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NCLEX Bootcamp vs UWorld

Head-to-head comparison of the NCLEX prep materials from Bootcamp and UWorld

When it comes to NCLEX prep and study materials, there are countless options available for nursing students to choose from. From hundreds of study books on Amazon to numerous online NCLEX prep courses, the choices can be overwhelming. However, two of the most popular NCLEX review options are Bootcamp and UWorld. Which one is best for you? In this comparison, we break down both courses and provide our honest thoughts to help you decide which one is right for you.

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Outline: UWorld vs Bootcamp

As this is a long and robust comparison, we’ve included helpful jump-to links above for easy navigation.

NCLEX Bootcamp

NCLEX Bootcamp

  • Multiple Course Options
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Multiple Course Options
  • Pass Guarantee
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • More affordable than UWorld
  • 9-part video strategy series is amazing
  • Extremely realistic practice questions
  • Detailed and insightful answer explanations
  • Accurate pass predictor to ensure you're ready for the exam
  • Modern, easy-to-use mobile app
  • No written materials (e.g. prep books, cheat sheets)
  • Not as many practice questions as UWorld
NCLEX Bootcamp
Deal: 10% OFF Use Code: TPI10

Reasons To Choose Bootcamp For NCLEX Prep

To offer the most helpful evaluation of these two NCLEX prep courses, let’s start by highlighting where each company excels, beginning with Bootcamp.

Next Gen Ready

One of the standout advantages of the NCLEX Bootcamp course is that it was specifically designed for the Next Gen format of the exam, which has now been fully implemented.

While other prep companies are still catching up, with only a small portion of their materials tailored to the Next Gen format, 100% of the materials in the Bootcamp course are Next Gen-specific.

NCLEX Bootcamp Dashboard
A look inside the NCLEX Bootcamp course

Moreover, the quality of these materials is exceptional. The case studies and standalone problems closely mimic all the different item types you’ll encounter on exam day, making them an excellent match for the actual test.

This gives Bootcamp a significant edge over competitors. The Next Gen format is vastly different from the old version of the test, and it’s crucial to practice with problems that accurately simulate the real exam. Without this, you risk being completely unprepared on test day.

Quality Of Practice Materials

Another significant advantage of Bootcamp is their problem solutions. The rationales provided for their questions are excellent—detailed, written in clear, understandable language, and often accompanied by helpful visuals.

Additionally, many of the solutions feature a “key takeaway” section that highlights one or two critical points to remember from each problem. This ensures that you retain the most important information. This feature, combined with detailed rationales and helpful visuals, makes learning more effective and engaging.

NCLEX Bootcamp Case Study
Case study from NCLEX Bootcamp

Plus, the video breakdowns are also top-notch. Bootcamp instructors take a slow, practical approach to explain how to solve each problem, making the explanations easy to follow.

In summary, both the written and video explanations in the NCLEX Bootcamp program are highly effective and well-regarded.

Readiness Practice Exams

While Bootcamp’s Readiness Exams aren’t an exact match for the real NCLEX algorithm, they are an excellent predictor of your readiness. If you’re excelling on these practice tests, it’s a good sign you’re prepared.

NCLEX Bootcamp practice test
Practice test from NCLEX Bootcamp

On the other hand, if the detailed score report indicates areas that need improvement, you’ll know where to focus your efforts.

These practice exams provide valuable validation after weeks of studying, helping to alleviate any self-doubts.

NCLEX Strategy Videos

The next highlight is the Bootcamp’s strategy course. These videos thoroughly explain the Next Gen testing format, scoring system, and, most importantly, offers numerous tips and tricks for solving case studies and problems while avoiding trap answers.

This direct focus on test-taking strategies for the Next Gen exam is incredibly valuable. Unlike many other courses, such as Archer or UWorld, Bootcamp provides this essential strategy component.

Pass Guarantee

Lastly, Bootcamp offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass the NCLEX on your first attempt, giving you peace of mind and reducing financial risk.

In contrast, UWorld does not provide such a guarantee, which means you won’t have the same level of assurance when investing in their course. This added layer of security makes Bootcamp an attractive option for those seeking confidence in their NCLEX prep investment.

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  • Multiple Subscription Options
  • No Pass Guarantee 👎
  • Multiple Subscription Options
  • No Pass Guarantee 👎
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Helpful practice material with clear explanations
  • Study planner adds value
  • Flashcards for studying on-the-go
  • Qbank only (very limited content review)
  • More expensive than NCLEX Bootcamp
  • Subpar job matching the style & difficulty of the NLCEX (Bootcamp is much better)
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Reasons To Choose UWorld For NCLEX Prep

Now that you have a clear understanding of what Bootcamp offers, let’s explore the advantages of using UWorld for your NCLEX preparation.

Visual Explanations

While Bootcamp boasts better overall practice question quality in our team’s opinion, we find UWorld’s problem explanations to be quite good. UWorld’s answer explanations are enriched with captivating graphics, vivid diagrams, and meticulous detail.

UWorld NCLEX RN Test Prep
Example practice question from UWorld

This superiority is primarily because UWorld’s explanations serve as content reviews rather than mere lessons. While Bootcamp’s problem explanations are commendable and effective in breaking down problems, UWorld’s solutions are exceptionally strong, rivalling those from Hurst.

Digital Platform

This category is a tie between the two companies. Both companies provide digital interfaces that are sleek, modern, and user-friendly (similar to Kaplan and Archer).

We found both interfaces to be exceptionally easy to navigate, with quick load times and responsive interactions. The aesthetics of both interfaces are on par with each other, offering a pleasant and efficient user experience.

Content Access Period & Pricing

Determining the winner in this category is a bit subjective. With Bootcamp, you can choose between 1, 3, or 6 months of access, whereas UWorld offers packages ranging from 30 to 90 days.

However, either way you slice it, Bootcamp ends up as the more affordable option. For example, UWorld’s 90-day access plan costs around $250, whereas Bootcamp’s equivalent plan costs just $99. Therefore, you’re looking at around $150 in savings by opting to go with Bootcamp.

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NCLEX Bootcamp
Deal: 10% OFF Use Code: TPI10

Verdict: Which NCLEX Prep Course Is Better?

When it comes to practice materials, the difference between Bootcamp and UWorld is minimal, though Bootcamp may have a slight edge.

We found Bootcamp’s practice questions to closely resemble actual NCLEX questions, while UWorld’s problem explanations received higher ratings.

However, in terms of comprehensive NCLEX preparation, Bootcamp emerges as the superior choice. Offering strategy lessons, a mobile app, and accurate readiness exams, Bootcamp is clearly the more robust NCLEX preparation option.

This is particularly noteworthy considering Bootcamp also offers a pass guarantee (UWorld does not). Plus, let’s not forget that Bootcamp is also considerably cheaper than UWorld as well.

All in all, this is an open and shut case – go with NCLEX Bootcamp.

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Which NCLEX prep course is better - Bootcamp or UWorld?

After our full review of the study materials that both companies offer, we give Bootcamp the win over UWorld when it comes to NCLEX prep. We rate Bootcamp’s NCLEX prep material out higher in just about every category, with the exception of problem explanations.

Are UWorld NCLEX assessments more accurate than Bootcamp's?

No, our team actually found the NCLEX practice questions and practice tests from Bootcamp to be more accurate and realistic than those from UWorld.