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LingoPie vs Duolingo

Determine which language learning app is right for you between LingoPie and Duolingo

When it comes to learning a new language, there are dozens and dozens of helpful apps and programs out there to choose from. On one hand, there are traditional programs like Duolingo that follow a set lesson plan, and on the other hand, there are innovative, free-flowing programs like LingoPie. In this comparison, we take a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of both programs so you can quickly figure out which one better suits your budget and learning style.

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Outline: Duolingo vs LingoPie

Given that this is a lengthy, detailed comparison, we’ve included jump-to links above for your convenience.

Video: Which Language App Is Better?

In the video above, John from the TPI team breaks down the pros and cons of using Duolingo and LingoPie to learn a new language. For more information, continue reading our full, written comparison below.



  • Three Subscription Options
  • Free 7-Day Trial
  • Three Subscription Options
  • Free 7-Day Trial
Our Score


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  • Affordable subscription plan (as low as $6/mo)
  • Unique, entertaining way to learn a new language
  • Premium video library including tv shows and movies from Netflix
  • Speech recognition software provides pronunciation feedback
  • Video-based flashcards help with material retention
  • Modern, easy-to-use digital platform and mobile app
  • No free version like Duolingo
  • Lacks clear lesson structure (not a traditional language app)
Sale: 70% OFF Applied In Cart

Why LingoPie Is Better Than Duolingo

In order to keep this comparison genuinely helpful, rather than providing a more general overview of each of these language apps, instead we are going to focus on the main differences between the two and run down the key areas where we see each company winning and having an advantage over the other. With that in mind, let’s start with LingoPie – our team has them winning in five key areas.

Affordable Subscription Options

First, we’d like to highlight LingoPie’s pricing, and yes, we are aware that Duolingo is free. However, we are referring to Super Duolingo here, the company’s premium paid subscription option because as you might imagine there are some limitations around Duolingo’s free version.

For example, there are irritating ads, caps on your daily usage due to the company’s heart system, and there are restrictions around navigating new and old lessons as well. After all, Duolingo wants you to upgrade at the end of the day, and in order to do so, it will cost you around $7 per month, whereas the LingoPie annual plan breaks down to around $6 per month.

Therefore, technically speaking, LingoPie is the cheaper option in comparison to Super Duolingo. Plus, LingoPie regularly offers sales and special promotions so keep an eye out for discounts.

Unique Approach To Learning

Next, we have to mention the fact that LingoPie puts a unique, entertaining spin on language learning. You see, LingoPie is not your typical language app in which you follow a set lesson plan or course curriculum (similar to LingQ).

Instead, LingoPie is a video on-demand platform, sort of like Netflix or Hulu. How it works is that you basically watch TV shows and movies to help you learn a new language, and to be clear, we are talking about real, premium shows and movies that you would likely watch anyways in your free time, like Narcos or Made In Mexico, for example.

lingopie movies
A look at the LingoPie video library

Then, as you watch a particular show or movie, there are subtitles and a whole host of other features and tools to help you understand and learn what is happening with that idea being that by combining binge-watching entertaining shows and movies with learning, it will reduce frustration and you’ll stick with the learning process longer than other apps since you’re having fun and enjoying yourself.

Ideal For Visual Learners

This is probably pretty clear by this point given the company’s entire approach to learning, but we’ll go ahead and spell it out anyways – LingoPie is the more ideal choice for visual learners.

Simply put, if you process and synthesize information best through visual means, then LingoPie will be right up your alley.

lingopie subtitles
LingoPie is a great fit for visual learners

Now for comparison purposes, the Duolingo program does not incorporate any sort of video whatsoever (it’s more so text-based). Therefore, if you consider yourself a visual learner, do yourself a favor and go with LingoPie over Duolingo (same story in comparison to Babbel too).

Useful Learning Tools

Our team was also impressed by all the different features and tools LingoPie offers to aid in the learning process. We were just expecting to watch some TV shows with subtitles, but there’s definitely a lot more to the program than that.

For one, if you click any of the words in the subtitles, LingoPie provides a detailed definition and analysis of the word or phrase, and what’s also cool is that the company automatically generates a flashcard whenever you do click a word.

By the way, when we say flashcard, we’re not referring to the typical 3×5 paper card, these are interactive, video-based flashcards that actually include the scene in which you clicked the word, which is great for recall and overall material retention.

lingopie flashcards
LingoPie creates video flashcards

Beyond the flashcards, LingoPie also includes a loop setting that you can turn on so that the scene you just watched repeats itself until you understand what is being said by the characters.

Further, you can also control the playback speed, which is especially helpful when you first start out. That way, you can really slow things down if the characters in the show or movie you are watching begin talking too fast.

Long story short, our team was pleasantly surprised by the LingoPie learning tools. The company definitely goes above and beyond to ensure a smooth learning experience.

Detailed Grammar Instruction

Lastly, let’s talk grammar instruction, and surprisingly even though LingoPie doesn’t follow a traditional language curriculum, we actually think they do a much better job than Duolingo when it comes to teaching grammar.

In fact, we actually think grammar is one of the biggest assets of the LingoPie program. For one, the company color codes its subtitles to help you identify and understand the different grammatical components of your target language (e.g. adjectives are green, and adverbs are red).

lingopie grammar coach
LingoPie offers detailed grammar instruction

Second, as we mentioned earlier, if you click on any of the words within the subtitle, you’re presented with expert commentary to help you better understand (i.e. definition, whether the word is masculine, feminine, singular, plural, etc).

Last but certainly not least, LingoPie also includes a really unique and helpful grammar coach feature. That way, if you ever need additional detail behind a word or phrase, you can click the lightbulb below the video screen, and along the right-hand column of the video screen, the company will provide you with a detailed explanation of the grammar rules that are relevant to that particular sentence or dialgoue.

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  • Free & Paid Subscriptions
  • 40+ Languages
  • Free & Paid Subscriptions
  • 40+ Languages
Our Score


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  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Free version available
  • Short lesson format ideal for busy professionals
  • Wide variety of practice drills and exercises
  • Duolingo makes the learning process fun
  • Regular review sessions help with material retention
  • Limitations around free version (e.g. ads)
  • Grammar not a priority within coursework
  • Verbal practice drills could be improved
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Why Duolingo Is Better Than LingoPie

Now that we’ve discussed LingoPie in detail, let’s turn the tables and cover the major reasons to go with Duolingo to learn a new language.

Free Version Available

The first advantage in Duolingo’s favor is the fact they do offer a free version. Now, we were a little critical of it earlier, but still, if you are looking to learn a language for free, there’s no denying Duolingo is a great option.

You can literally get most all the benefits of the app without having to spend even a dime, which is obviously great.

Honestly, it’s really the only language app on the market that our team has tested that offers a halfway decent free version. Other companies market they have free versions, but they don’t offer nearly as many helpful lessons and features as Duolingo’s free plan. In other words, if money is tight, go with Duolingo.

Clear Lesson Progression

In comparison to LingoPie, Duolingo is going to be the better option for learners that need their hand held since it’s more of a traditional language app that features a set lesson plan and curriculum.

In other words, Duolingo dictates the order in which you complete units and lessons bringing you along slowly from a newcomer level to hopefully an intermediate level of fluency. It’s just very convenient and manageable.

duolingo review session
A look inside the Duolingo program

Therefore, if you’re the type of person who prefers following a set lesson plan, then you may like the organization of Duolingo’s language courses more so than LingoPie’s free-flowing learning approach.

Great For Beginners

On that note, the third advantage for Duolingo is that their curriculum is better suited for newcomers and beginners, and we say that for two reasons.

First, Duolingo’s curriculum in general is pretty basic. Their lessons really don’t advance into the advanced realm.

duolingo spanish drill
Example practice exercise from Duolingo

Then second, with LingoPie, you’re sort of just thrown into the fire, and expected to start picking up the language naturally by watching shows and movies, and that can lead to frustration at first because no one is there to hold your hand when the characters in the shows and movies start talking quickly.

It can just be a little overwhelming during the early stages of language acquisition, so if you get frustrated easily, or you simply want to learn a few basic words or phrases for an upcoming trip abroad, then Duolingo may be the more ideal option for you.

Gamify The Learning Experience

Lastly, we also like how Duolingo sort of gamifies the learning experience. Their app is legitimately fun, and somewhat addicting. It’s almost like a video game and you get kind of hooked, even after just a few lessons.

duolingo spanish lesson
Duolingo makes the learning process fun

For example, you earn XP points with every lesson, you can submit “friend quests”, you can spend gems you earn on additional features, you compete against other learners, and the company regularly prompts you with that fun, animated green owl about keeping your daily streak alive – it’s just a really fun, encouraging environment for learning.

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Sale: 70% OFF Applied In Cart

Verdict: LingoPie Or Duolingo For Language Learning?

It’s time to answer the big question – should you choose LingoPie or Duolingo to learn a new language?

Well, after testing each app, I don’t know if we can definitively declare a winner here. The two companies and their learning methods are just so different that it makes it difficult. There are pros and cons to each app, so here’s ultimately what we would recommend.

The two apps complement each other extremely well, so we recommend signing up for Duolingo’s free plan (do not sign up for Super Duolingo), and instead use that money towards a LingoPie annual plan.

That way for essentially $6 per month, you can use Duolingo’s free version to build your foundational knowledge and understanding of your target language, and then supplement their lessons by taking advantage of LingoPie’s content library and all the extra tools and features they provide.

In other words, you kind of get the best of both worlds, especially since LingoPie will start to become more and more valuable and useful as you transition from newcomer to beginner and then beginner to intermediate.

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How do LingoPie and Duolingo compare?

There are several differences between LingoPie and Duolingo. Most notably, LingoPie is a video on-demand platform in which you learn a new language through watching tv shows and movies, whereas Duolingo is more of a traditional language app that follows a clear lesson progression.

Which language app is better - LingoPie or Duolingo?

It primarily depends on what type of learner you are as to which language app is more effective. For example, if you are a visual learner, LingoPie is the more ideal choice.