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Rosh Review OB/GYN Qbank Review

An in-depth review and analysis of the ABOG Qualifying Exam Qbank from Rosh Review

There’s no doubt that you learn a lot being an OB/GYN resident, but prepping for the ABOG written exam is a totally different animal. It’s a brutally tough exam that will truly test the scope of your medical knowledge. As such, the reality is that you’ll likely need a question bank to prep and pass. I’ve tested a few different Qbanks at this pointsome good, some not so good. In this guide, I break down my thoughts on the Rosh Review Qbank, and provide an opinion of whether I think it’s worth it. 

Rosh Review OB/GYN Qbank

Rosh Review OB/GYN

  • Three Subscription Options
  • Optional Mock Exams
  • Three Subscription Options
  • Optional Mock Exams
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  • Love the stunning visuals in the problem explanations
  • Answer explanations are very detailed, yet readable and easy to understand
  • Thorough and useful performance analytics
  • “One Step Further” feature is great for driving home material
  • Would be nice if Rosh included video lectures (like Dr. Wall’s)
  • Full ABOG mock exam costs extra
Rosh Review OBGYN Qbank qualifying exam
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My Thoughts On Rosh Review’s OB/GYN Qualifying Exam Qbank

My first reaction to the Rosh Review Qbank was that I immediately liked the interface. Once you purchase the Qbank and sign up, you land on the dashboard, which is so easy to use. There are literally just four tabs at the top that guide you: Home, Create Exam, My Exams, and Performance Analysis. Pretty simple and straightforward

Honestly, the same goes for the program as a whole. There is nothing fancy or complex about this Qbank. You create a practice test, do the practice test, review your answers (either along the way or at the end), and analyze your progress in the performance analysis section. That’s it. 

Rosh Review OBGYN Qbank

In terms of creating a custom quiz, one of the nicest things about Rosh Review is the flexibility in customization. You make the test whatever length you want, have it timed or untimed, do it in tutor mode or test mode, filter by question type, and more.

It is a really strong, flexible program in that respect, and I like that you can narrowly target your weaknesses. This was a big plus in my opinion.

Then once inside a practice set, I found the problems to be highly realistic pf what you’ll see on exam day. The ABOG written exam tests you in deeper and broader ways than clinic or hospital, and you really need to be ready for the format and content of the exam. To this end, in my opinion, Rosh did a nice job mimicking the real test experience

However, the true value in this course lies in the problem explanations that come with each question. They are in-depth, yet easy to read and comprehend at the same time. 

Rosh Review OBGYN Create A Test

Some did get a little too lengthy and detailed at times in my personal opinion, but 90% of them are just right. They break down all the answer choice options (which is very important) and give solid reasoning as to why you were right or wrong. I really didn’t have much to complain about with the written solutionsthey were rock solid.

Just as important as the text-based portion of each rationale though, I also really liked the visuals that Rosh provides. A lot of other Qbanks don’t provide visuals with their explanations, and this is a big deal—especially for visual learners.

The Rosh Review images and graphic elements are some of the best I’ve seen, and do a very good job of visually breaking down underlying concepts and rationales. I was super impressed with them. 

Rosh Review OBGYN boards prep

However, of everything I’ve discussed to this point, my favorite feature of all with Rosh Review is actually one of the smallest—the “One Step Further” question. At the end of very problem explanation there is a very succinct and straightforward question that directly tests your understanding of the concept.

Most are based on a true/false response, and for me, they were the perfect capstone to think through the “why” of each problem and have an actionable takeaway. Again, this is a small feature, but very important

Lastly, I need to note the “quick reviews” that appear at the end of some explanations. These are just quick bullet points of need-to-know info, and I found value in those as well.

Then, of course, there’s the standard flagging function and other basic features of a Qbank. There was nothing too crazy or outside the box with the other features associated with this Qbank. 

Rosh Review OBGYN Performance Report

As for the final component, the performance analysis, I was generally impressed. I thought Rosh provided useful data for more narrowly targeting weaknesses, and provided sufficient detail in their metrics.

It was easy to understand and make some small, actionable changes. Of these, my favorite was the “Probably of Passing” metric. Watching that go up from 50% to 60% to 90% definitely gives you motivation and helps calm your nerves. 

I guess my biggest complaint about Rosh Review was that they make you pay extra for a full-length ABOG mock exam. And it’s not exactly cheap. Their Mock ABOG Qualifying Exam costs $120, which is about a quarter of the cost of the entire Qbank.

This isn’t a huge deal, but in my opinion, they should include at least one mock exam with the Qbank which you can take right at the end before test day. 

Rosh Review OBGYN Qbank Practice

Also, I know this is understood going into it, but there are no video lectures with the Rosh Review package. If you want video review, you’ll need to find that elsewhere. Honestly, if Rosh made a solid video lecture series and included it as a bonus add-on, it could be a game changer. 

However, in the end, I really like the OB/GYN Qualifying Exam Qbank from Rosh Review. I thought the problems were realistic. The Qbank itself was easy to use and navigate. The explanations were incredibly insightful and powerful (especially with all of the visuals and the “one step further” feature). And the price really isn’t that bad. At a little under $600, I think it’s a fair price for a very thorough and practical study tool. 


Is Rosh Review good for OB/GYN Qualifying Exam prep?

In my opinion, Rosh Review has a very solid Qbank, and is better than most other study products I’ve used and reviewed. The problems are realistic, and the accompanying rationales are near best in class.

How much does Rosh Review’s OB/GYN Qbank cost?

The Rosh Review OB/GYN Qualifying Exam Qbank costs right around $600. Though a little expensive, it is a thorough and in-depth study tool.

Do you need to supplement the Rosh Review OB/GYN Qbank with any other study resources?

You don’t have to supplement the Rosh Review OB/GYN Qbank, but I did so with Dr. Wall’s virtual course video series. That helped as well.