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Prep101 vs Kaplan MCAT

Our in-depth comparison of the MCAT prep courses from Kaplan and Prep101, with coverage of all the important topics

Trying to decide between Prep101 and Kaplan for your MCAT prep? We know it can be tough. On the one hand, you’ve got Kaplan, the old school, tried and tested MCAT program that’s been around for decades. Then on the other hand, you have Prep101’s MCAT course, which is relatively new, but also getting a ton of buzz. So we get that the decision can be hard. In this guide, we stack these courses up side-by-side and break down everything you need to know about each course.

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Article Outline: Prep101 vs Kaplan

Given that this is a long and robust comparison, we’ve included a jump-to table of contents above for convenience.

Video Review: Kaplan vs Prep101

In the above video, team member John breaks down the main differences between the MCAT courses from Kaplan and Prep101. Please continue reading for more detail.

Prep101 MCAT

Prep101 MCAT Prep

  • Frequent Discounts
  • Includes 1:1 Coaching
  • Frequent Discounts
  • Includes 1:1 Coaching
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Incredibly deep and thorough curriculum, delivered across 130+ hours of class time
  • Leverages legendary Examkrackers study guides and practice work
  • Effective framework built around pre-class work, live class, then post-class assignments
  • Solid instructors with great communication skills
  • Cool buddy system with built-in MCAT coaching
  • Very intensive course with heavy workloads (not for the faint of heart)
  • On-demand problem solution videos move a little slow and are tedious
Prep101 MCAT
$100 OFF Code: TPI222

Cost Comparison

Let’s start this article off by discussing pricing, which is pretty simple in terms of these two courses. While Kaplan offers about a half dozen different course options ranging from $2,000 up to $7,000, Prep101 has just one offering.

The standard Prep101 course is a live course package, and it can be taken a couple different ways, namely flex or fixed schedule. Nonetheless, it’s ultimately one product at one price, and that price is somewhere in the low- to mid-$2,000’s.

I place a range on that because it does seem to vary a little based on season and current discounts. Generally speaking though, compared to Kaplan, Prep101 is a few hundred dollars cheaper.

prep101 mcat video lesson
Prep101 MCAT video lesson

When you compare Prep101’s package against the most comparable package from Kaplan (their Live Online bundle), and you factor in discounts, you’re likely going to save $200 or more by going with Prep101.

Moreover, on that point of discounts, do note that both companies regularly run sales and special promotions, especially Prep101, so do be sure to check for coupon codes before buying.

Course Similarities

In terms of structuring this comparison, I am going to start by first looking at where these two MCAT courses are similar, since there are a number of parallels between them. From there, I’ll then dive deeper and get a little more granular on where their diverge, as that’s likely most important to know. But let’s start with those similarities.

At their cores, both companies offer the same general slate of features: live classes, AAMC materials, homework assignments, workshops, prep books, and a few other small tools and resources.

I would say that they are further similar in that the backbone of both courses is the live classes they offer. Both curriculums generally revolve around the classes, with homework assignments, full-length exams, and other practice work falling around those classes based on a personalized schedule each student gets.

Kaplan MCAT qbank
The Kaplan MCAT Qbank

And even at that, both Kaplan and Prep101 offer a flexible class schedule, meaning you generally have assigned classes during the week that you need to attend, but you can take them whenever you want.

Kaplan and Prep101 each offer the same live class multiple times per week and provide this quasi drop-in and drop-out class schedule. I personally think this is cool, because it can fit just about any schedule.

They’re the only two MCAT companies that I’ve seen do this, and I think it’s an awesome feature. Beyond this commonality, however, is where the two companies sort of start to diverge and you can really see the differences in approach.

Prep101 MCAT Advantages

So let’s get into those differences, starting first with Prep101.

Way More Live Class Time

The first big major difference is the level of live instruction. While both companies provide live classes, Prep101 provides a total of 138 hours of instruction to Kaplan’s 42 hours.

prep101 mcat live class
Prep101 MCAT live class look

This is a pretty significant difference (almost 100 hours), and you can definitely feel it over the duration of the course in terms of depth and detail. With Prep101’s course, you take 3 classes per week, for 11 weeks, and each class session is usually around 4 hours long. These classes are very in-depth and very good.

MCAT Coaching

The next major manner in which these companies are different is with respect to MCAT coaching. While Kaplan is more self-guided, Prep101 connects you with an MCAT coach who holds your hand throughout the length of the course.

They help you develop your study schedule, go over any substantive questions you may have, and generally keep you on track and making progress. It’s a very cool buddy system that I think adds major value.

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Annotated Class Notes

The third highlight for Prep101 is the annotated notes and class companions you get for every class session. When you sign up with Prep101, they ship you a massive set of books, and many of these books are class companions, which are workbooks that track with live lessons.

prep101 mcat annotated notes
Prep101 annotated notes

That in itself isn’t anything super special (you also get workbooks with Kaplan), but where the difference comes in is that with Prep101 you also get annotated notes. These are basically the notes and added detail that the instructors themselves think are most important and include for your benefit.

I personally think these notes are super beneficial, as they fill in the cracks and direct you where to focus.

Practice Exam Superiority

Lastly, the final advantage Prep101 has over Kaplan is practice tests. For one, Prep101 offers more practice exams than Kaplan (20 to 16), but our team also likes Prep101’s exams themselves better.

In considering non-AAMC practice tests, Prep101’s are simply more realistic. This is due in large part to the fact that they use the Altius practice exams, which outside of AAMC materials, are about the most realistic in the MCAT prep space. They are a very close match for the content, difficulty and length of real MCAT passages and problems.

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Kaplan MCAT Live Online Course

Kaplan MCAT Prep

  • Self-Paced, Live Online or In-Person
  • Higher Score Guarantee
  • Self-Paced, Live Online or In-Person
  • Higher Score Guarantee
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • High-quality video lectures with lots of graphics and strong content review
  • Extensive Qbank with advanced filtering
  • Mountains of prep material, with 700+ hours worth of content
  • Some of the best hardcopy books in MCAT prep
  • Live classes not as deep or detailed as Prep101's classes
  • The practice problem explanations are a little brief (would like to see more detail)
Kaplan MCAT Live Online Course
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Kaplan MCAT Advantages

Now that you know where Prep101 differs from Kaplan and wins, let’s get to where Kaplan wins out.

Live Online Workshops & Office Hours

The first major win for Kaplan has to be the unlimited live online workshops and office hours. Basically, Kaplan runs nightly webinar sessions that give you a chance for extra study time.

These sessions generally take a deep dive into an MCAT topic like CARS strategies or biology content review, and get way into the weeds.

Kaplan mcat channel
Kaplan MCAT office hours look

The floor is then opened up, and you can ask questions about almost anything. Personally, I think these sessions are great for capping off a day, finding some juicy nuggets you don’t get from the main coursework, and getting the chance to ask questions. They seem to add a lot of value.

Performance Analytics

The next big difference and win for Kaplan is their performance metrics. Kaplan simply provides better score reports and analysis than Prep101.

Their performance metrics are super useful for analyzing your weak areas, spotting answer changing habits, and getting an overall gauge on how you’re progressing.

Practice Problem Video Explanations

My final noteworthy win for Kaplan is the series of video solutions they provide.

One of the few knocks we have on Prep101 is that their video solutions, which they provide to explain a number of the AAMC problems, are just a little slow moving, and frankly, a little boring.

Kaplan MCAT lesson
Kaplan MCAT on-demand video lesson

By contrast, the video breakdowns that Kaplan provides are quicker moving and a little more engaging. When you’re trying to plow through a review session quickly, this can make a big difference and we give Kaplan the win here.

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Prep101 MCAT
$100 OFF Code: TPI222

MCAT Prep Verdict: Kaplan or Prep101?

Having discussed all the detail, let’s get to the final verdict. Should you go with Prep101 or Kaplan for your MCAT prep? Well, after using and reviewing each course, I personally think Prep101 is the better option.

Yes, Kaplan has the name recognition and some solid pros in its column, such as unlimited nightly workshops and video breakdowns; however, we see Prep101 as being the better structured and more comprehensive course.

Their live classes go deeper and offer more value; the annotated notes and other written material they provide are more practical and helpful; their MCAT coaching is a major value add; and even their practice test bundle is better. So in the end, I see Prep101 as being the more effective, comprehensive course, and who I would recommend.

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Does Kaplan or Prep101 have better classes?

In our team’s opinion, Prep101 offers better live classes than Kaplan. Because of the major disparity in total hours of live instruction (138 hours for Prep101 vs 42 for Kaplan), Prep101’s classes go deeper and offer more content review and strategies.

Which MCAT course is cheaper, Kaplan or Prep101?

Whether Kaplan or Prep101 is cheaper for MCAT prep totally depends on which package you opt for. Though Kaplan’s self-paced package is cheaper than Prep101’s only course offering, every other Kaplan MCAT course product is costlier.

Is Prep101 worth it over Kaplan MCAT?

Honestly, although Kaplan has the bigger name in MCAT prep, we actually think Prep101 is better. Their classes are much deeper, and their other study materials (including Altius practice exams and Examkrackers study guides) are better.