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Best MCAT Practice Tests

Our comprehensive review guide covers the best MCAT practice tests available to help you prepare for and crush the exam

Preparing for the MCAT can be a grueling process. Not only do you have to learn (or re-learn) a mountain of material, but you also have to learn how to apply that knowledge under exam-like conditions. Taking MCAT practice tests can give you the hands-on review you need to not only familiarize yourself with pacing and the type of questions on the MCAT, but also the content. This guide showcases the most comprehensive and best MCAT practice tests available on the market and the resources our team has found most helpful. 

Best MCAT Practice Tests Summary

Take a look at our top rated MCAT practice tests, each of which we have reviewed and ranked below:

  1. Princeton Review MCAT
  2. Kaplan MCAT
  3. Blueprint MCAT
  4. Gold Standard MCAT

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Princeton Review MCAT Practice Test Bundle

The Princeton Review MCAT practice tests provide you with plenty of practice opportunities. I found that these practice opportunities went well beyond what is available through AAMC. I was able to gain a baseline for my progress and then began pacing myself with each MCAT practice test. The Princeton Review MCAT bundle includes three course exclusive tests, as well as five tests that stem from the award-winning Random House Series. In total, these eight full-length MCAT practice tests were thorough and challenging.

Princeton Review MCAT practice test
Princeton Review MCAT practice test

What makes this MCAT practice test bundle stand out is the availability of advisors to discuss your need for MCAT tutoring, MCAT Live Online practice and MCAT prep books. All MCAT practice tests included with this bundle feature content recommended by the Association of American Medical Colleges and covers standard content in critical analysis and reasoning skills, psychology, biology, sociology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, general chemistry and physics. After you take each MCAT practice test, you receive a full score report. However, it’s the detailed explanations for each question on your practice tests that is what I found most helpful in preparing for the MCAT. I was able to review the content where I was struggling and better understand the concepts and question types with the thorough explanations provided in the full score report.

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Kaplan MCAT Practice Test Bundle

The most helpful aspect of Kaplan MCAT practice tests is that you have plenty of options to suit your needs. When utilizing the best MCAT practice tests in the QBank, available from Kaplan, each quiz adapts to you and your skills so that you keep improving. You can choose between a variety of MCAT practice test bundles. For instance, the 3-pack features realistic exams, giving you a glimpse at what the actual MCAT exam looks like. The Gold Practice MCAT practice test bundle features three MCAT practice tests, but also a QBank with more than 2,900 MCAT questions.

Kaplan MCAT answer explanation
Answer explanation to Kaplan MCAT question

Personally, I found the Platinum MCAT practice test bundle the most helpful. Not only do you get access to the QBank with questions that cover the MCAT content, you also get six MCAT practice tests and the 7-book set with tips on how to prepare for the MCAT and approach different question types. As with most MCAT practice tests, the Kaplan test bundle features questions that cover content that covers the basics of critical analysis and reasoning skills, psychology, biology, sociology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, general chemistry and physics. With each MCAT practice test in the Kaplan bundle, you receive a detailed score report and access to instructional MCAT videos. These courses are self-paced to help you during any stage of MCAT preparation.

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Blueprint MCAT Practice Test Bundle

With the Blueprint MCAT practice test bundle, you can choose between a variety of practice tests, as well as six months of access to the full-length MCAT practice tests. Blueprint offers a 4, 6 and 10 MCAT practice test bundle, all with the option to choose either standard-length MCAT practice tests or a shorter format that was released in 2020. All MCAT practice test bundles include access to the full MCAT QBank with questions featuring detailed explanations. All MCAT test prep bundles also include a study planner tool, advanced test performance analytics, a half-length diagnostic, five attempts for each MCAT practice test and six months of access to the platform.

Blueprint mcat question explanation
Blueprint MCAT practice question explanation

The interactive tools were the most helpful for me while preparing for the MCAT. The MCAT practice tests are realistic and feature a strikeout and highlighting function that matches the interface of the AAMC MCAT exam. The MCAT practice tests also follow the format and time limits of the MCAT exam. The Blueprint MCAT QBank includes 4,000 MCAT questions that are both passage and discrete based. You can utilize the filtering tools to customize each MCAT practice tests. I really appreciated the advanced analytics that provided full answers and explanations after taking an MCAT practice test. The seven learning modules and access to the study planner tool also helped me to review more of the content I was struggling with and improve my test-taking time for several sections and subsections.

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Gold Standard MCAT Practice Test Bundle

This MCAT practice test bundle really is the gold standard. This MCAT prep program features full-length MCAT practice tests in AAMC format that match the difficult level and the balance of questions found on the MCAT exam. Utilizing virtual reality, these MCAT practice tests gave me instant access and completely online MCAT prep options. After taking the MCAT practice tests, I was provided with raw scores that instantly converted to scaled scores. The detailed analysis also included helpful explanations and solutions using a multimedia background.

Gold Standard MCAT practice questions
Example question from Gold Standard MCAT

It was extremely helpful to have access to the online post-test discussion threads available with the Gold Standard MCAT practice test bundle. In addition, I had the option to add on the MCAT prep book that included seven full-length MCAT practice tests with two tests that were completely online. The book gave me access to more than 1,600 practice test questions, each with detailed explanations. The Gold Standard MCAT practice test bundle also comes with one year of online access to answers and solutions for questions on the MCAT exam. Each MCAT practice test was created by top MCAT prep providers and mimicked the actual format and timing of the MCAT exam.

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Preparing for the MCAT

The first step in preparing for the MCAT is to research the best MCAT prep courses and practice tests. Start by using this comprehensive resource guide to explore the five available MCAT practice test bundles. You have many choices when it comes to arming yourself with MCAT practice tests, so doing your research it key. I have found that access to realistic MCAT practice tests has helped to improve my study skills, planning and timing, in addition to improving my understanding of MCAT exam concepts.

It’s also crucial to set goals for yourself and create a study plan when preparing for the MCAT exam. Honestly, this might be more important than anything else. In addition to taking MCAT practice tests, it’s crucial to analyze your test scores and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once you are aware of your abilities and content areas and question types you need to review further, block out time to work on each weakness individually. Although you may be juggling a heavy and intense course load, as well as work and family, the more time you put into studying for the MCAT exam and taking the best MCAT practice tests, the better you will score and be prepared for medical school.

Once you’ve put in the time and effort to study and take MCAT practice exams, prepare for a final dry run. A few days before your MCAT exam date, take a full-length comprehensive MCAT practice test, then you review results and missed problems This will help you to measure your preparedness and help you to further identify any additional study areas you need to focus on related to timing, question types or content.

Time management is crucial when preparing for the MCAT exam. However, when you’re prepared with access to the best MCAT practice tests, you can improve day by day and ultimately conquer the exam.