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Princeton Review Promo Codes, Coupons & Discounts 2023

Check out the latest sales to save big on Princeton Review prep courses

Princeton Review offers top-rated prep courses for exams such as the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT. Unfortunately though, these prep courses tend to be quite expensive, especially for students on a shoestring budget. Therefore, it’s important to do your due diligence and search for the latest promotional code prior to purchasing. Chances are you can save hundreds of dollars!

Princeton Review Promo
Sale: 15% Off Code: AZTEC15

Princeton Review Savings Video

In the video above, John (from the TPI team) discusses the best ways to save big on Princeton Review prep courses. Continue reading for more detail!

How Often Does Princeton Review Run Sales?

Good news! If you were worried that Princeton Review doesn’t offer sales or discounts that often, you’d be wrong. Princeton Review routinely offers deals and special promotions throughout the year.

To receive a discount on Princeton Review products, there are two options. The first is through what’s known as an automatic discount. That means if you land on the Princeton Review website, the prep course or study material you’re interested in purchasing is already discounted.

You’ll see this when the normal price of the product is crossed-out and replaced with a reduced number (usually in pink or black color). In order to receive the discount, you will need to add the specific product to your cart.

The second option to receive a Princeton Review discount is by using a promotional code or coupon code. During the checkout process, there will be a field to enter to a promo code. You simply copy and paste the promo code and click apply. It’s as simple as that!

Most often, it seems that the best deal is any Princeton Review coupon code floating around. The standard discounts applied on site in cart tend to be less than available coupons (which tend to be exclusive and limited).

What Time Of Year Does Princeton Review Have The Biggest Sales?

Despite the fact Princeton Review offers sales and promotions throughout the year, there are certain time periods in which the company will raise or increase the amount of the discount.

Normally, these specials are offered around major holiday periods. For example, in the past, our team has noticed Princeton Review offers up to 25% off certain prep courses. Common holidays in which Princeton Review offers large discounts include Christmas, Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day and New Year’s Day.

As you might expect, Princeton Review also runs special promotions during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Normally, these special sale periods last anywhere from three to nine days.

Therefore, to maximize savings, you may consider waiting until a major holiday to purchase a Princeton Review prep course or product.

How To Get A Princeton Review Discount

In order to claim your Princeton Review discount, you can either check the company’s website or apply a coupon code in the appropriate field during the checkout process. Lucky for you, our team has a standard discount code for you to use.

👉 To save 15%, be sure to use the code AZTEC15 at checkout.

By using the code above, you can expect to save at least $50 to $200, which is pretty awesome.

Please be aware, the code above applies to all self-paced and basic live class prep courses. In other words, the code does not work for all courses and products.

Princeton Review SAT Coupon Codes

To help high school students get ready for the SAT, Princeton Review offers several different prep options.

  • Self-Paced – costs around $500 and includes over 280 video lessons, 300+ online drills, and 15 practice tests.
  • Essentials – costs around $950 and is basically the same as above, except it includes 18 hours of live class time.
  • SAT 1400 Plus – costs around $2,200 and includes 36 hours of live class time plus a 1400 score guarantee.
  • SAT 1500 Plus Tutoring – starts around $380 per hour and includes a 1500 score guarantee plus a certain amount of 1-on-1 tutoring hours.
  • Summer Camp – costs around $1,500 and is designed to produce results in two short weeks.

Therefore by applying the promo code listed above, you can expect to save anywhere from $75 to $350, depending on which Princeton Review SAT course you select.

Promo Code For Princeton Review ACT

For high school students preparing to take the ACT, Princeton Review offers the same exact options as the SAT. In other words, there are five courses to choose from ranging in price from $500 on the low-end to $2,200 on the high-end.

princeton review sat lesson

Again this means you should be able to save at least $75 by using the coupon code displayed above.

Princeton Review GRE Promo Code

For students who want to attend graduate school, you will most likely need to take (and score high on) the GRE. Luckily, Princeton Review offers four different GRE courses to help you prepare.

  • Self-Paced – costs around $500 and includes the basic GRE study materials you’ll need (video lessons, practice questions, adaptive drills, etc.)
  • GRE 10 Points Plus – costs around $900 and comes with a guarantee that you will raise your score by at least 10 points.
  • Fundamentals – costs around $1,200 and includes 24 hours of live instruction.
  • GRE 162 Plus – costs around $2,400 and includes a guarantee that you will score at least 162, which should be good enough for you to get accepted into a top-rated graduate program.

Based on the prices Princeton Review charges for their GRE prep courses, you may be able to save up to $360 by applying the discount code shown above.

Princeton Review GMAT Discount

If you’re looking to take the next step in your career by earning an MBA, you will likely need to take the GMAT. For this exam, Princeton Review offers three different prep options.

  • Self-Paced – costs around $800 and includes the baseline GMAT study materials you will need.
  • Fundamentals – costs around $1,400 and adds in 27 hours of live classroom time (online or in-person).
  • GMAT 700 Plus – costs around $2,000 and includes a guarantee that you will score at least 700, which should be good enough to help you get accepted into a top-rated MBA program.

Princeton Review GMAT video lesson

Doing some quick math, if you apply the standard promo code above, you’re looking at cash savings in the range of $120 to $300. Again, if you’re reading this guide around a major holiday, you may be able to save an additional $50 to $100.

Princeton Review LSAT Promo Code

If becoming an attorney or lawyer is of interest to you and you want to attend law school, the LSAT is a must. Princeton Review offers four different prep courses for aspiring law school students.

  • Self-Paced – costs around $800 and includes well over 150 hours of online prep materials.
  • Fundamentals – costs around $1,100 and includes 30 hours of live class time.
  • LSAT 165 Plus – costs around $2,100 and includes (you guessed it) a guarantee that you will score at least 165 on the LSAT.
  • Immersion 165 Plus – costs around $4,000 and includes both a 165 score guarantee, as well as 145 hours of live class time. This course is deigned for students targeting top law schools.

In terms of savings, expect to receive anywhere from $120 to $600 off MSRP by utilizing the discount code listed above. Just to be clear, you’ll likely only see the $600 discount around big holidays.

Discount Code For Princeton Review MCAT

For individuals who want to be doctors or medical professionals, you will need to take the MCAT in order to get accepted into medical school. Like many of the other exams Princeton Review covers, the company offers four distinct prep courses.

  • Online – costs around $2,000 and includes 90 hours of live instruction and 11 prep books.
  • Live Online – costs around $2,800 and includes unlimited access to livestream workshops.
  • MCAT 513 Plus – costs around $3,500 and comes with a guarantee that you will score at least 513 on the MCAT.
  • MCAT 515 Plus Immersion – costs around $7,300 and includes a whopping 860+ hours of instruction and content. This course is for serious students who are targeting an elite score and top medical schools.

princeton review mcat quiz

Given that the prices for the Princeton Review MCAT courses are a little higher, it also means the discount you receive will be higher. You can expect to save anywhere from $300 all the way up to $1,000.

Again, I wouldn’t expect you to receive $1,000 off at all times. Those big discounts will likely only be available during holiday periods.


When was the last Princeton Review sale?

Princeton Review routinely offers sales and discounts. Typically, you can expect to receive at least $50-$100 off your purchase, if not more.

What is the largest Princeton Review discount?

Princeton Review varies their promotions regularly; however, the largest cash discount our team has even seen is above $500 on MCAT and LSAT courses.

How do I know if the Princeton Review promo code will work?

The best way to check whether a Princeton Review promo code is valid is by entering it in the properly labeled box on the checkout page. If the code is legitimate, you should see the total amount discounted by the associated amount.