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NCLEX Bootcamp vs Archer Review

Detailed comparison of the NCLEX study materials from Bootcamp and Archer Review

Preparing for the NCLEX exam is a critical step for aspiring nurses, and choosing the right prep course can make a significant difference in achieving success. This article compares the NCLEX prep courses and study materials offered by Bootcamp and Archer Review, two popular options in the field. We’ll examine their key features, strengths, and weaknesses to help you decide which program best suits your learning style and needs.

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Outline: Archer vs NCLEX Bootcamp

Given this is a lengthy, detailed comparison, we’ve included helpful jump-to links above for easy navigation.

NCLEX Bootcamp

NCLEX Bootcamp

  • Multiple Course Options
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Multiple Course Options
  • Pass Guarantee
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • 9-part video strategy series is super helpful
  • Highly realistic practice questions
  • Robust and intelligent answer explanations
  • Accurate pass predicator to ensure you are ready for test day
  • Modern, intuitive mobile app for studying on-the-go
  • No hardcopy prep books or cheat sheets
  • Not as many practice questions as Archer
NCLEX Bootcamp
Deal: 10% OFF Use Code: TPI10

Why NCLEX Bootcamp Is Better Than Archer

To kick this comparison off, let’s start by discussing the advantages NCLEX Bootcamp has over Archer Review. Hopefully this gives you a good idea of whether NCLEX Bootcamp is the right choice to help you study for the NCLEX.

Quality Of Practice Materials

A major benefit of Bootcamp is their problem-solving approach to learning. The explanations they provide for their practice questions are outstanding—thorough, written in plain, accessible language, and often enhanced with useful visuals (similar to Kaplan NCLEX).

Furthermore, many solutions include a “key takeaway” section that underscores one or two essential points from each problem, ensuring you grasp the most critical information. This feature, along with the detailed rationales and helpful visuals, makes the learning process more effective and engaging.

NCLEX Bootcamp problem explanation
Example question from NCLEX Bootcamp

Additionally, the video breakdowns are exceptional. Bootcamp instructors methodically and practically walk you through each problem, making their explanations easy to understand.

Overall, the written and video explanations in the NCLEX Bootcamp program are highly effective and well-regarded.

Readiness Exams

Although Bootcamp’s Readiness Exams don’t perfectly replicate the NCLEX algorithm, they serve as a reliable gauge of your preparedness. Excelling on these practice tests suggests that you’re on the right track for the actual exam.

Conversely, if the detailed score report highlights areas needing improvement, you’ll know exactly where to concentrate your efforts.

NCLEX Bootcamp practice test
Practice exam from NCLEX Bootcamp

These practice exams offer valuable affirmation after weeks of study, helping to ease any lingering doubts you might have.

NCLEX Strategy Videos

Another standout feature is Bootcamp’s strategy series. These videos comprehensively cover the Next Gen testing format and scoring system and, crucially, offer numerous tips and tricks for tackling case studies and problems while steering clear of trap answers.

NCLEX Bootcamp answer solution
Our team really likes the videos from NCLEX Bootcamp

This targeted emphasis on test-taking strategies for the Next Gen exam is immensely beneficial. Unlike many other NCLEX courses, Bootcamp includes this crucial strategic element.

Pass Guarantee

Finally, Bootcamp provides a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass the NCLEX on your first try, giving you peace of mind and minimizing financial risk.

To be fair, Archer also offers a guarantee, but only for their more expensive SUREPASS courses (not for their other NCLEX prep courses).

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Archer Review NCLEX

Archer Review NCLEX

  • Dozens Of Study Bundles
  • Retake Guarantee
  • Dozens Of Study Bundles
  • Retake Guarantee
Our Score


  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • Dozens of study bundles to choose from (i.e. get exactly what you want)
  • Video lessons are pretty good in terms of content review
  • More practice questions than NCLEX Bootcamp
  • Printable handouts for studying on-the-go (250 pages)
  • Video lessons lack production value
  • Some answer explanations are thin (wish there was more detail)
  • No money back guarantee
Archer Review NCLEX
Shop Now Check Offers

Why Archer Review Is Better Than NCLEX Bootcamp

Now that you have a good understanding of what NCLEX Bootcamp brings to the table, let’s discuss the major reasons you should consider using Archer Review to help you prepare for the NCLEX.

Plethora Of Study Options

Archer Review offers a range of study options and packages for the NCLEX to cater to different learning needs.

These include self-paced courses, live online classes, and question banks with detailed rationales. Their packages often come with practice exams, strategy sessions, and comprehensive study guides to help students prepare effectively.

Additionally, they offer various subscription plans, allowing learners to choose the duration and intensity of their preparation.

More Practice Questions

Archer Review offers a greater number of NCLEX practice questions compared to NCLEX Bootcamp (2,900 vs 1,900), giving students a more extensive range of scenarios and topics to study. This abundance of practice questions allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the material and helps them become more adept at answering a variety of question types (similar to Nursing.com).

Archer Review NCLEX problem
Practice question from Archer Review

More practice opportunities can lead to better retention and improved test-taking skills, ultimately enhancing a student’s confidence and performance on the actual exam. By exposing students to a wider array of questions, Archer Review ensures they are thoroughly prepared for any challenge the NCLEX might present.

SurePass Review Sessions

Archer Review’s SurePass packages for NCLEX prep are designed to provide comprehensive support and maximize students’ chances of passing the exam.

One of the key features is the three-day live review classes, which offer intensive, instructor-led sessions that cover critical content and test-taking strategies. These live classes allow students to interact directly with experienced educators, ask questions in real-time, and receive immediate feedback.

This interactive and focused approach helps solidify understanding, boost confidence, and ensure students are well-prepared for the NCLEX exam.

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NCLEX Bootcamp
Deal: 10% OFF Use Code: TPI10

Verdict: Which NCLEX Prep Course Is Better?

Although Archer Review certainly scores points in a couple of key categories, namely its volume of practice questions and live class packages, our team believes NCLEX Bootcamp is the superior option.

Between their realistic practice material, detailed answer explanations, readiness exams, strategy videos, and pass guarantee, we believe NCLEX Bootcamp offers the more complete and effective prep course from top to bottom. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the NCLEX Bootcamp courses are quite affordable (less than $100 for three months of access).

All in all, although our team likes the NCLEX study materials from both companies, our recommendation would be to go with Bootcamp for your NCLEX prep needs.

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Which NCLEX prep materials are better, Archer or Bootcamp?

Archer Review and NCLEX Bootcamp each have their own strengths and weaknesses, however in the end, our team prefers the study materials from NCLEX Bootcamp thanks in large part to their realistic practice problems, readiness exams, and insightful strategy videos.

Do NCLEX Bootcamp and Archer Review offer money back guarantees?

Yes, NCLEX Bootcamp offers a Pass Guarantee for all of their courses. Archer Review, on the other hand, only offers a money back guarantee for their more expensive SurePass packages.