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OAT Booster Discount Codes & Promo Codes
By Connor Reed Updated on July 1, 2024
Peter Bailey, MD Peter Bailey, MD

OAT Booster Discount Codes & Promo Codes

Thinking about using OAT Booster for your prep? Find current discount codes and promos in this post

Once you’ve decided to use OAT Booster for your prep program, the next logical thing to do is to check for some discount codes. We get it—no one wants to pay full price. The good news is that OAT Booster is almost always running a deal and you won’t have to pay full MSRP. We track Booster’s sales calendar year-round and have gathered their current sales and discount codes here for you.

OAT Booster
Deal: 10% Off Use Code: TPI10

OAT Booster Video Guide To Savings

In the above video, team member John runs down all of the ways to save with OAT Booster. Keep reading for more info!

Current OAT Booster Discount Code

Let’s get right into the most important part of this post—OAT Booster discounts and coupon codes.

The good news for everyone out there is that OAT Booster runs sales and special promotions pretty much year round. You can get a discount basically everyday of the year without fail.

We track their sales calendar and various offers, and you can almost always grab a discount. It really turns more on how much you can expect to knock off the full price. And here’s the deal on that.

OAT Booster video lesson
OAT Booster video lesson

The standard OAT Booster discount is 10% off. That’s essentially their baseline, year-round sales price.

Possibly Score 20% Off Around Holidays

With all of that being said, 10% off remains the standard discount. Around major holidays, sometimes OAT Booster will increase the size of their discounts.

In tracking this, we find that around major holidays and common sales periods, Booster will increase the size of the discount to around 20% off.

OAT Booster Biology
Booster dashboard

To be clear, this actually isn’t the case for every holiday—sometimes they stand firm at 10% off. Therefore, don’t count on that 20% discount if you’re getting close to a big holiday.

However, generally speaking, if you’re getting close to Cyber Monday or 4th of July, there’s a decent chance you’ll be able to grab 20% off instead of their baseline 10%.

Quick Breakdown of Course Options & Features

Having discussed the discounts you can expect, let’s briefly cover the OAT Booster course features, as well as pricing.

I won’t go into too much detail in this post on how the program works because we do have a separate review that gets into the weeds on evaluating this prep program and what we think of it, but I do want to quickly outline the features you get, as well as offer a couple high-level thoughts.

👉 Review of OAT Booster Prep

As far as course options go, you have two options. The OAT Booster premium membership costs $479 and gets you access to all of their materials for 90 days, while the OAT Booster premium “max” membership costs $799 and gets you access for 180 days.

OAT Booster Study Notes
OAT Booster study notes

To be clear, technically, can you sign up for free and get access to some of their materials, but it’s very limited and is in essence more like a free trial.

If you want to use Booster to prep for the OAT, you will need one of their full premium memberships. That being said, their packages are actually reasonably priced. Their closest competitor, OAT Bootcamp, charges $499 for their base course, so Booster is a pretty strong value at $479.

Plus, to outline the features of this course for you, when you sign up for the premium account, you get the following:

  • 7,800 practice problems
  • 10 full-length practice tests
  • study notes, cheat sheets
  • study schedule
  • games, achievements, and prizes to keep learning fun
  • helpful study materials for students that struggle with physics
  • a few other small features…

It’s a pretty comprehensive package given the price point, and it’s one of our higher-rated OAT prep courses. Their study materials are right up their with Bootcamp and Kaplan OAT Prep, and we had very few negatives to complain about.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the big takeaway is that if you do use OAT Booster for your prep, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to save at least 10% on the course with a coupon code, and possibly 20% or more if you can afford to wait it out for a steeper holiday sale.


Does OAT Booster have sales and special promos?

Yes, as we’ve tracked OAT Booster’s sales calendar, we’ve seen that they run promos all year. The quick takeaway is that you will not have to pay full retail for OAT Booster’s course. Their standard discount is 10% off, and you can find a coupon code to get that deal basically any day of the year.

What is the current OAT Booster discount code?

Be sure to check the link above for OAT prep discounts. Booster, along with Bootcamp and Kaplan, offer sales pretty much year-round.

What is the biggest OATBooster discount code?

In the past, we’ve seen OATBooster discount their OAT prep course by up to 20% during certain holiday and sales periods. Between holidays though, they do not seem to offer more than 10% off.