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How Long Does It Take To Learn Korean With Duolingo?
By Debbie Lopez Updated on April 4, 2024
Thomas Mühlbacher Thomas Mühlbacher

How Long Does It Take To Learn Korean With Duolingo?

Detailed guide about learning Korean with Duolingo, including how long it takes, what to expect, and some tips and tricks

Ever wondered how long it takes to become fluent in Korean? Many factors influence the learning journey, such as your native language, the amount of time you dedicate to studying, and the methods you use. In this article, we’ll explore how long it takes using the language learning app Duolingo and provide tips to help you gauge your Korean learning timeline.

How Much Time Per Day Should You Study Korean?

Learning a new language is like planting a garden; the more time you spend tending to it, the better it grows! But hey, we get it, life can be as busy as a beehive.

Experts say that aiming for about 30 minutes a day, five days a week, is the sweet spot for making progress. Of course, if you’re on a speedy mission to master Korean, you might need to ramp up to a few hours a day with your Duolingo app and other language activities.

duolingo korean practice
Consistency is key when learning Korean

In any case, the key to cracking the language nut is immersion. Surround yourself with Korean like a cozy blanket, and before you know it, you’ll be speaking the language like a pro.

How Many Hours Does It Take To Learn Korean With Duolingo?

According to the Foreign Service Institute, getting the hang of Korean usually takes about 80-90 weeks, or roughly 2,000 hours of classes and practice. Why so long?

Well, Korean falls into the category IV language group, which means it’s extremely difficult for English speakers to grasp in comparison to some other languages, such as German or Italian.

duolingo korean app
A look inside the Duolingo Korean program

But hey, don’t let that number scare you off! The amount of time you’ll need can vary wildly depending on how fast you pick things up and how fluent you want to be. Some folks breeze through it in just 600-700 hours of app time, while others might need to clock over 2,500 hours to really nail it.

Now, if you’re itching to speed up your Korean learning, there are ways to turbocharge your Duolingo sessions. We’ll dive into those in a bit!

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Duolingo Korean Course?

Completing the full Duolingo Korean course can be a bit like training for a marathon—it’s all about pacing and dedication. Depending on how deep you want to dive and how much time you can spare, your Duolingo Korean adventure could span anywhere from 3 months to 2 years.

duolingo korean lesson
Example practice drill from Duolingo

If you’re taking it slow and steady with just one lesson a day, you might find yourself in for a cozy two-year ride. But if you’re kicking it into high gear and gobbling up lessons like a language-hungry monster, you could be cruising to fluency much quicker.

Duolingo Korean is no walk in the park, though. It’s one of the platform’s more comprehensive courses, partly because Korean can be a bit of a brain-twister for English speakers. If you’re gunning to master Korean on Duolingo in record time, you might want to strap in for multiple hours of training each day.

Tips For Learning Korean With Duolingo

Learning Korean is like embarking on a grand adventure—challenging, yes, but definitely doable, especially with the help of Duolingo’s fun and engaging platform. They’ve turned learning into a game, complete with rankings, leagues, and other cool features to keep you hooked.

To make the most of your language-learning journey, here are a few tips:

Set Goals: Start with short, achievable goals to keep yourself motivated. As you get more comfortable, you can ramp up the challenge.

Enable Notifications: Turn on notifications to remind you to practice. This can help you stay on track with your learning goals.

Focus On Your Progress: While it’s fun to climb the leaderboards, your main focus should be on your personal growth. Celebrate your wins, big and small!

Take Notes: Jot down new words, tricky phrases, or pronunciation tips to help reinforce your learning.

Pace Yourself: Korean is a bit more complex than some other languages, so don’t rush it. Set realistic goals and enjoy the ride at your own speed.

Practice Speaking Aloud: Use the voice recognition feature to practice your pronunciation. Speaking aloud can help improve your speaking skills.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be speaking Korean like a pro in no time!

Supplemental Resources To Boost Your Korean Proficiency

Adding to the tips above, there are plenty of other resources to spice up your language learning journey alongside Duolingo. While Duolingo is awesome, it’s good to mix things up for a well-rounded learning experience (especially since there are more comprehensive Korean learning apps out there).

But assuming Duolingo is your jam, here are some fun ideas to complement your studies:

  • Dive into online tools for pronunciation practice and translation help
  • Get your fix of Korean entertainment by watching TV shows, and movies (see Lingopie)
  • Tune in to podcasts or audiobooks in Korean to train your ear.
  • Use subtitles while watching Korean content to reinforce what you’re learning
  • Pick up a children’s book in Korean for some easy reading
  • Groove to Korean tunes and follow along with the lyrics
  • Practice your Korean with someone who speaks the language

Duolingo is like the bread to your language learning sandwich—it’s tasty, but you need some other ingredients to make it a full meal.

pimsleur korean audio lesson
Example Korean audio lesson from Pimsleur

To really beef up your Korean language skills, consider checking out other apps like Rocket Korean, Rosetta Stone Korean, or Pimsleur Korean.

They offer audio lessons, more detailed exercises, and cool extras like short stories to immerse you in the language and speed up your learning. Pair one of these with Duolingo, and you’ll be singing K-pop songs in no time!


Does Duolingo Teach Korean?

Yes, Korean is one of 45 language courses that Duolingo offers.

Is Duolingo Good For Learning Korean?

Yes and no. Yes, the Duolingo app will certainly help you learn the basis of the Korean language. However, there are objectively better Korean language learning apps available that offer more detailed and well-rounded lessons.

Is Duolingo Korean Accurate?

Yes, for the most part the Duolingo Korean curriculum is accurate and provides a solid foundation in the language, but it’s always a good idea to supplement with other Korean language resources for a more comprehensive understanding.

How Many Units In Duolingo Korean?

Within the Duolingo Korean language course, there are roughly five different sections that include over 75 learning units.