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How Long Is The AP Italian Exam?
By Debbie Lopez Updated on January 3, 2024
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How Long Is The AP Italian Exam?

We answer all the important questions about taking the AP Italian test

You’ve been waiting to take the AP Italian exam for years. You knew that becoming fluent was your goal, and you’ve done it. Now, it’s time to put all that knowledge to work and ace the AP Italian exam so that you can gain some college credits. In this guide, we cover how long the AP Italian exam takes to complete, as well as tips for preparing for the exam.

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How Much Does It Cost To Take The AP Italian Exam?

For 2024, the AP exam fee is $98. This applies to all students taking the test in the United States, its territories, and DoDEA schools. If you’re a student taking the test outside the US, but will be attending a US university, then you’ll need to pay an extra $40 fee.

Students who register late will also incur a $40 late fee. However, if you’ve transferred to your school you won’t need to pay this additional amount.

Some schools charge even more for proctoring and administration. All your fees, no matter the type, will be paid to your school.

students taking ap italian exam

If you are a low-income student or are taking several tests, you may be able to apply for reduced fee rates. Talk to your teacher or guidance counselor about this option.

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When Should You Arrive On Test Day?

You should plan to arrive at the testing center at least a half hour before the test begins. This way, you can park, use the restroom, find your way to the correct classroom, and check in well before the test’s start time. You’ll want to be calm and settled in your seat before it starts, instead of rushed.

If the exam center isn’t at your school, go for a drive there around the same day and time as the scheduled test (i.e., the week before). This way, you’ll be able to see if there is any traffic, get a feel for the parking lot and how long it will take to walk into the building, etc. The more prepared you are, the easier the test will flow.

How Long Does It Take To Finish The AP Italian Exam?

Every AP language exam, including AP Italian, takes just over three hours, including a scheduled 10-minute break.

The exam is split into two sections. Each one takes about an hour and a half, more or less, and the break is in between.

How Long Is Each Section of The AP Italian Exam?

Section I (multiple choice) has two subsections. The first takes 40 minutes and the second takes 55 minutes since there are audio recordings to listen to. Language apps like Pimsleur and Michel Thomas are an excellent way to prepare for section I of the AP Italian test.

Section II also has two subsections. The first takes only 18 minutes (a simulated 10-part conversation) and the second takes an hour and 10 minutes, as you’ll prepare and then give a two-minute presentation comparing one aspect of Italian culture to another culture.

babbel italian exercise
Language apps can be a great way to brush up before test day

Are There Any Breaks During The AP Exam?

There is one scheduled 10-minute break between Sections I and II. The 10 minutes go by fast, though, so don’t expect to get any real rest. You’ll be able to use the bathroom, get a drink of water or a snack (you can’t bring either of these into the exam room), and maybe do some stretches.

You can’t leave the testing center and you absolutely cannot speak to anyone (including the moderators or other students) about the exam. You also cannot use your phone or other electronic devices, nor can you consult dictionaries, reference materials, notes, or other resources.

If you break any of these rules, you’ll be dismissed from the exam and your score will be canceled without the opportunity to take it again.

Tips For Learning The Italian Language

Italian is one of the most beautiful, romantic languages to learn. That being said, it is not always an easy language to learn. A few more tips and tricks can never hurt, though.

As you’re preparing for the AP Italian test, put some of these to use to strengthen your confidence.

👉 Go back to basics. Make sure that you have the grammar structure, rules for gendered nouns, and each type of verb conjugation down pat. If you don’t have to spend brain power thinking about these things, you can put it toward understanding meaning and context instead.

👉 Practice with a language app. Language learning apps such as Mondly and Duolingo are a great way to prepare for the AP Italian exam. These types of apps use detailed Italian courses to expand your vocabulary and teach you important grammar principles. For example, the Italian programs from Pimsleur and Rocket even include mock conversations with fluent Italian speakers to improve your verbal skills.

Rocket Italian exercise
Example of Italian language course

👉 Watch some films. Movies give you an “ear” for the Italian language and show you how the dialect is used in real life. Plus, movies relax your brain, which will make the knowledge solidify more easily.

👉 Listen to music. Music has a way of imprinting things into our consciousness that other methods of learning just can’t do. Listen to Italian music (hello, opera!) and look up some Italian jingles that will help you memorize vocabulary and important historical and cultural facts.

👉 Make it a part of your everyday habits. Speak to yourself in Italian while you’re going about your daily tasks, such as getting ready in the morning, driving around town, and cooking dinner. Even if you do the same things every day, this will help make vocabulary and verb construction second nature.

👉 Find an Italian partner. No, we don’t mean a romantic one. Find someone who will practice with you often. If this is another student, great. You’ll both be able to benefit from the additional speaking and listening. If it’s a native speaker, make sure that they know you want help perfecting your skills—with grace and a touch of humor, to be sure.

👉 Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Even native speakers of any language make mistakes sometimes. Taking risks is one of the best ways to grow.


The AP Italian exam doesn’t have to loom over you for the next few months. You’ve studied, you’ve prepared, and you’ve researched all you can about the test itself. Now, all you have to do is put all that knowledge down on paper. You’ve got this.

When you’re finished, make a reservation for a delicious Italian dinner and celebrate. Hopefully, that passing score will be in your email inbox soon.

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How long to study for the AP Italian exam?

Most language teachers recommend you spend at least 15 hours studying for the AP Italian exam. Use your notes from class, school books, and add in practice with a language learning app.

How long does the AP Italian test take to finish?

Like the other AP language exams, the AP Italian test takes a little over three hours to complete (including one 10 minute break).