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School of PE Promo Codes, Coupons & Discounts
By Griffin Quick Updated on March 21, 2024
Nadine Crow, PE Nadine Crow, PE

School of PE Promo Codes, Coupons & Discounts

Check out the latest coupons and discounts to save big on School of PE prep courses

If you are getting ready to take the FE or PE exam, you’ll likely need a prep course to help you study. Moreover, if you’ve done any research regarding FE or PE courses, you likely already know they cost a good chunk of change. Lucky for you, in this article, we cover how to save money on School of PE courses—our team’s #1-rated prep course in the entire industry.

School of PE – FE
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Video Overview: School of PE Sales & Discounts

In the above video, team member John runs down the typical discounts you can expect to find on School of PE courses year-round. Please keep reading for more info.

How Often Does School of PE Offer Promo Codes?

The good news is that School of PE frequently offers discounts on its prep courses. In fact, the company typically offers some sort of sale almost year-round, so you can rest easy knowing you likely won’t have to pay full price.

With that said, the company rotates their sales regularly. Sometimes the company offers sales in which there is no promo code. In other words, the discount is already applied in cart when you check out. And then sometimes the company does require you to enter a promo code or coupon code during the checkout process in order to receive the discount.

Lastly, there are times during the year in which School of PE offers both – a discount automatically applied in cart as well as the opportunity to apply a promo code for additional savings.

As such, it’s important to keep an eye out for promo codes. Our team tracks School of PE sales throughout the year. Therefore, the easiest place to check what the current School of PE sale is, and whether there is a promo code, is by looking at the discount bar on-screen (big blue button).

What Courses Does School of PE Usually Discount?

Not all School of PE discounts are created equally. It depends on whether you are taking the FE or PE exam and what your specific discipline is (e.g. chemical, electrical, civil).

School of PE discounts also depend on what course format you are considering – live online or on-demand.

school of pe video lecture
Video lesson from School of PE

Lastly, the size of the discount also depends on your access period (monthly, 4-month, 6-months, or 12-month).

For example, the 4-month on-demand FE exam chemical prep course is usually discounted by $300-$400, whereas the discount for the live online FE chemical course is usually in the $500 off range.

Long story short, School of PE typically offers steeper discounts on their more expensive courses. And for the most part, the company’s 12-month on-demand, live online, and on-site courses carry the highest price tags.

What Is The Standard School of PE Discount?

The normal everyday discount you should expect to receive on School of PE courses depends on which course you select.

On-Demand Review Courses – the discount for this course format regardless of whether you are studying for the FE or PE exam is $300-$500.

Live Online Review Courses – this standard discount for this course format is a little larger compared to the On-Demand courses. Discounts for the School of PE live online courses are usually in the $500-$600 off range.

On-Site Review Courses – keep in mind, on-site courses are only offered for the PE exam. Discounts vary based on your discipline and state. But for the most part, expect to save around $500 if you decide to go with an on-site course.

Then on top of the savings promoted on-site, you can always use the coupon code listed on-screen to save an additional $50-$100.

For the record, School of PE offers about the same size discounts as PPI2Pass. However, the School of PE courses tend to be a little more affordable than the PPI2Pass courses to begin with.

With that said, School of PE definitely offers larger discounts than Civil Engineering Academy.

When Does School of PE Offer The Biggest Coupon Code?

Although School of PE offers discounts throughout the year, they usually reserve their biggest sales for holidays. For example, some of the biggest School of PE sales are around Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

Around these holidays, School of PE usually increases the size of their coupon codes and discounts by $50-$100.

Keep in mind, sales around holidays usually last for a few days. In other words, School of PE does not offer larger than usual discounts for one-day only. They usually offer these special sales for a multi-day period. For example, around Independence Day, School of PE will start their special promotion around July 2nd, and it will continue through July 5th or 6th.

School of PE Black Friday Sale

In addition to the holidays listed above, School of PE also offers large discounts around Black Friday. If you have been living under a rock for the past decade, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and is widely considered the biggest shopping holiday of the year.

As you might expect, School of PE follows the Black Friday trend and offers large discounts on their courses around this time. In past years, the School of PE Black Friday sale has been about $50-$100 bigger than their standard sales.

School of PE Cyber Monday Sale

Similar to Black Friday, School of PE also offers big sales for Cyber Monday as well. Cyber Monday is closely related to Black Friday (it is the Monday after Black Friday). Typically, School of PE offers the same sale or discount for Cyber Monday as they do for Black Friday.

However, the company will sometimes switch the promo code or discount code between these two days. So although the dollar amount stays the same, you’ll have to apply a different discount code in your shopping cart.


Does School of PE offer promo codes?

Yes, School of PE does offer promo codes. In fact, you can use the code INSIGHT100 for $100 off right now.

What is the biggest School of PE discount code?

The largest discount our team has ever seen School of PE offer on one of their prep courses is $700 off. However, this size of discount is very rare. The typical School of PE discount is more so in the $300-$500 off range.

How frequently does School of PE offer coupon codes?

School of PE offers sales and discounts throughout the year. However, the promotions and coupon codes they offer rotate frequently.