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How Long Does It Take To Get & Send GRE Scores?
By Riley Stoltenburg Updated on February 27, 2024
Rick Lopez, M.Ed. Rick Lopez, M.Ed.

How Long Does It Take To Get & Send GRE Scores?

We explore how long GRE results take to get and how to send GRE scores

After spending months prepping for the GRE, then surviving the stress of exam day, the first thing people want to know is when they’ll get their scores. It’s a fair question to ask after weeks of torturous prep work. So how long does it take to get your official GRE exam scores? We answer just that question in this detailed guide, and cover other topics, such as sending your exam scores to graduate schools.

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GRE Scoring Overview

The GRE has multiple stages, and based on the test taker’s performance of the first section, it will determine the difficulty of the following sections. A raw score, or the number of questions you get correct, is calculated, and a conversion process known as ‘equating’ is used to create a scaled score.

Analytical writing is scored on a range of 0 to 6, while the Verbal and Quantitative sections have a score range of 130 to 170. Each section is scored separately, and on average, the top 50% of test takers score in the high 150’s for both the Quant and the Verbal sections.

How Long Does It Take To Receive GRE Scores?

Your unofficial GRE test scores for both the Verbal and Quantitative sections can be viewed immediately after completing the assessment at the test center, simply by choosing to report your scores.

Because the Analytical Writing portion of the assessment is scored differently, you’ll get to view those scores, along with the official full score report, within 8-10 days from your test date.

How To Send GRE Scores To Schools

The Educational Testing Service, or ETS, requires you to create an account upon signing up to take the exam. After viewing your unofficial scores for the Verbal and the Quant sections of the assessment, you will be given the option to choose four institutions to transmit your scores to.

You also have the option to view any prior scores from the past five years, if you’re someone who has taken the exam more than once. You’ll be given the option to send scores from the current test, or any from the past, to four schools, of which will be designated by school codes that can be searched for easily through the ETS system.

how long to get gre scores

Another option is to not send any scores. If you’re unhappy with your performance, or you’re unsure about which schools you want to report to, you have the freedom for up to five years to log into your ETS account and send your four score reports for free.

An important thing to remember is that the initial test fee only covers sending scores to four institutions, so it’s important to choose your most sought-after schools of which you’re applying first.

How Long Does It Take To Send GRE Scores?

Approximately 8 to 10 days after you complete your GRE, you will receive an email notification that states that your score reports have been sent to the schools of your choice. These are known as designated score recipients.

How Much Does It Cost To Send Scores?

The initial testing fee of $200+ allows participants to officially send scores to up to four schools of their choice. Sending your scores to additional schools can be done, but only after test day, by placing an order for additional score reports through your ETS account online.

Each report that you order incurs a $30 fee. Scores are valid for up to five years after your testing date, so something important to keep in mind is that you don’t need to know which schools you want to send scores to right away.

How Long Does It Take To Send GRE Scores

More Information About The GRE

The exam is made up three sections, Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. These three sections test your basic readiness for graduate level course work.

Analytical Writing Section

In the Analytical Writing section, you’ll be given 30 minutes to complete one task which require you to analyze an issue. This skill is the essay portion of the assessment, and ensures that you can clearly communicate your thoughts around complex topics.

Verbal Section 

The Verbal Reasoning section also allots 41 minutes to complete two sections. There are 27 total questions as part of this section.

The goal is to assess a student’s ability to look at written material and examine sentence structure and vocabulary. Text completion and sentence equivalence questions are in a fill in the blank format, while the reading comprehension section asks participants to read passages and answer questions based on the reading.

Quant Section

For the Quantitative Reasoning section of the assessment, you’ll have 47 minutes to answer 27 total questions across two sections.

The quantitative comparison questions ask testers to compare two quantities and find the relationship between each of the quantities.

With problem solving, you will see traditional multiple-choice questions with five possible choices and only one correct answer. Variations of this style question might be “select all that apply” or “enter a numeric answer.”

How Long Does It Take To GRE Scores

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, the GRE is one of the most important pieces to a graduate school application. Although it is a time-consuming test, with a total test time of 1 hour and 58 minutes, it is a way to prove your graduate school readiness to any potential programs you might apply for.

An above average GRE score not only shows institutions that you’re ready for graduate level work, but might help your application stand out among everyone else’s. It might be an anxious time waiting for your scores to come back after taking the initial test, but you can get a good gauge of your performance based on the unofficial score report given at the end of your test session.

Although it is an expensive test, participants can breathe a little easier knowing that the test can be retaken, and that any scores from the previous five years can be reported.


How long does it take to receive your GRE score?

Unofficial scores for the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE can be viewed immediately after completing the exam. The official full score report, including the results from the analytical writing section, will be available within 8-10 days of the exam date.

How long are GRE scores valid?

GRE scores are good for five years after completion of the exam, assuming you don’t cancel them. This gives plenty of time for retakes and gap years.

How do you send GRE scores?

After you get your official GRE score and designate four schools to send them to, they are sent instantly and automatically. It’s really easy. ETS offers a search list where you can pick the schools to send the scores to from your ETS account.