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Quimbee Bar Review

Our detailed review of the Quimbee Bar Review course

After years of helping law students prepare for class with case briefs, outlines and practice questions, Quimbee has changed the game with its full bar review course. Going well beyond classroom study aids with licensed real bar exam questions, video lessons, and MBE subject-specific outlines, this new bar review package has taken Quimbee’s reputation as a law school resource to a whole new level. But does the maker of your tried and tested case briefs deliver the goods with its new bar exam prep course? Read on to get our full analysis and thoughts in this in-depth review guide.

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Quimbee Bar Review Outline

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Honest Quimbee Review Video

In the video above, John from the Test Prep Insight team walks you through what you need to know about the Quimbee bar review course. Of course, you can always keep reading for more details.

Quimbee Bar Review

Quimbee Bar Review

  • Full Bar Review or MBE-Only
  • Self-Paced Online
  • Full Bar Review or MBE-Only
  • Self-Paced Online
Our Score


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  • At under $1,000, Quimbee is an incredible value (bang for your buck)
  • Extremely well-crafted outlines convey only the most need-to-know material
  • Short and engaging cartoon-filled video lessons hold your attention
  • Attack outlines (called "quicklines") are awesome for the final push
  • Not as much content review as you get with other courses
  • Left us wanting more video lessons
Quimbee Bar Review
SALE: 10% OFF Applied In Cart

Quimbee Course Options & Pricing

Quimbee offers just two course options with respect to bar prep – its MBE Review course and full Bar Review package. The MBE Review offering is a one-week intensive course focused on the MBE only. Over the course of 7 days you watch dozens of video lessons, hammer through thousands of practice MBE problems, review explanations, learn strategies, and take diagnostic tests.

Together it makes for a short, but very intense prep experience that will leave you ready for all things MBE. This package costs around $500, which is more than similar MBE-only crash courses cost (such as the course offered by Bar Prep Hero), though this course provides additional guidance and hand holding.

Quimbee bar review mbe
States covered by Quimbee

The full Quimbee Bar Review course on the other hand covers everything the UBE, Florida or California bar exams may throw at you. There is no short-fuse timeline on this course like there is with the MBE course, but there is a personalized study calendar that will guide you through thousands of practice problems and hundreds of video lessons.

This full package costs just under $1,000 and is generally much more affordable than comparable full prep options from traditional prep companies like Themis and BarBri (but still slightly more than other budget prep providers like Crushendo).

Course options and pricing current as of date of publication

Evaluation of Lessons & Coursework

Comprised of a mix of video lessons, subject specific outlines, coursebooks, and practice problems, the Quimbee curriculum is 100% online. There are no in-person classes, live online lectures or scheduled learning sessions of any kind with Quimbee. Everything is digital, and ready for your consumption when you are.

The course is driven by your personalized study calendar, which provides direction on exactly what to study each day. The daily coursework generally includes video lessons, reading assignments from outlines and coursebooks, and tons of practice problems. Unlike some other bar prep companies that only provide practice (like AdaptiBar) or focus on class time, Quimbee provides a nice balance across the different forms of coursework.

Quimbee video lesson
Quimbee video lesson example

All in, Quimbee provides access to 200+ video lessons across the 7 major bar topics, including civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law and procedure, evidence, torts, and real property, plus all essay subjects.

These video lessons take the shape of funny little cartoon skits, with animated litigants, lawyers, judges and the like. They are not exactly bend over laughing kind of cartoons, or even fun for that matter, but they are definitely engaging. Every time a cartoon video lesson came across my queue for assigned work, I got excited. They just break up the inevitable monotony of bar review and provide a nice visualization of otherwise dry material.

These video lessons will be particularly effective for visual learners. They serve to exemplify particular legal principles and issues through their interesting illustrations. I personally found them to really increase the effectiveness of material retention and improve my recall. My only complaint is that there are not more of them. The videos are not long and 200 videos do not go far over the course of a 60-day study period.

Beyond the short video lessons, your primary instruction will come from the Quimbee outlines and coursebooks. The outlines cover MBE and MEE subjects and are not so different from the quality you would expect from their normal law school outlines.

They are detailed, clear and especially well-organized. I was particularly impressed with Quimbee’s ability to cut out all the unnecessary fluff and filler material while still maintaining a nice balance of detail.

In my opinion, the coursebooks and outlines are more valuable than the video lessons and should be the basis of your content review. They are offered in both digital and hard copy format (though the print versions will cost you an extra $150).

In addition to the content-rich outlines, you will also get some nice strategy guides covering MBE, MEE and MPT. These guides offer some excellent actionable strategies and tips for attacking the various sections of the exam. Altogether, the written materials provided by Quimbee offer significant value and you will spend a good chunk of time flipping through these resources.

Moving on to the practice material, Quimbee provides some solid practice resources to complement its content review and instructional study material. In total, they offer more than 3,500 practice problems, with a good chunk of those being official NCBE-licensed bar questions. This is where you get the most bang for your buck from a practice perspective with Quimbee – the quality of their practice questions.

Quimbee bar review question
Quimbee bar review practice question

There is no better way of practicing than with real, previously used bar exam questions. The relevancy and quality simply cannot be disputed. In addition, Quimbee provides some excellent problem explanations to accompany each and every MBE question.

These explanations dive into the details of the underlying jurisprudence, legal principles at play and why each answer choice is correct or incorrect. While some courses only comment on the correct answer choice, Quimbee seems to provide a more fulsome view of the issues through analysis of each choice. This provides the opportunity for a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

I personally found these explanations to be very well-written and clear, breaking down some very nuanced issues into understandable bite-sized bits of info. In addition, I like how Quimbee provides a percentage breakdown of how your peers answered the question, so you can see where you align with other students.

All in all, I was very impressed with the Quimbee coursework and lessons, especially given that this course is pretty new. Do not be confused, this course is not as comprehensive or robust as Kaplan or similar traditional courses, but it offers a dang good value for the price.

It covers all of the relevant material needed through a nice mixture of media, including video lessons, reading assignments and practice sets. When considering which bar review course is best for your needs, just keep in mind that the Quimbee course offers no live classes.

Quimbee Practice Tests

In total, Quimbee’s full Bar Review course offers 4 full-length diagnostic exams. This not only helps to reinforce material you have been covering and test your knowledge, but it also conditions your mind and body for the real exam.

Quimbee bar review practice
Example of Quimbee practice question

I wish they offered a few more than 4 diagnostic tests, but overall I was satisfied with this amount. The more limited Quimbee MBE Review package provides just one full-length MBE exam, but it’s hard to expect more than that in a one-week crash course.

Interface and Digital Platform

There are generally high expectations around interface and usability when a course is billed as “100% digital,” and Quimbee gets high marks in this area. Their digital platform is simple and easy to use, while maintaining an air of modernity and professionalism. It is a very nice balance. The layout of their portal (where you will spend a good portion of time) is clean and well organized, and the responsiveness is very snappy.

I particularly liked the testing software for the practice questions. The choice of font, sizing, design and layout all come together for a very aesthetically appealing appearance. When you’re going to spend hours working practice problems and reading explanations, it is nice when the experience is pleasing. In sum, top marks for Quimbee’s interface and user experience.

Does Quimbee Have Bar Review Books?

In short, yes and no. Rather than having lengthy prep books like some of the test prep giants in the bar review space, Quimbee leans on their classic outlines and a couple of coursebooks. Designed for efficiency, these content-packed outlines and lesson books are available online in PDF form.

That said, you can pay a little extra at checkout to get them in print form. Although I normally prefer print over digital for prep materials, I opted not to get the print materials based on the cost in this instance, but regretted it later.

If you’re on the fence about getting the print outlines, just do it. You’re already paying $1,000 for a prep course, so what’s another $150? If you go this route you will get the UBE coursebook, MBE outlines, MEE outlines, and MPT workbook (or the CA or FL materials, if you’re sitting in one of those states), all in paperback.

Additional Study Resources From Quimbee

Outside of the video lessons, PDF outlines and lesson books, and practice problems, Quimbee does not provide much in the way of extra resources. This is not a total shocker given their high value price point. However, the one resource most worth highlighting is their personalized feedback on practice essays.

You can submit up to 3 sample essays and 1 performance test to Quimbee and they will have one of their trained attorney graders read and comment on your work. This is a very nice benefit.

Quimbee bar essay grading
Quimbee essay grading service

This feature is not designed to improve your overall writing skills, but rather how you approach the MEE essays, your issue spotting abilities, and your underlying substantive knowledge.

I personally loved this resource. The feedback I got on my essays was insightful and very comprehensive. It was a lot more than a couple comments like “expand on this” or “you missed an issue here.” The attorney grader assigned to me offered some truly beneficial insights and advice on how to better attack essay prompts.

You will also get access to decent performance analytics, but these are nothing worth writing home about. The metrics provided include a breakdown of your testing performance by bar subtopic, importance of that particular area, and the percentage correct and incorrect. These are not exactly the most powerful or insightful analytics we have seen, but they are useful.

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Online Content Access Period

With the purchase of Quimbee’s Bar Review course you will get lifetime access to their online materials – sort of. While there are definitely cutoff periods synced up with bar exam dates after which you will lose access to your materials, if you fail your bar exam, Quimbee will let you repeat the course as many times as necessary.

So while in looking at immediate access, you only get a couple months of prep time with their resources, in the larger sense you really get a lifetime of access as they will keep letting you retake the course as long as is necessary. Though hopefully you don’t need that lifetime pass….

Quimbee’s Mobile App

In addition to a first-rate digital platform, Quimbee also offers a pretty nifty little mobile app. Perfect for students on the go or those with remote learning needs, the mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

The app hooks up to your online student account and gives you access to all of your study materials. This is especially valubale, as most companies’ mobile apps offer limited functionality (usually just a few hundred flashcards).

Having access to your video lessons, outlines and practice problems on your iPhone is huge. If you’re killing time between shifts at work or on the bus, bust out the app and knock out some of your daily tasks. While not quite as strong as the incredible app offered by BarMax, this Quimbee app is a true value.

Money Back Guarantee

Quimbee is so confident that you’ll pass the bar after taking their course that they offer a money back guarantee. Just complete at least 75% of their prep materials, take the bar in one of their covered jurisdictions, and get your money back if you don’t pass.

Plus, you can also repeat the course at no extra cost. These are very generous offerings and something you don’t get with just every bar prep course. It’s always nice having a safety net.

Verdict: Quimbee Bar Review Course

To be honest, most self-studiers and DIY’ers will need to look no further than Quimbee Bar Review for their bar prep needs. Despite being relatively new to the bar review space, Quimbee offers a very robust prep curriculum and set of study resources. Their video lessons are highly engaging and help you to understand otherwise nuanced legal issues, improving overall learning and material retention. In addition, you get the classic outlines from Quimbee you know and love, but blown up for full scale MBE content review. These outlines, as well as the coursebooks, are detailed, well-written and generally a huge value add.

If there is any downside to the Quimbee course, it’s that it left me wanting more video lessons and full-length diagnostic tests. The 200 or so video lessons go quickly and offer such a nice reprieve from reading and practice problems that you pray to see them mixed into your daily tasks. And while 4 diagnostic exams are helpful, I would like to see a few more over the course of a couple months of study time. But all in all, Quimbee provides a very high-quality bar prep course at a great value. For those students seeking a first-rate, comprehensive bar review course that they can tackle at their own speed online, Quimbee may be your answer.


How much does Quimbee Bar Review cost?

Quimbee offers two prep packages, costing approximately $500 and $1,000, respectively. The more affordable course covers MBE only, while their full bar review course covers the entire bar exam for California, Florida, or UBE jurisdictions.

Is Quimbee Bar Review completely online?

Yes, Quimbee is an entirely digital bar review course. There are no live lessons, classroom work or in-person meetings of any kind. All of your study is online.

What kind of study materials do I get with Quimbee Bar Review?

Quimbee Bar Review provides access to video lessons, digital coursebooks and outlines, practice problems, diagnostics tests, and more.