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How To Write A Research Paper
By Debbie Lopez Updated on May 12, 2023
John Ross, JD, CPA John Ross, JD, CPA

How To Write A Research Paper

Our detailed guide covers the major steps students should take when writing a research paper

To help students better understand the intricacies involved in writing research-based papers, our team has summarized the best practices and most up-to-date guidance in academia into ten easy-to-understand steps. These insights and suggestions are distilled down from materials offered by the Harvard University Writing Center, and they apply to both high school and college-level students.

Video Guide For Students

In the above video, Test Prep Insight team member John walks you through how to properly organize and write your research paper step-by-step.

Printable One-Pager For Students

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how to write a research paper


What is a research paper?

A research paper is an academic assignment that requires the writer to analyze, interpret, and form a thesis on a topic based on comprehensive, independent research.

How to cite a research paper?

The first step in properly citing your research paper is to confirm what style or standard of citation your teacher or professor requires (e.g. APA, MLA, etc.).