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Med School Insiders Review

An in-depth review of the MCAT tutoring and admissions consulting services provided by Med School Insiders, including pricing, available resources and overall effectiveness

With a team made up entirely of doctors, many of whom have served on admissions committees at top medical schools, Med School Insiders bases their philosophy on the fact that no two medical students are the same. Since their inception in 2016, they are one of the fastest growing medical school companies around. But will their customized tutoring with 1-on-1 mentoring and consulting services be right for your MCAT prep and med school admissions journey? We will help you answer that question in our detailed review.

Med School Insiders Review Outline

As this is a pretty lengthy review that covers a number of topics, above is a helpful jump-to table of contents for your convenience.

Med School Insiders MCAT
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MCAT Tutoring Plans & Pricing

Med School Insiders offers four different plans for their tutoring and admissions counseling sessions. These are the Hourly, Bronze, Silver and Gold plans.

The Hourly plan costs around $230 per one-hour session and offers private, 1-on-1 tutoring with an expert who can work with you on areas of weakness and provide answers to your questions. You’ll also get recordings of each session to keep and review as needed.

med school insiders pricing
A look at Med School Insider’s MCAT tutoring pricing structure

Coming in at approximately $2,000 is the Bronze plan which includes 10 hours of tutoring as well as the recordings. Additionally, this package allows you to create a custom study schedule to maximize your time. It also provides access to a full-length practice test from the AAMC, so you’ll be well prepared to tackle the actual exam when the time comes.

Next up is the Silver plan. The pricing on this one is in the neighborhood of $4,500. It gives you all of the above, with a full 25 hours of tutoring, plus a full suite of AAMC practice questions to help you drill on your areas of specific need. You’ll also get a guarantee that the program will increase your score, so long as you take the official full-length practice exam both before and after your tutoring sessions. Finally, you’ll get a full hour of admissions counseling from one of MSI’s professional counselors.

Finally, the Gold plan offers everything that the Silver plan does, but gives you a full 40 hours of tutoring. It costs right around $6,400.

Course options and pricing current as of date of publication.

How Med School Insiders MCAT Tutoring Works

MCAT tutoring from Med School Insiders is among the more straightforward tutoring methods you will encounter, as well as being highly effective. First, you’ll register an account on their website, after which you’ll complete an intake questionnaire to help them determine your individual needs. You’ll then be paired with a tutor who they determine to be the best fit for your specific requirements. Like all tutors at Med School Insiders, my tutor was familiar with my information before we met. This allowed us to dive in headfirst as soon as we came together, beginning with the crafting of a study plan tailored specifically to my needs, and addressing the largest areas requiring attention right away.

What Sets Med School Insiders Apart?

The largest factor setting Med School Insiders’ test prep apart from others is that it’s completely customized for you by tutors who are top scorers on the exam. The tutors you’ll work with have not only achieved the highest scores on the exam, but they’ve also gone through rigorous screening and quality control to ensure that they also have teaching aptitude.

There’s nothing about this program that’s cookie cutter. They’ll not only take into account your areas of weakness, but they’ll account for your goals, study style and individualized needs to help improve your score. There won’t be any quick fixes or shortcuts like basic mnemonics. This program takes the approach that to excel you need to understand the concepts and really know your stuff, so it’s focused on learning. That means it’s as comprehensive as it comes, combining memory retention and test-taking with knowledge and skills.

The system is also focused on repeatable methods that are a proven success, starting with a focus on your areas of specific weakness while building the fundamentals that you can expand upon. You’ll continually improve your results, and you won’t experience the plateaus that you’ll have with many other tutoring and study programs. The feedback you get from this system is targeted directly to you and your areas of need. You’ll also have private, one-on-one tutoring sessions throughout your entire program.

If there’s a negative aspect, it’s that the plans can be quite pricey, and you must choose one of the more expensive plans to get the guarantee of a score improvement and access to practice exams.

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Medical School Admissions Packages & Pricing

After taking the MCAT, you’ll need to go through the admissions process. This, too, can be a tricky prospect. I really like that Med School Insiders offers admissions packages that feature advisers who are practicing doctors who will help with any editing of your application, personal statements and other paperwork. I found my adviser’s suggestions for improving my personal statement to be spot on. Additionally, they will be available to you in the form of advisory sessions to assist you with selection of schools, email advice, advice on research and a promise of acceptance.

med school insiders team
The Med School Insiders’ roster of physician-advisors

At approximately $1,400, the Bronze package provides one hour of advising, one hour of editing personal statements, school secondaries and applications, one hour of interview prep, and personalized school selection help. It doesn’t grant unlimited emails, research help or a promise of acceptance. It does give you direct access to an adviser who is an actual, respected medical doctor.

In the neighborhood of $2,800 the Silver package offers everything but the acceptance promise and kicks up your advising and prep to two hours each, and your statement, school secondaries and application edits to three hours. It also offers unlimited emails for whenever you need support, as well as a full hour of direct research advising from a qualified, practicing doctor.

The Gold package costs approximately $4,000 and provides everything the Silver package does plus you three hours of advising, three hours of interview prep, two hours of research help and five schools secondary (three edits). It still doesn’t offer a guarantee of acceptance to medical school, but it kicks up your direct research advising to two hours.

Finally, the Diamond package gives you the acceptance promise if you meet certain criteria, along with unlimited application editing, unlimited personal statement work, unlimited interview prep and unlimited advising. You get 20 secondaries with three edits and unlimited research advising whenever you need it. This level costs around $10,000.

Course options and pricing current as of date of publication.

Analysis of Admissions Services Provided

These services from Med School Insiders are among the most comprehensive on the market. Your adviser will be an actual physician who excels at the top of their field as well as possessing a proven track record of mentoring. These advisers have also served on admissions committees for medical schools. They will work with you one-on-one, building a real, personal relationship tailored to your needs.

med school insiders services
A look at the services provided by Med School Insiders

Many of the packages offer unlimited contact, so you don’t have to worry about running out of hours, and the advisers will stand by your side and work with you through every step of the process. Whether it’s a huge step like the admissions interview or just a question about a minor detail, they’ll be there. They’ll pay laser-focused attention to every detail to make sure you get the best results. Taken together, this provides some real peace of mind. As expected, I found my advisor to be extremely intelligent and easy to communicate with. What surprised me though, was that I felt a true, personal connection with my advisor. He was also rather sharp-witted, adding an occasional fun element to the process.

What Makes Med School Insiders Effective

As with Med School Insiders’ tutoring services, the sheer depth of admissions services sets their counseling apart from other providers. For example, the one-on-one attention you get, and the focus on details as well as the big picture, makes the package truly comprehensive. Med School Insiders themselves bill the service as having surgical precision, and it uses a proprietary approach that is systematic, repeatable and proven to deliver the best results.

What really allows this system to deliver effective results is the fact that it provides direct, 1-on-1 mentorship when you need it. It doesn’t rely solely on rote libraries of sample questions, though it also provides practice exams and sample questions. It uses real-time discussion with mentors who have excelled at the MCAT exams, who are practicing physicians and who sit at or near the top of their fields as respected health care professionals. This level of attention to detail and direct contact delivers provable, effective results.

In my opinion, the downside is again in the sticker shock that comes with these packages, and that in order to get the full guarantee of acceptance, you’ll need to pay for the top tier.

Verdict: Med School Insiders Review

The simple verdict is that Med School Insiders is a great choice for students who want to maximize their chances to get into a top-tier medical school. The top-level packages for both the MCAT prep and the application counseling programs are pricey, but they also offer a guarantee of improving your score on the exam and getting accepted into med school, respectively, providing that you meet certain criteria.

These programs are personal, tailored to your needs, and offer a level of direct, 1-on-1 contact that most other programs do not. For this reason alone, I find them to serve as an outstanding option that will offer a level of focus, peace of mind and success that few other programs can. When you consider their laser focus, the level of expertise and the tested and proven nature of the programs, it becomes clear that they are worth pursuing for those who want to find success in medical school and beyond.


How much do the Med School Insiders tutoring options cost?

Depending on which tutoring plan you choose and the number of hours you need, you can plan on spending anywhere from around $230 to $6,400.

Will the Med School Insiders tutoring services help me get a good score?

Utilizing Med School Insider’s MCAT tutoring will most likely give you a heightened score. Their goal is for you to get a high MCAT score, and their customized plans, systematic approach, and expert tutors should provide you with all the resources you need to achieve your desired score.

Does Med School Insiders have a score increase guarantee?

If your score does not increase after completing your tutoring plan, Med School Insiders will work with you for an additional 5 hours at no additional cost to you.