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INBDE Booster Review

A full review of the INBDE Booster course after using this prep program

INBDE Booster is by far one of the most popular study resources on the market for prepping for the INBDE. However, before you invest your time and money into this course, you likely want to know whether it’s worth it. In this guide, I’ll break down how this prep program works, note the different features that it’s built on, discuss its price as compared to other INBDE prep tools, and of course, give you my thoughts on whether I think it’s the real deal.

INBDE Booster

INBDE Booster

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  • Free Trial
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  • Study notes, cheat sheets, and anki decks are superb and add a ton of value
  • Value price point (much more affordable than competitors)
  • Practice problems are highly realistic of real exam questions
  • Video breakdowns of each practice problem
  • Clean and easy-to-use platform
  • Video lessons are short and digestible
  • Wish they included more video lectures
  • No printed materials (all digital)
  • Wish the study schedule was directly integrated into dashboard
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Article Outline & Table of Contents

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Video Review: Is INBDE Booster Worth It?

In the video above, Test Prep Insight contributor John explains what we like and don’t like about the INBDE Booster course after using it. Please keep reading for more info.

How The INBDE Booster Program Works

I think the best place to start this review is by simply breaking down how the INBDE Booster course works. This will help to provide a foundation of understanding before launching into the strengths and weaknesses of this course.

All of the study material in the INBDE Booster course is generally broken out by topic. There are seven primary testable subjects, and the course content is all bucketed into these groups. This means there are modules for the following:

  • Ethics & Behavior
  • Pharmacology
  • Patient Management
  • Diagnosis & Disorders
  • Fields of Dentistry
  • Anatomy
  • Research

Within each of these buckets there is some combination of study tools. These tools can include question banks, study notes, video lessons, cheat sheets, and flashcards. Each topic-based module contains some combination of those tools.

INBDE Booster Program
A look inside the INBDE Booster program

For example, under the Anatomy category, there are question banks, streamable video lectures, study notes, and some flashcards. That’s a pretty typical example. Moreover, the materials themselves are just what they sound like.

  • The question banks are practice problem sets with accompanying solutions in text and video format.
  • The video lessons are on demand video lectures that you can stream.
  • The study notes are detailed PDFs of everything you need to know for a given topic.
  • The cheat sheets are quick-hit one pagers.
  • The flashcards are comprised of anki decks.

Plus, Booster also kicks in some case-based scenarios, one full-length mock exam, and a detailed study guide which holds everything together.

Without the study guide, the course would feel a little disjointed because materials are just bucketed by topic; however, the 8-week study schedule they give you guides you through all of the study material in a very sequenced and particular order.

It is very thorough, even telling you when to rest. In my opinion, it’s the glue that holds the program together.

INBDE Booster cheat sheet PDF
One of the INBDE Booster cheat sheets

Stepping back, to put things in context, you follow their study schedule and work your way through all of the content in the course. I would venture that an average study day can take anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours depending on what’s on the schedule, as well as how fast you’re studying.

As such, do make sure to check ahead at the end of each day to see what you have coming up for the following day, as it does vary. Otherwise, that’s about it for a big picture overview. You take it day-by-day and work your way through all of the materials in the program.

INBDE Booster Price

Before we jump into discussing the strengths and weaknesses of this program, let’s quickly cover the price of INBDE Booster.

INBDE Booster has just one course offering, their premium membership. It costs $249 and buys you 90 days of access to all of Booster’s study tools and materials.

INBDE Booster case scenario
INBDE Booster case-based scenario

Putting that in context, INBDE Booster is cheaper than just about every other prep provider in the industry, including their closest rival, INBDE Bootcamp. Booster is about $50 cheaper than Bootcamp (their course retails for $299), so frankly, I think it’s a pretty strong value at around $250.

Plus, I would just note that despite the pretty affordable price tag, Booster still frequently runs sales and special promotions, and a lot of times you can find their course on sale, so be sure to check for discount codes before buying.

INBDE Booster Strengths

Having covered how the INBDE Booster course works and how it compares with other companies from a pricing perspective, let’s get down to the important stuff. I want to outline a few things I really like about INBDE Booster, as well as a couple things I also don’t care for. I’ll start with the positives.

Practice Work That Mimics The Real Exam

The first highlight of this program is the practice work. In short, we think Booster has about the most realistic INBDE practice material in the industry. In terms of mimicking exam style, question length, content, and difficulty, they’ve done a great job.

Specifically, there are a few points I’d like to make. The Booster case-based scenarios are particularly helpful for prepping. The full-length mock exam is a perfect capstone to the course right before test day. And finally, most of the problems come with awesome two- to three-minute explainer videos.

INBDE Booster practice problem
A practice problem from INBDE Booster

These videos are way better than reading some lengthy text solution and they offer useful, little digestible insights. Basically, we were big fans of these videos.

Given how important practicing under exam-like conditions is for INBDE prep, this is a big advantage for Booster.

Superb Written Study Materials

The study notes and cheat sheets from Booster are simply superb, especially all of the visual elements that they layer into them.

The images and graphics are great for demonstrating key points, and the notes find a nice balance of detail and conciseness.

INBDE Booster study notes
We love the INBDE Booster study notes

When you combine the detailed study notes with the higher-level cheat sheets and flashcards, it’s a powerful combo for distilling down and memorizing key content.

Slick Features & Interface

Next, I think Booster has done a nice job by adding in a couple of cool features: their marking system and performance analytics.

On the first point, Booster allows you to essentially bookmark problems as you go, and then review them under a tab from the dashboard. This is great for working on your weaknesses and we really liked this little feature.

The second, Booster has some great performance analytics and insights based on question bank performance. We found this feature really useful as well. These are two small but powerful functions.

Incredible Price Point

Finally, the value price point has to get some attention. I don’t care to harp on this as it is discussed more fully above, but at $249, I think Booster is a great bargain.

They’re obviously the value prep provider in the industry, but it doesn’t even feel like it. Although they’re only a fraction of the cost of Bootcamp, for the money, I’m not sure you can do much better from a quality perspective.

INBDE Booster Weaknesses

Moving over to the negatives of this prep course, there are two things specifically that I would like to note.

Left Wanting More Video Lessons

First, I wish that INBDE Booster would add some more video lessons to their library. Basically, the video lectures they do have are great, but there just aren’t that many of them.

They have great production value, the instructors are incredibly engaging, and the content is on point. And from what I understand, they are releasing more all the time, but they honestly can’t do it fast enough. For visual learners, I have a feeling you will be left wanting more.

INBDE Booster Video Lesson
Typical INBDE Booster video lesson

To be fair, to fill in the gaps while they get their own library built out, they do provide links on over the free Mental Dental YouTube video series, but honestly, video-for-video, I prefer Booster’s videos to Mental Dental’s.

As such, I just wish they’d speed things up and drop a whole bunch of these videos.

No Printed Materials

My second complaint is that there aren’t any hardcopy prep books, study notes or cheat sheets with this course. In other words, there is nothing in print form.

With this program, everything is digital and accessible through the online portal, which is perfectly fine, but I do think there is an advantage to having printed materials.

You can highlight key points, make notes in the margins, drop in post-it notes, and pace around the house spinning through flashcards.

Plus, given how good Booster’s study notes and cheat sheets are, this could be a big value add. I just wish they would include print versions of these written materials. I think it would be a lot more practical than looking at digital PDFs.

Final Thoughts: Is INBDE Booster Good?

All in all, I think INBDE Booster offers a ton of bang for your buck. The practice work is incredibly realistic of what you’ll see on test day. The study notes are thorough and have great visuals. The study schedule gives you a ton of detailed guidance on what to study and when. Plus, the course as a whole has a great cohesiveness.

Now, I do have a couple minor complaints about this course, but at the end of the day, I think Booster is a really effective INBDE prep program and you can’t beat the price point.


How are the INBDE Booster notes, cheat sheets, and anki decks?

Personally, I think the INBDE Booster written study materials are awesome, and are a major strength of this course. Their study notes are super detailed, and the cheat sheets were great for studying during the last week or two before the exam.

Is INBDE Booster worth it?

Yes. In my opinion, INBDE Booster is worth it, and the pros strongly outweigh the cons here. Their written study materials, video lessons and practice problems are on point. I only had a couple minor complaints with this program.

How much does INBDE Booster cost?

The INBDE Booster premium membership costs $249 and includes access to their study materials for 90 days. It is a strong value relative to other INBDE prep programs we’ve reviewed.