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Rosh Review PANCE Qbank Review

A detailed review of the PANCE Qbank from Rosh Review

There’s no doubt that you learn a lot during PA school. Physician assistant programs are brutally tough to survive, and you take in a ton of info, but just being honest, the PANCE exam is on a different level compared to PA school tests. As such, you’re very likely going to need a question bank (at a minimum) to prep and pass after you’ve graduated. I’ve used and reviewed a few different Qbanks at this point, all with mixed results. In this review, I cover my thoughts on the Rosh Review Qbank, and give you my opinion on whether I think it’s worth it. 

Rosh Review PANCE Qbank

Rosh Review PANCE

  • Three Subscription Options
  • Optional Live Course
  • Three Subscription Options
  • Optional Live Course
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  • The problem explanations are incredibly detailed, yet easy to read and understand
  • Answer explanations contain a bunch of helpful visuals and charts
  • We found the performance analytics to be genuinely useful
  • Very cool “One Step Further” feature that delivers actionable takeaways and key points
  • Would love to see Rosh Review include some video lessons and prep books
  • Full PANCE review course costs extra
Rosh Review PANCE Qbank
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My Thoughts On Rosh Review’s PANCE Qbank

One of the greatest benefits of the Rosh Review Qbank in my opinion is the overall simplicity of the program. The interface is clean, easy to use, and modern. It’s super intuitive and I just loved how easy it is to jump in, set up practice sets, and review performance. 

In fact, it’s so simple that there are literally just four sections of the program: Home, Create Exam, My Exams, and Performance Analysis. That’s it. 

That’s probably the biggest takeaway that I can share about the Rosh Review PANCE prep program. There are no bells or whistles with this Qbank

You create a practice test, do the practice test, review your answers (either along the way or at the end), and analyze your progress in the performance analysis section. It’s really that simple. 

Of course, that’s just the Qbank. Rosh Review now also offers a full PANCE prep course, with live classes and such, but I only purchased and used the Qbank

In any event, the first step in terms of actually leveraging the program is creating a custom quiz. And one of the coolest aspects of this Qbank is the ability to customize your practice set.

Rosh Review PANCE Quiz
Creating a custom practice set

You can make the quiz whatever length you want (literally from 2 questions to 100 questions), which is great if you’re going to have a crazy schedule while studying. 

Somedays you might only have 10 minutes to study, and a 5-question set might be all you can do. In that case, give yourself some grace and just be happy knowing you got some studying in. It’s all about consistency

But there might be other days that you have a few hours to study and can do two separate 60-question sets. So the flexibility is really nice in that respect.

Also, you can make the quiz timed (test mode) or untimed (tutor mode), filter out certain topics by question type if you’re already good in those subjects, and more. 

From a structural perspective, it is a really powerful and flexible program which allows you to tailor quizzes to your scheduling needs and personal strengths and weaknesses. This is a major advantage in my opinion.

Rosh Review PANCE Problem Explanation
Rosh Review PANCE problem explanation

As for the practice work itself, I found the problems to be highly realistic of what you’ll see on exam day. Not only is the content, difficulty and style of the problems on point, but the problems in the Rosh program are also often based on images, audio clips, charts, EKG’s, x-rays, and more – just like the real thing. Therefore, to this end, I think Rosh did a nice job mimicking the real exam experience

That being said, I think the most valuable aspect of this course is each problem’s accompanying explanation. The Rosh rationales are in-depth, yet easy to read and understand at the same time. Plus, most of them include some really stunning and useful visuals. 

Now I will say that some were just plain too long at times, and I felt that they included an overdose of info, but the majority are the right length. And interestingly, you do get a feel for the rationales after a while and can sense when they do include a little too much info, so you can skip ahead to the “One Step Further” and “Rapid Review” features. Let me explain those.

Rosh Review PANCE Practice Work
Typical practice question

At the bottom of every problem explanation, there are these little bonus tools. The “One Step Further” feature is a very succinct and straightforward question that directly tests your understanding of the concept. They are very simple, yet poignant questions that test your high-level knowledge. 

A lot of them require a one-word answer or true/false response, but personally, I think they’re a great capstone to think through the “why” of each problem. It’s a nice little actionable takeaway at the end of every problem, and is a small, but valuable feature. 

Similarly, the “Rapid Reviews” are quick bullet points of need-to-know info about the topic being tested, and give you a factual takeaway.

Rosh Review PANCE Practice
The “one step further” and “rapid review” features

Basically, between the detailed answer solution, “One Step Further” question and “Rapid Review,” this is the real value of the Rosh Review question bank.

It’s not the problems themselves (I mean other companies like BoardVitals also have good questions) or the performance metrics and analysis (see Kaplan for that), but the actionable, insightful and genuinely helpful problem explanations. That is where the real money is with this Qbank in my opinion.

Rosh Review does have some other basic functions and features that just about every Qbank has, such as the ability to flag hard problems that you want to return to later, but otherwise, there was nothing too different or off-the-wall with this Qbank. It’s nice and simple, just the way I like it. 

However, I do want to give Rosh Review one last shoutout for their performance analysis.

Generally speaking, I think Rosh does a really nice job providing useful data for more narrowly targeting weaknesses. There is a ton of detail in their metrics, and it’s presented in a really easy to digest, visual way.

They even have a “Probably of Passing” metric, which is fun to watch go up.

Rosh Review PANCE Problem Solution
The problem solutions are very in-depth

I suppose if I did have one complaint about Rosh Review’s PANCE Qbank, it’s that there are no video lessons with your study package. If you want some video lectures for content review, you’ll need to look elsewhere, like Kaplan. 

However, it should be noted that Rosh Review did just add a full PANCE review course in the last year or so, which includes four full days of live class time with two instructors. 

Now, the issue I see with that though is that while the live class series might be great for content review, it only gives you 500 or so practice problems, while the Qbank has close to 4,000. So they kind of make you choose between the two study products. And each one is pretty expensive (relatively speaking) in its own right. 

The Qbank costs somewhere between $270 and $470, while the live course package is $350. So to combine them and get the live classes + all 4,000 problems in the Qbank, you’re looking at around $600. That would be my only real complaint. I’m sure either/or will be fine for most folks, but I think it would be cool if they combined both into one really robust package and offered it for like $500. That would be awesome. 

However, that gripe about cost/product options aside, I was really impressed with the PANCE Qbank from Rosh Review. For one, the problems are very realistic and a good match for exam day experience. And for two, the problem explanations are very, very good. They are insightful and deep, while still providing useful visuals and little bonus features at the end. Bottom line, I think Rosh Review’s PANCE Qbank is a great study tool for visual learners and those who learn best by doing. 


Is Rosh Review good for PANCE exam prep?

I had a really good experience with Rosh Review’s PANCE Qbank and would recommend it. I think the problems are highly realistic of what you’ll see on test day and the accompanying explanations are spot on.

How much does Rosh Review’s PANCE Qbank cost?

The Rosh Review PANCE Qbank costs somewhere between $270 and $470 depending on the features you want, while their full review course with live classes costs $350. To combine the packages would cost around $600.

Is the Rosh Review Qbank alone enough to pass the PANCE?

Unless you need a lot of direct content review to refresh your knowledge from PA school, I think the PANCE Qbank alone is enough. The problem explanations contain a lot of detail and should be enough help to get you through the exam. That’s especially true for those that learn best by doing.