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Best DAT Prep Books

Our comprehensive guide to the best DAT study books available on the market

In order to get in to a top-tier dental school, it’s essential to get a great score on the Dental Admission Test (DAT). And as you can probably guess, it’s not an easy exam. This dental school entrance exam tests your readiness to endure a rigorous dental school program and assesses your skills within reading comprehension, quantitative reasoning, natural sciences and perceptual abilities. In this guide, we cover the best DAT prep books on the market to help you nail the exam and get accepted into the dental school of your choice.

Summary: The Best DAT Books of 2024

Based on our research and reviews, below find what we consider to be the best DAT prep books on the market:

  1. Kaplan DAT Prep Plus
  2. Mometrix Test Preparation DAT Prep Book
  3. The Princeton Review Cracking the DAT
  4. Sterling Test Prep DAT
  5. The Gold Standard DAT Prep Book

Keep reading for more information about our team’s list of the top rated DAT prep books.

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#1 | Kaplan DAT Prep Plus

Find all the practice you need to prepare for the DAT with Kaplan DAT Prep Plus. This comprehensive DAT prep book includes study planning guidance to help you make a plan while preparing for the dental admission test and applying for dental schools.

In addition, this DAT prep book includes test-taking strategies so that you are more familiar with not only the DAT content, but also the question types and the format of the dental admission test.

kaplan dat books

Kaplan’s DAT prep book includes a blueprint of the exam so you know how to navigate it when DAT test day arrives. The practice test interface mimics that of the actual DAT exam.

This was especially helpful for me, as it provided me the opportunity to become familiar with the testing format before the actual exam. I found realistic DAT practice tests and more than 600 DAT practice questions with detailed answers and explanations.

This book also includes two full-length DAT practice tests and a 12 full-color study sheets for the most common concepts covered on the DAT.

Kaplan is so confident with the thoroughness of this DAT prep book that they offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t score higher on the DAT. Coupled with the expert guidance created by veteran teachers who know everything there is to know about the DAT and 80 years of proven strategies, it’s no wonder why Kaplan’s DAT offering is one of the best DAT prep books on the market.

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#2 | Mometrix Test Preparation DAT Prep Book

Feel confident and ready to take the DAT when armed with the Mometrix Test Preparation DAT Prep Book. Mometrix offers the ideal prep solution for students seeking to score higher on the exam and get into their top dental school choices.

This DAT prep book features practice test questions complete with detailed answers and explanations so you can better understand the concepts. What’s most impressive is the complete review of each DAT test sections, including perceptual ability, reading comprehension, quantitative reasoning and natural sciences.

Mometrix DAT prep book

Gain more knowledge and skills to prepare for the perceptual ability portion with this DAT prep book. Mometrix covers all relevant skill sets and content areas you need to know, such as angle discrimination, paper folding, cube counting, view recognition and 3D form development.

This DAT prep book also includes a comprehensive review of reading comprehension that covers critical thinking, testing tips and comprehension skills. The quantitative reasoning portion within this DAT prep book includes questions and answers revolving around numerical calculations, geometry, trigonometry, probability and statistics and algebra.

I found it to also include a thorough review of natural science content focusing on biology as well as general and organic chemistry.

As one of the best DAT preparation resources, this comprehensive prep book also provides students with DAT practice tests, and especially helpful for me were the step-by-step video tutorials on difficult concepts. With test-taking strategies and time management tips, too, this prep guide will help you master the art of preparing for the DAT.

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#3 | The Princeton Review Cracking The DAT

When choosing this prep book, you’ll soon realize that if it’s on the test, it’s in the Princeton Review Cracking the DAT prep guide. This comprehensive prep book offers extensive DAT subject reviews and step-by-step examples that not only help you learn the content, but also understand the DAT question types. I also like that this prep book includes key information cheat sheets on every content area.

This DAT prep book features in-depth coverage of perceptual ability, math, reading comprehension, general chemistry, organic chemistry and biology. Learn your strengths and weaknesses and ramp up your DAT preparation with the illustrations, diagrams and tables that help to expand your knowledge of all four content areas on the DAT.

This book guide also includes a nice full-color, tear-out reference guide that you can take with you on the go to get in more DAT study time.

princeton review dat book

In my opinion, it is the DAT practice tests that make this one of the best DAT prep books. Students can access two full-length DAT practice tests online, each with detailed answers and explanations. Take advantage of the mini drills that help you recognize the test format and what to expect when taking the dental admission test.

The step-by-step instruction is also helpful, as well as the list of key terms and the glossary in each section of this DAT prep book. You’ll find proven techniques to help you master the dental admission test with this DAT prep resource.

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#4 | Sterling Test Prep DAT

Ramp up your knowledge of natural sciences to prepare for the DAT with this set of Sterling Test Prep DAT test prep books. Separated by content sections, choose from DAT prep books that focus solely on biology, general chemistry and organic chemistry when opting for Sterling Test Prep DAT prep.

Each one of these DAT prep books feature more than 15,000 DAT practice test questions that cover crucial concepts such as ecology, cell and molecular biology and genetics.

In addition to DAT practice tests and DAT questions, students also gain access to detailed answers and explanations that dive deep into concepts covered on the dental admission test. This DAT prep book goes one step further by explaining why one answer may seem correct, but with details about why it is not the correct answer.

For me, this was a critical advantage of this prep book. It helped me determine the reasons behind my incorrect responses. It’s sort of like having a DAT tutor by your side. All DAT practice questions have been vetted by science editors with expertise in teaching sciences and coaching students preparing for dental school admission.

Sterling Test Prep DAT book

What makes these DAT prep books stand out is the easy-to-navigate format and the thorough content that covers foundational theories and principles students must know to score well on the exam. It’s a targeted DAT review guide you need, especially when you need to increase your skills within natural sciences.

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#5 | The Gold Standard DAT Prep Book

Get ready to immerse yourself in a DAT test environment with The Gold Standard DAT Prep Book. This book includes general DAT strategies as well as one full-length, pull-out practice test that covers all DAT content areas, including perceptual ability, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, biology, general chemistry and organic chemistry.

The Gold Standard DAT Prep Book

This DAT prep book includes 1,300 DAT practice questions with detailed answers and explanations for improving your knowledge of each concept. Students who purchase this DAT prep resource also gain access to the online tools available for even more drills, tips and expert advice. What makes this DAT prep book a must-have is the additional tips and advice on how to improve your grades before applying to dental schools.

The Gold Standard DAT prep book is loaded with advice on how to master the dental school admission interview. In this resource guide, I was able to learn more about sample DAT interview questions and answers to help make a solid first impression. Get into the top-tier dental schools and showcase your talents and skills when armed with the best DAT prep books, such as the Gold Standard.

How To Prepare For The DAT

In order to do your best on the DAT, it’s best to plan ahead. Your comprehensive plan should include acquiring at least a couple different DAT prep books that fit your needs. This comprehensive guide offers you a head start in gathering the tools you need to succeed both on the DAT and in dental school. Each guide features actual concepts and review concepts you’ll find on the dental admission test, as well as time management tips.

Get a head start with preparing for the DAT by creating a comprehensive DAT study plan. Map out your time and stick to your schedule. Share your schedule with family and friends so they can be supportive of your efforts. Begin early so that you can perform to the best of your ability when the test day arrives. Familiarize yourself with all sections on the DAT, and identify any concepts that you find challenging.

Utilize the best DAT prep books to help you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Play into those strengths and work on concepts that you struggle with so that you can add more strengths to your list. Be sure to utilize the practice tests that are available in the prep books on our list. The more you practice, the better you will perform on test day.

It takes hard work and determination to master the concepts needed to gain entrance into a dental school. When armed with solid prep books, you can learn more about test-taking strategies, DAT content sections, time management, and strategies to boost your confidence before you take the DAT exam.

That said, for many students, DAT prep books alone won’t be enough. You may want to consider taking a full DAT prep course, which will provide more robust study resources like video lessons, live classes and practice tests.

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How much do DAT prep books cost?

On average, the best DAT prep books cost between $20-$80.

Will DAT prep books help raise your score?

Yes, most likely. However, if you’re looking for a large score increase, purchasing a DAT prep course is typically the more effective route.

What companies provide the best DAT prep books?

In our opinion, the DAT prep books from Kaplan, Princeton Review and Mometrix are the best in the industry.