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LingoPie vs Yabla

Determine which video-based language program is best for you between Yabla and LingoPie

When it comes to learning a new language, there are dozens of options to choose from these days. You can hire a tutor, take an immersion trip, or sign up for a traditional language app like Babbel or Pimsleur. However, recently video-based language apps have been making waves in the industry. In this article, we compare and contrast two of the most popular video-based language programs on the market, Yabla and LingoPie. That way you can quickly figure out which one better suits your needs.

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Outline: Yabla vs LingoPie

Given that this is a lengthy, detailed comparison, we’ve included jump-to links above for your convenience.

Video: Which Language Program Is Better?

In the video above, John from the TPI team compares the video-based language programs from Yabla and LingoPie. For more detail, continue reading out full written comparison below.



  • Three Subscription Options
  • Free 7-Day Trial
  • Three Subscription Options
  • Free 7-Day Trial
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Video library includes hit TV shows and movies (most from Netflix)
  • Grammar coach offers helpful explanations and insights
  • Slightly more affordable than Yabla
  • Speech recognition software provides pronunciation feedback
  • Video-based flashcards are helpful for material recall and retention
  • Superior mobile app and digital platform
  • Program lacks a community feel
  • Subtitles are not always 100% accurate
Sale: 70% OFF Applied In Cart

Why LingoPie Is Better Than Yabla

In order to keep this comparison narrowly focused and actually helpful for you, I’m going to analyze each category or feature that matters when rating language programs, and let you know my thoughts as to which company wins. I think this is more helpful than providing a more general review of each. So with that in mind, let’s discuss the areas in which LingoPie excels.

More Entertaining Content Library

To put it simply, LingoPie’s content is flat out more entertaining than Yabla’s. This is because LingoPie offers actual, full-length TV shows and movies.

lingopie movies
A look at the LingoPie video library

These are legit shows and movies you’d likely want to watch anyways (titles like Welcome To Eden, and Eye For An Eye for example). In other words, shows and movies you’d find on Netflix.

In contrast, the video Library from Yabla primarily consists of random short videos that you’ve likely never heard of. Their catalog kind of reminds me of the video selection at your local county library (i.e. stuff from the 90’s). Therefore, from a pure content standpoint, clearly LingoPie is the way to go.

LingoPie Is More Affordable

LingoPie offers three different subscription options: three months for $36, 12 months for $72, or a lifetime plan for $199.

Yabla also offers three different plans as well: a month-to-month option for $13, a six-month plan for $55, or an annual plan for $100.

Thus, LingoPie gets the win when it comes to pricing. You’ll likely save a few dollars per month by going with one of their subscription options as opposed to Yabla.

Also, to be clear, the prices I just mentioned are net of discounts, and that’s important because both companies regularly offer sales and special promotions (very similar to Babbel and Memrise).

Grammar Coach

Grammar is one of the highlights of the LingoPie program. I have three reasons why I love LingoPie’s grammar instruction.

First, LingoPie color codes its subtitles to help you identify and naturally learn the different grammatical components of your target language (e.g. adjectives are green, nouns are blue, etc.).

Second, like Yabla, if you click on any of the words within the subtitle, you’re presented with a thorough explanation (i.e. full definition, whether the word is masculine or feminine, etc).

lingopie grammar coach
Helpful and detailed grammar explanations

Then lastly, the true highlight is LingoPie’s grammar coach. If you ever need additional rationale behind a word or phrase beyond the standard definition, you can click the lightbulb below the video screen, and LingoPie will provide you with a detailed explanation of the grammar rules involved in the sentence or phrase you are confused by.

Overall, there’s just no question that LingoPie wins when it comes to grammar instruction (that also holds true when comparing LingoPie against Duolingo).

Verbal Practice

Next, I give LingoPie the slight edge when it comes to verbal practice and pronunciation feedback.

To be clear, both companies offer users the opportunity to practice their verbal skills and receive feedback on their pronunciation. With that said, the two companies go about it in slightly different ways.

With LingoPie, you can click the microphone button below the show or movie you are watching at anytime and repeat the last sentence in the dialogue. Then while you are repeating the sentence, LingoPie uses speech recognition software to listen in and grade your pronunciation on a scale from 1 to 100.

Yabla, on the other hand, doesn’t integrate verbal practice into the content you are watching. Instead, you have to visit the “games” section of their program where you will be assigned a random video to listen and repeat sentences.

Therefore, with Yabla, you essentially have no control over your verbal practice, which is why our team ultimately gives LingoPie the win in this category.

lingopie speech technology
LingoPie allows you to practice your pronunciation

We should also mention though that Yabla does employ speech recognition technology as well to grade your pronunciation, but instead of a scale from 1 to 100, Yabla marks your pronunciation as either good, passable, poor, or incorrect.

Superior Digital Platform

Lastly, LingoPie beats Yabla in the user experience category (same story when comparing Lingopie to LingQ too). In fact, LingoPie’s user interface and dashboard reminds our team of Netflix (very clean and stylish), whereas the Yabla digital platform is somewhat dated (similar to FluentU).

It’s honestly a night and day difference between the two. To be fair, the user experience for both companies is simple and intuitive, but at the end of the day, it’s sort of like comparing a Mercedes to a Subaru. LingoPie’s digital platform is just more modern and sleek.

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  • Three Subscription Options
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Three Subscription Options
  • Cancel Anytime
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Diverse content library (tens of thousands of videos to choose from)
  • Useful filters to easily sort through and find videos
  • Plenty of helpful tools and features that aid in the learning process
  • Bonus games available for extra practice
  • Fun, community-like feel with points and leaderboard (like Duolingo)
  • Video library is somewhat boring (content not as engaging)
  • Digital platform is dated
  • Limited grammar instruction
Try For Free 15 Day Trial Period

Why Yabla Is Better Than LingoPie

Now that you have a good idea of what LingoPie brings to the table, let’s flips things around and discuss the reasons why you may want to use Yabla to help you learn a new language.

Diverse Content Library

Earlier, I established that LingoPie offers the more entertaining video library, and I think most people would agree with that statement.

However, I do want to give a shoutout to Yabla for how diverse their video selection is. Sure, you won’t find the latest Netflix shows or movies on there, but there’s still some really unique and interesting content to choose from.

yabla video library
A look at the Yabla video library

For example, Yabla offers music videos, documentaries, recipes, how-to videos, and more. Therefore, it really just depends on what you find fun and entertaining. If mainstream TV shows and movies are not your thing, then you may actually prefer Yabla over LingoPie.

Plus, Yabla offers some useful filters so you can quickly find the videos that best match your interest, fluency level, and target region.

For the record, it’s the same story when comparing FluentU against LingoPie too.

Fun, Community Feel

Another key differentiator from LingoPie is that Yabla tries to make the learning process fun and collaborative. The company keeps track of your streaks, and you earn points as you complete videos and supplemental practice exercises (kind of like Duolingo and Mondly).

yabla leaderboard
The Yabla leaderboard

In this way, you can compare your progress to other Yabla users across the world. In my opinion, this type of gamification really helps keep you motivated and on-track in your language learning journey.

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Bonus Games

When it comes to features and tools that aid in the learning process, our team gives Yabla the slight edge (similar to Rosetta Stone).

Now to be clear, LingoPie and Yabla offer pretty much the same exact menu of features when you are watching a video. For example, both companies provide subtitles in English and your target language, and if you click on a subtitle, you’ll be presented a comprehensive definition and analysis of the word or phrase.

Plus, what’s also cool is that if you click on one of the words or phrases in the subtitles, both companies automatically create a flashcard for you to study at a later time. And I am not referring to the classic, two-sided flashcards you are probably thinking of. Instead, these are interactive, video-based flashcards that reference the exact scene or dialogue in which you clicked the word.

Then beyond the video-based flashcards, both companies also include a loop setting, as well as the ability to adjust the playback speed. That way, you can slow the pace down if the dialogue in the video starts moving too fast (ideal for beginners).

yabla video game
Yabla offers users several different games

Now the reason our team gives Yabla the win here is because they also offer users a host of supplemental games and drills for practice purposes. For example, my favorite game is called comprehension, which is essentially just an interactive quiz to ensure you understand the big picture of what happened in the video you just watched.

That way, you are not just mindlessly watching and reading subtitles. A few of the other drills the company offers include scribe, fill-in-the-blank, and recall (reverse translation), just to name a few (similar to Babbel).

Sale: 70% OFF Applied In Cart

Verdict: Yabla or LingoPie To Learn A Language?

Time to answer the big question: should you go with LingoPie or Yabla to help you learn a new language?

Well, as you’ve likely gathered by this point, both companies overlap in several areas; however, I ultimately give LingoPie the win overall for three main reasons:

  • LingoPie offers a much more entertaining video library that includes hit TV shows and movies
  • The LingoPie grammar coach offers detailed and helpful instruction and insights
  • The LingoPie digital platform and mobile app is more sleek and modern

Plus, let’s not forget that LingoPie is slightly more affordable than Yabla too. Thus, for those reasons, we recommend LingoPie over Yabla.

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How do LingoPie and Yabla compare?

Although LingoPie and Yabla share several similarities, the two companies do differ in several ways. The biggest difference is the type of video content. LingoPie offers users access to mainstream TV shows and movies that you would find on Netflix, whereas Yabla offers shorter videos that span a wider range of topics and genres.

Which is better for language learning, Yabla or LingoPie?

After testing the language programs from each company, our team thinks LingoPie is the more effective choice for learning a new language. The LingoPie video library is more entertaining, their digital platform is much more modern, and the company provides detailed grammar instruction as well.

Is LingoPie cheaper than Yabla?

Yes, the subscription plans from LingoPie are more affordable than those from Yabla. You will likely save a few dollars per month by opting to sign-up with LingoPie as opposed to Yabla.