We get that selecting a school for your education is a massive decision. That’s why our goal at Test Prep Insight is to provide our readers with well-researched and authoritative information curated by experts to help make that decision a little easier.

To accomplish this, we’ve engaged a team of education experts with years of experience as admission counselors, professors, and college administrators to create the most rigorous rankings framework in the industry. This ensures readers get insightful and value-driven information to make a determination about which school best fits their particular needs. Take a look at how the most thorough college rankings are formulated:

  • Gather Data

    1. Gather Data

    Our review process always starts by gathering any and all data we can get our hands on regarding universities and their unique degree programs. Much of this information is sourced directly from the US Department of Education, as well as the National Center for Education Statistics.

  • Analyze

    2. Analyze

    The next step in our process is to thoroughly analyze the data we collect. Our first-level proprietary algorithm breaks down and crunches the dozens of different data points we collect to formulate an initial ranking based on purely statistical data.

  • Evaluate Student Reviews

    3. Evaluate Student Reviews

    After we have developed an initial school ranking based on statistical methods, we cross reference our findings against verified student reviews to reflect more qualitative measures of a school’s value. We gather and read as many student reviews as possible to get a full picture of student outlook.

  • Weighted Ranking

    4. Weighted Ranking

    Once we’ve completed our data aggregation, initial analysis, and survey of student reviews, we give each university a weighted ranking based on a balanced combination of affordability, academic rigor, student success post-graduation, and other factors. This is where our lists shake out.

  • Publish

    5. Publish

    Finally, after we have done all of our research and ranked college programs accordingly, we draft a robust and comprehensive guide for our readers. After verification by an education expert, we publish our informative guide that reflects all of our findings and opinions.

We pride ourselves on our degree ranking framework and work hard to ensure our readers are getting the most up to date and authoritative information possible. Test Prep Insight is your most trusted source of higher education rankings on the internet.