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What MCAT Score Do You Need For Harvard Medical School?
By Connor Reed Updated on May 6, 2024
Peter Bailey, MD Peter Bailey, MD

What MCAT Score Do You Need For Harvard Medical School?

In-depth guide covering what MCAT score you need to get accepted into Harvard Law School

Achieving admission to Harvard Medical School is a prestigious goal for many aspiring physicians. Central to this aspiration is understanding the academic benchmarks required for consideration. This article explores the MCAT score necessary to stand out in the highly competitive application process, offering insights into what makes a competitive candidate for Harvard Medical School. Understanding these criteria can help aspiring medical students better prepare and strategize their path to this esteemed institution.

Harvard Medical School MCAT Requirements

Harvard Medical School requires all applicants to submit an MCAT score as part of their application. This score is a critical component of the admissions process and is used to assess an applicant’s academic readiness and potential for success in medical school.

harvard medical school students
Harvard Medical School students (class of 2026)

While there is no strict minimum score requirement, applicants are expected to achieve a competitive score to be considered for admission.

Also, if your MCAT scores are older than three years, Harvard Medical School requires you to retake the test. However, don’t worry—HMS considers all valid MCAT exam scores when reviewing your application.

Harvard MCAT Score Range

The vast majority of students admitted to Harvard Medical School achieve an MCAT score in the range of 512 to 528. A perfect score of 528 indicates exceptional aptitude and places the test taker at the top percentile.

Conversely, a score of 512 is also commendable, positioning the test taker in the 83rd percentile and showcasing strong academic performance.

Average MCAT Score For Harvard Medical School

The average MCAT score for Harvard Medical School is 520.59, indicating a highly competitive applicant pool.

Breaking down the averages further, applicants typically score around 130.24 in the Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems (BBFL) section, 129.08 in the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section, 130.41 in the Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems (CPBS) section, and 130.85 in the Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior (PSBB) section.

These scores reflect the rigorous academic standards and holistic approach to evaluating candidates at Harvard Medical School.

What Is The Lowest MCAT Score Acceptable For Harvard?

While Harvard Medical School does not set a minimum MCAT score requirement, competitive applicants typically score at least in the 80th percentile or higher.

mcat score percentiles
MCAT score percentile chart

Achieving this score range indicates strong academic ability and potential for success in medical school. However, to stand out, applicants also need to demonstrate exceptional qualities in their GPA, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and other aspects of their application.

These elements collectively contribute to a competitive application package at Harvard Medical School.

What Is A Good MCAT Score For Harvard Medical School?

To increase your chances of acceptance to Harvard Medical School, aiming for an MCAT score between 518 and 522 is advisable. This score range reflects a high level of academic achievement and can make your application more competitive.

However, keep in mind that Harvard Medical School considers a variety of factors beyond just MCAT scores, such as GPA, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities, so a strong overall application is essential.

Tips To Improve Your Harvard Medical School Application

Looking to bolster your chances of acceptance to Harvard Medical School? Here are some expert tips to enhance your application and stand out from the crowd.

Purchase an MCAT Prep Course: Utilizing an MCAT prep course can significantly enhance your MCAT performance by providing structured study materials, expert guidance, and simulated practice exams. A higher MCAT score resulting from such preparation can strengthen your medical school application, demonstrating your commitment to academic excellence and readiness for the rigors of medical education. A few of the top rated MCAT prep courses our team has reviewed and ranked include Blueprint, Princeton Review and Kaplan.

Blueprint mcat quiz
MCAT quiz question from Blueprint

Gain Diverse Clinical Experience: Beyond shadowing, seek out experiences that expose you to a variety of medical specialties and healthcare settings. This shows your commitment and helps you gain a broader perspective on healthcare.

Participate in Research: Involvement in research, especially if you can present or publish your findings, demonstrates your ability to contribute to the advancement of medicine.

Community Service and Leadership: Engage in meaningful community service and leadership roles to demonstrate your commitment to serving others and your ability to lead in healthcare settings.

Strong Letters of Recommendation: Request letters from individuals who can speak to your character, work ethic, and potential as a future healthcare professional.

Personal Statement: Use your personal statement to convey your passion for medicine, highlighting experiences that have shaped your desire to pursue a medical career.

Practice for Interviews: Prepare for medical school interviews by practicing common questions and scenarios, showcasing your communication skills and ability to handle challenging situations.

With these strategic approaches, you can enhance your Harvard Medical School application and increase your chances of joining the ranks of this esteemed institution’s medical students.


What is the minimum MCAT score needed for Harvard?

Harvard Medical School does not have a specific minimum MCAT score requirement. However, competitive applicants typically score in the 80th percentile or higher, which translates to a score of 512 or above.

What is the median MCAT score for Harvard?

The median MCAT score for Harvard Medical School is 520. This score reflects the middle range of MCAT scores among admitted students, with half of the admitted students scoring below 520 and half scoring above.