course.

Kaplan uses a very comprehensive approach to LSAT prep that we loved. With high-quality video lessons, detailed problem explanations with keen insights and strategies, optional live classes, and stacks of prep books and practice work, we just think Kaplan offers the better overall prep package.

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Which LSAT prep course is better, Kaplan or LSATMax?

After thoroughly reviewing the LSAT prep courses from both Kaplan and LSATMax, our team believes that Kaplan provides the more effective overall course. This is largely driven by their video lessons and in-depth answer explanations.

Will LSATMax or Kaplan get me a better LSAT score?

If you compete the full study plan offered by either company, you’ll almost certainty raise your LSAT score. We rate both prep courses very highly and think they will do the job for most every student. It really comes down to individual learning style.

Which LSAT prep is cheaper, Kaplan or LSATMax?

LSATMax offers month-to-month subscription options that range in price from $40 to $200 per month. Kaplan offers several different prep courses that start at around $800, so it really depends on how long you plan on studying for.