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Best DAT Practice Tests & Questions

Our comprehensive guide covers the best DAT practice tests on the market to help you achieve a high score on the real exam

Achieving a high score on the Dental Admission Test will open doors and increase options for students when it comes to selecting a dental school. As such, when preparing for the DAT, dental school candidates often look for help in the form of practice questions and tests. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which DAT practice tests and questions are actually best? We help you answer that question in this researched review of the best DAT practice tests available.

Best DAT Practice Tests Summary

Below find a sneak peek at the companies that offer the best DAT practice questions on the market.

  1. Princeton Review DAT
  2. Kaplan DAT
  3. CrackDAT


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Princeton Review DAT – Books Resource
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Princeton Review DAT Practice Tests

What sets Princeton Review apart from other providers is the quality of their DAT questions and practice exams. Each full-length, computer-based practice test is designed to give you the real look and feel of the actual exam. Our team believes that by becoming familiar with the testing format through Princeton’s practice tests, you will likely have far less anxiety and stress when faced with the real deal on exam day.

This is because we have found that when comparing practice questions side-by-side with other prep providers, Princeton’s questions most closely match the content, difficulty and length of actual DAT exam questions. In other words, we find them to be the most realistic. With each practice exam you will receive a detailed score report to give you an indication about how performance would play out on the actual DAT.

princeton review dat practice question
Sample Princeton Review practice question

Princeton Review’s DAT practice exams come bundled with their DAT prep courses, and are not available as a separate purchase option. With that said, our team firmly believes that you will reap the most benefits in utilizing a prep course. In fact, Princeton Review is #1 on our list of Best DAT Prep Courses.

However, if you aren’t looking for the all-inclusive features of a full DAT review course and are interested only in practice exams to help you prepare for the DAT, Princeton Review might not be the right choice for you.

In terms of prep courses, Princeton Review’s DAT review options range in price from around $1,200 – $1,400, but are often seen on sale for less. Depending on your selected course, you will get either 3 or 4 full-length practice tests built to model the interface and questions of the actual DAT, workbooks, printed books, and live instruction from qualified instructors who’ve themselves scored highly on the exam. An added bonus: Princeton Review has a higher score guarantee with their higher end course.

Princeton review dat lesson
The full Princeton Review DAT course provides even more resources

As with other test prep providers, Princeton Review offers one free online practice exam to get you started and give you some insight about the exam. To gain access to more, you’ll need to enroll in one of their courses. Overall, in our opinion, Princeton’s practice exams are top-notch, and though they are not available as a standalone purchase, they shouldn’t be overlooked as a valuable component of their DAT review courses.

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Kaplan DAT Practice Tests

The highlight of Kaplan’s DAT practice exams is the amount of detail that comes with the explanations for each question. You will never be left wondering why your chosen answer was incorrect or why another answer was better. Kaplan’s practice exams are quite comprehensive, to the point where our team actually believes that they might even be a bit more difficult than those seen on the actual DAT exam. As such, we think that the practice tests offered by Kaplan will definitely prepare you for test day.

Unlike Princeton Review, Kaplan’s practice questions and tests can be purchased apart from their prep courses, with three different options. For about $100, you’ll get 90 days of access to Kaplan’s QBank, where you design your own quizzes from over 1,500 questions. The Practice Test Pack is the next option, at about $150, which will give you access for 90 days to 2 full-length DAT practice tests, including a score report and detailed explanations. Finally, the Self-Study Bundle gives you 4 months of access to the resources of both the QBank and Practice Test Pack, at a cost of about $200.

kaplan dat practice question
Kaplan practice question example

If you are thinking that 2 full-length practice exams aren’t enough, or if you’re looking for more comprehensive prep resources, Kaplan also offers full courses starting at around $900, where you can learn online, on-demand or in person, as well as 7 full-length practice exams instead of the 2 that are included in the Practice Test Pack. Our team believes that the added features that come with Kaplan’s full prep courses are worth the added cost, but also realize that it might be cost prohibitive for some students, so we are glad to see that they offer the Self-Study Bundle.

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CrackDAT Practice Tests

CrackDAT is a preparation service that is specifically geared toward the DAT, as opposed to Princeton and Kaplan, which offer a range of prep courses for many different exams. Like Princeton, their practice exams are not offered as a separate option, but are included in their prep packages.

Included in the Ultimate DAT Bundle, you will have access to 10 full length practice exams. Each practice test is followed up with a video explanation for each question as well as analytics to help you with timing issues. With just a couple of exceptions, we found the questions on the CrackDAT practice exams to be largely similar to those on the actual DAT. We felt CrackDAT did a good job mirroring the content coverage on the real DAT exam.

That said, we believe the Reading Comprehension passages on the practice exams to be much longer than those we encountered on the actual exam. We didn’t see this as a disadvantage, but felt a little overwhelmed when trying to get through the long text, which may not provide much additional help given the actual exam questions are briefer.

dat cracker practice
A sample PAT question from CrackDAT

Further, the PAT questions, in our opinion, didn’t accurately represent the difficulty level of those questions we encountered on the real exam. It’s not that they didn’t have value, but we would recommend beefing up your PAT studies with other resources if PAT is an area of weakness for you. Otherwise, our team was pleased with the quality of CrackDAT’s practice materials. The testing interface provides a fairly good representation of the format you will see on the DAT, so you should feel confident with the structure of the exam on test day.

Depending on your selected CrackDAT prep course, you can plan on spending anywhere between $300 and $1,000, which will give you somewhere between 3 and 6 months of access to the content. And, like other companies, CrackDAT often offers discounts on their prep packages. Like other DAT prep companies, they also offer a free trial so you can take a shortened DAT practice test in order to try out the interface before purchasing. As with Princeton Review, if you are looking solely for practice exams and not the added benefits of a prep course, you may want to look at other options than CrackDAT.

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Why Practice Tests Are Important For The DAT

You’ve often heard the saying “Practice Makes Perfect”. Preparing for the DAT is no exception. One of the best ways you can prepare to get a good score is by taking practice exams. Not only will practice exams give you an understanding of what types of questions you’ll see on the DAT exam, they will also help you become familiar with the testing format, which will reduce your anxiety and stress levels on test day.

Additionally, practice tests and the score reports will help you identify areas of weakness so you can focus your efforts on making improvements in those areas. Upgrading to a full DAT prep course will give you the added benefits of live or on demand video instruction, textbooks, and more, and are a good option if you are uncertain if practice tests alone will adequately prepare you for the DAT. Whichever prep option to choose, you will be ready to succeed on the DAT.


How much do DAT practice tests cost?

It depends. Some test prep companies provide DAT practice tests for free, while others charge anywhere from $50-$200 for a test bundle. Alternatively, you can always opt for a DAT prep course, which typically come with several practice tests included.

Will DAT practice tests help improve your score?

Yes, taking and reviewing practice tests are one of the best ways to prepare for the DAT exam.

Why are DAT practice tests important?

Taking and reviewing DAT practice tests will help you identify weaknesses so you can adjust your preparation accordingly. Practice exams will also give you a feel for what the real test will be like so you know what to expect.